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32 May 16 - June 5, 2009
Community Commentary from Page 31
because of our inability to compete with other states The solar industry is one of the few business solar industry. Members and the public received
such as Oregon, New Mexico and Texas. These projects sectors still experiencing growth in today’s diffi cult an overview of current market activity and heard
had the potential to provide thousands of high quality economic climate. It is projected that U.S. solar- about the potential of these new technological and
jobs for Arizona residents and help diversify our related investments will increase by $232 billion and business opportunities for job growth. My goal was
economy while making Arizona a leader in the solar will provide approximately 276,000 jobs nationwide to educate my colleagues and provide valuable up-to-
industry. by 2016. Arizona is already highly competitive in the date information to those who are interested in the
If we learn anything from this downturn, it should semiconductor market and the skills its workforce development of this industry in Arizona.
be that our economy has been overly reliant on possesses are transferable to the solar industry. As state policy makers, we must address the issue
the construction industry, especially residential It is not too late to change the course of our of our competitiveness in attracting new technologies
construction, for far too long. It is time to heed the future. We need to foster an economic climate and and taking the steps necessary to bring these
advice economic development experts have been tax structure that will lead to job growth in this businesses into our communities. By doing so we can
giving us for years. We must diversify our economy. industry. One proposal, SB1403, is one way we can enhance our economic growth and provide stability
In addition to our semiconductor businesses, we advance Arizona’s competitiveness. This bill would for our future. Enacting SB 1403 will help meet these
need to attract employers in the bio-industry, create a state income tax credit for renewable energy goals.
aerospace, telecommunications, advanced business, companies that invest in land, facilities, equipment
and sustainable technologies sectors. In the area and high-wage job creation.
Sen. Jay Tibshraeny (R-Chandler) represents District 21 in
of sustainable technologies, solar seems particularly The Senate Government Institutions Committee,
the Arizona State Senate. He served as mayor of the City of
Chandler from 1994 to 2002.
suited to this state. which I chair, recently had a presentation on the
to the
The other side of the story
yet fully understand. Mr. Hamilton and transportation department came the because they bought a house by the
Letters to the Editor printed in
Mr. Jones, the next Airport Commission next morning and rode our busses to airport and are now unhappy about the
the May 2, 2009 SanTan Sun News
meeting is set for May 20. I’ll be there make sure that no child showed up decision they made.
complained about government taxing
listening, learning and probably at a bus stop thinking school was in The people who complain about the
and spending during this recession;
speaking. Will you? session. Prior to school reopening, our airport noise and want to see it moved
raising water rates; noise at the airport;
Dale Whiting, Clemente Ranch district maintenance staff worked with away from Chandler haven’t given this
aviation emergencies; and importation
resident and member of the Chandler my custodians to sanitize our entire a lot of thought. Any person over the
of foreign oil. As if these “problems”
Industrial Development Authority campus. age of 2 knows that airplanes make
all had obvious, simple and readily
I also want to mention the incredible noise and if you don’t want to hear the
available solutions. CUSD great district
support we received from Chandler noise, then don’t move near an airport.
What are those obvious solutions?
fi refi ghters and police offi cers. They When a person buys a house near
to work in
Stop construction on a new City Hall?
were extremely helpful in assisting the airport, they are signing up for the
I want to take this time to acknowledge
Never mind that more than enough
CUSD’s security offi cers in keeping noise. This situation reminds me of the
the best school community and
money is already sitting in the bank
the media organized and our dismissal people who bought houses near the
district offi ce support a principal
to pay for that facility, and that many
safe. This was a perfect example of the dairy farms and then complained of the
could ever hope for. Shortly after noon
construction workers are unemployed
amazing community support we had smell and wanted the city council to
last Thursday afternoon, Tarwater
thus building a new City Hall would
that afternoon. move the cows.
Elementary was told was told that the
create much needed jobs in our
Everyone maintained a positive and If you don’t like the airplane noise,
Maricopa County Health Department
calm attitude towards the closure and just close your windows. I know that
was closing our school at the end of
Stop the modest water rate hike?
steps we had to take to ensure the when my windows are closed, I can’t
the day due to a confi rmed case of the
Never mind that we were using impact
health and safety of our students and hear any noise from the small airplanes
swine fl u.
fees to cover a small portion of water
staff. fl ying overhead. Perhaps people who
Right from the beginning,
production costs as well as the intended
In my 16 years of being an elementary don’t like airplane noise should move
Superintendent Dr. Camille Casteel and
water infrastructure development.
school principal, I have experienced to the country where they can have lots
members of her team began working
New housing construction has all but
a wide variety of unique issues and of land and no noise, but I would advise
with the County to develop an action
stopped. We can no longer penalize
experiences that occur in any given fi rst checking to see if there are any
plan to inform our community of the
new home buyers by having them help
school year. What I had not experienced dairy farms in the vicinity.
closing; dismiss over 700 students in a
pay for current water usage. The pay-
until last Thursday was the high level of The Chandler airport is an important
safe and orderly manner; inform staff
as-you-go basis now being proposed
teamwork and support that was offered part of this city’s character. This is a
on what the closure meant to them; and
ought to have been in place all along.
and provided to deal with a health great city, with a wonderful little airport.
deal with the large amount of media
Stop helicopter fl ight training at
issue that was out of my control. I want P.S. The Hangar Cafe serves a great
that converged outside of our campus
Chandler Airport? Never mind that
to thank the Tarwater staff, students, breakfast!
that afternoon.
the helicopter school at Chandler
parents, fi refi ghters, police offi cers and C. Frasier, 85249
With the help of Terry Locke, director
Airport trains new pilots to replace
district personnel for doing an A+ job
of community relations, and Susan
those retiring pilots who learned to
of dealing with our school closing and
Eissinger, associate superintendent,
fl y from Uncle Sam during Vietnam.
subsequent reopening!
we were able to deal with every issue
Never mind that those new pilots will
Jeff Hensley, Tarwater Elementary
that presented itself that afternoon.
be fl ying police and medical evacuation
Mrs. Eissinger worked with the media
Letters to the Editor
helicopters. And never mind that from
and the County, allowing me to focus
We know you have an opinion! Share it
April 15 to April 17 those three aircraft
on working with my staff, parents
Airport noise doesn’t
with the SanTan Sun News. Unless you’re
which crashed did far less damage
and students. Director of Community bother me
the Mayor, however, please keep your
than did auto crashes during that same
Letters to the editor around 200-300 words,
Education Frank Narducci and his staff I live on the south side of the Chandler
period of time. Never mind that from
or they may be edited for length. Include
worked together to ensure that our Kids Airport. We bought our house in 2004
the perspective of passenger miles, it
your fi rst and last name, community or
Express childcare children were picked knowing the airport was about a mile development name in Southern Chandler
remains safer to fl y than to drive.
up from school in a safe manner. from our house. The airport was there
(Cooper Commons, Ocotillo, Sun Groves,
Stop burning crude oil? We now
My wonderful staff took the initiative long before we moved in. The airport
etc.) or ZIP code and daytime phone
import foreign crude oil to a larger
to help provide extra supervision during generates a lot of revenue and taxes for
number for verifi cation. Anonymous
extent than ever before. At least our
dismissal, fi elding the vast amount of the city. If the airport and the revenue
letters are not typically accepted. Email
City Government is thinking about is the preferred submission method, to
questions from parents, distributing and taxes it generates disappear, how
building a greener and largely energy
the County Health Department letter is the city going to make up that lost
self-suffi cient new City Hall.
Opinions expressed in Community
and gathering up all of their teaching revenue? The taxpayers, that’s how.
Get on the bandwagon and stop
Commentaries, Letters to the editor or
materials for the possible closure I don’t want a few disgruntled people
throwing rocks at problems you do not
cartoons are those of the author, and not
of fi ve school days. Our district’s to cause my taxes to increase just that of the SanTan Sun News.
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