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Analysis ERP end user report
implement Exact’s Alliance/MFG.” Exact two further divisions by acquisition – as well integration with Microsoft Excel for import
Alliance is a complete Material Requirements as announced changes from the previous and export of data and integration with
Planning (MRP) software system. It offers software provider. Personal wellbeing products reporting tools such as Business Objects
a Part Master, unlimited, multi-Level Bill supplier HoMedics relies on Infor ERP LN, have been essential for managing data and,
of Materials, Inventory Control, Serial
Number/Lot Tracking, MRP and CRP, Work
Centres and Work Orders. Alliance provides
a seamless link to Exact Globe, as well as

The integration with the finance system has a big impact on cash flow.
We can get an invoice sent out as soon as the order has been fulfilled, without
other accounting systems.
having to wait for forms to be raised and data to be physically entered. This
Jonathan Collier of plumbing tools and drain
saves several days for each invoice, which means we also get paid several
cleaning equipment manufacturer and
supplier, Monument Tools, explains that the
days sooner.” – Frank Keane, Vitalograph Ireland.
company now relies on Solarsoft’s xVP
solution. “We sourced xVP mainly based on of which phase one of go-live took place again, reducing errors. For Alison’s part, he
the fact that we had dealt with Solarsoft for as recently as April this year. “Following points out that Infor ERP LN is integrated with
a number of years,” he said. “We did shop significant sales growth of 27 per cent last HoMedics’ Seeburger EDI to manage inbound
around, but the solution Solarsoft was year, we required a solution that would help outbound customer EDI messaging, as well
offering seemed to be the right fit, and it expand our business into Europe – Infor ERP as integration to third-party warehouse
was a mid-market ERP system, which is LN is it,” enthused HoMedics’ Keith Alison. management systems.
what we needed.” Rochester Meat Company,
based in Rochester, Minnesota USA, uses Bowden explained that when Texecom was
Ross Enterprise by CDC Software. Allyson Further integration at the analysis stage of the project, it realised
Maurer, Rochester Meat Company’s that it had about 15 different databases of
business systems manager, explained that And what about integration with other system stock information spread throughout the
the company finalised the purchase in April within the enterprise? Maurer points out that company. “None of them linked to each other
2004 and completed implementation in the most of the core functionality for Rochester and they were always out of date,” he said.
Summer of 2005. Maurer pointed out that Meat Company’s business resides within the “Now, Epicor Vantage is always to core;
prior to implementing Ross Enterprise, Ross Enterprise software. “Integration with everything goes into it. In the case of
Rochester Meat Company was mainly barcode data collection has saved us time purchasing, we still use the same spread -
prompted due to company growth – including and reduced errors,” she said, adding that sheets that we had done before we went
live with Epicor. However, the
actual BOMs, structure and data
is all directly driven from
Vantage. So, if our engineering
department changes a BOM,
purchasing knows about it
immediately.” Bowden added that
the company still uses Access
databases. “A lot of this is
a very simple front end; for
the booking-out process, for
example,” he said. “We might
say ‘these are the five products
you’re aiming to book out,
choose one of them, then tell
us how much and press the
OK button’. And that goes
into the Vantage system in
the background.” In addition,
Bowden pointed out that there
is a lot of integration with other
programs. “We’ve written lots of
bespoke stuff for the shop floor.
We use an Altec document
management system, so we
automatically email sales-order
acknowledge ments to our
customers. We also export
delivery note data into the >>
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