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Supply Chain Interview
<< delivery, is critical,” he said. “If there is any shippers are sometimes tempted to plump for particularly true in sectors such as FMCG,
disruption in the supply of goods to the point of a particular carrier based on cost. “However, where continuous improvement is essential
sale, this has to be resolved almost immediately the quality of service still needs to be reliable to maintaining sales volumes. “Measuring the
to keep sales volume intact. Furthermore, as the retail industry forgives little, and here effectiveness of your partnerships is just like
an efficient collaboration system also helps KPIs can be a great help in determining measuring the efficiency of your own operations,”
reduce theft or lost goods. Transwide can whether the decision to use a particular he said. “In fact, your own operational KPIs
communicate the trailer plate number and the carrier is a wise one.” can often only make full sense when also
name of the driver ahead of pick up.” considered within the context of your partners;
Continuous improvement it is only by doing this that you get a more
Van Dyck highlights the fact that online Bosse maintains that KPIs are critically complete picture of your whole operation.”
collaboration tools such as Transwide store all important because companies can only Bosse concluded: “Improving communication
data related to each consignment, which can improve what they measure. This is will improve collaboration, and therefore
be used to look at key performance indicators reduce cost. If you improve the
(KPIs) for improving future operations. “KPIs quality and amount of information
are extremely important in order for individual you exchange, and how you share
companies to look at their overall performance this information, your volumes,
and determine ways to constantly improve it, margins and business reputation
both operationally and in terms of profitability,” will remain untarnished.” circlesolid
he said. “With KPIs, shippers can keep track
of which companies are always on time for the
slot they have booked; shippers can even set
If there is any disruption in the
up parameters – say, ten minutes to half an
supply of goods to the point
of sale, this has to be resolved
hour – in order to gauge the level of lateness
almost immediately to keep
and monitor this trend.” Van Dyck adds that,
sales volume intact.
when tendering for a delivery partner,
Success story
Boots talks to over a million
customers with Empathica
oots has received feedback from has allowed us to do some robust analysis not target the invitations at certain customer
more than one million shoppers, on the positive relationship between our types as we value feedback from all of our
one year after the introduction of customer care scores and sales.” customers.” The surveys ask questions to
its customer care measurement Boots’ customers to help under stand how
programme, designed and Feedback loyal consumers are to the brand. The survey
managed by customer experience management The scheme works by inviting a random also asks additional questions around issues
expert, Empathica. Karen Booth, programme selection of Boots’ customers to give feedback that Empathica knows contribute towards the
manager for Boots Customer Care Measure, on the store environment, speed of service, customers’ sense of satisfaction.
said: “With over a million responses in a how friendly and helpful staff are, whether they
year we have a huge amount of data which felt Boots offered good value for money and Significant potential
whether they enjoyed their shopping The information obtained through Empathica’s
experience. In stores, survey invitations programme complements the data that
are generated as part of the till receipt, Boots collects through the Advantage Points
while in the pharmacy they are handed loyalty scheme. Said Booth: “The Advantage
to the customer via a leaflet. Customers scheme tells us about shopping behaviour,
respond by either using an on-line and with customers’ permission can be used
survey or by using a dedicated free as a marketing tool, but it doesn’t tell us
telephone number. what our customers think about the shopping
experience in Boots. This is where the
“We get feedback from customers in customer care feedback survey comes into
every one of our shops and pharmacies play and we see significant potential in
each week,” continued Booth. “We do marrying the two in future.” circlesolid
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