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waves from an RFID reader activate their reality, the purpose is to be able to store number of fraudulent travellers, reducing
antenna. The higher costs of active tags more information electronically on the the number of individuals entering countries
and the desire of retailers to ensure passport to enable greater security. In illegally. As well as the unfounded myths
customer privacy have resulted in retailers order to gain access to the electronically surrounding privacy, there are also
using passive tags in retail environments. It stored information, the passport will need concerns about the security of the tags
is unlikely that any retailer or manufacturer to be swiped through a special optical and readers. However, the release of the
character reader before the information RFID Generation-2 standard has helped

can even be transmitted, thus even a maximise security with options available
Along with the new encryption
person with a mobile RFID reader cannot to add passwords on individual tags to
methods, humidity and temperature
collect and access this information. prevent them from being copied. This will
give users the same protection as any
sensors will also make it harder for
password-encrypted technology such as
anyone to tamper with a supply
Harder for hackers
the use of PINs when paying for goods
chain RFID tag undetected.”
on a credit or debit card. Along with the
People’s privacy could actually be enhanced new encryption methods, humidity and
and not compromised as the information temperature sensors will also make it
is going to triple the cost of an RFID stored on the RFID chips will be encrypted, harder for anyone to tamper with a supply
implementation by using much more making it even harder for hackers to read chain RFID tag undetected. The applications
expensive active tags, when they won’t the information. In fact, the inclusion of an enabled by RFID are vast and, in some
bring any discernable benefits; hence the RFID tag in an identification document like ways, only limited by a lack of creativity.
tags tend only to be tracked in the store a passport dramatically increases the level If companies can only recognise and put
environment where RFID readers are of technological sophistication needed to aside the myths about RFID, they too can
present to activate them. produce a forged document. This limits the share in these benefits. circlesolid
Privacy assured
Many people also believe that RFID tags
could jeopardise privacy and information
security because they store valuable
personal information, which, if accessed,
can potentially lead to identity theft.
However, RFID tags used in the retail
environment today don’t contain any
confidential information at all. Instead,
these RFID tags store and transmit only
a Unique Identifying Number (UIN) to a
reader, much like the number associated
with a barcode, which is often printed
beneath it. In most cases, the tag will
reference the item itself and will have no
information on it to identify anyone who
has bought or handled it. This UIN may
then be associated with information about
the person/item which is maintained in
a database that can be secured inline
with industry standards. Because the
information is not transmitted between
the chip and the reader, access to this
information is limited to those who already
have clearance for the database.
The plan to put RFID tags in biometric
passports has created a great deal of
excitement in some media. However, this
is often based on a misperception that
RFID passports are there to allow faster,
contactless checking of credentials in order
to enter a country. This isn’t the case. In
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