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“Having a workforce management solution in place can prove
invaluable in dealing with staff in a flexible manner and better
structure the different skills and volume resources in a way
that’s appropriate at any given time.”
will manifest itself, so having a workforce management solution in
place can prove invaluable in dealing with staff in a flexible manner
and better structure the different skills and volume resources in a way
that’s appropriate at any given time,” said Hawkesford. “In the fast-
moving consumer goods sector (FMCG) industry, for example –
which can rely on a large volume of casual workers – it’s all about
ensuring companies have the availability of resource and the ability to
upscale or downscale staff requirements, often at very short notice. In
terms of companies that rely on a higher ratio of skilled personnel –
people who are in less supply and have been specifically trained or
qualified over longer period of time – this type of staff resource also
needs to be managed, organised and planned effectively with
flexibility being of paramount importance.”
Legal compliance
A T&A solution can also ensure that a company is able to remain Outgrowing
legally compliant, Hawkesford points out. “In anticipation of an
upturn, companies need to think in advance about how they can
reorganise how their staff work; considering possible new shift
patterns and other variable working processes that are more flexible
your T&A
and that can be adjusted quickly to match demand. Of course, one
way of doing this is to ask staff to work longer and harder, but firms
may then find themselves in breach of the Working Time Directive
(WTD). Therefore, it is essential that companies have in place a
reputable T&A solution that is able to monitor working time for each
member of staff. Such a solution should also be able to simultaneously
Get a solution you can
prove that staff are working within the WTD rules. A good workforce
management system should be able to plan efficient work patterns
grow into, not grow out of
rather than just simply measure them. In addition, the best T&A
systems can plan work levels so that that all scheduled work time
stays within current working time legislation. The solution should also

Open Options from Crown Computing is the
have a comprehensive reporting function, which is able to prove
UK’s leading Workforce Management System.
compliance with the WTD when asked for by the appropriate authorities.
Basically, good workforce management can help to keep companies
It’s a fully user-configurable and scaleable
productive whilst also keeping them out of the courtroom.” software solution, which adapts easily to the
changing demands and business dynamics
of your organisation.
Quick response
Perfect for organisations of all types and sizes
In summary, Hawkesford stresses that companies need to ask
in both the private and public sector, operating
themselves whether they will realistically be able to respond quickly
across single and multiple locations.
and effectively to a surge in demand in the advent of a market
upturn. “Interestingly, when a healthier economic climate arrives it
can potentially be a more dangerous period than a downturn. This is
because when a downturn occurs many firms simply decide to cut
their expenditure to, say, a 20 per cent lower cost base, in order to
have the best chance of survival. However, if these companies are
not then properly structured and ready for the upturn, they can lose
substantial market share, and even credibility, to their competitors,
Time & Attendance Timesheet Booking & Time Accounting
whilst also suffering the setback of not having the right level of skilled
Workforce Scheduling Employee Self-Service
staff in place to grow the company. If companies don’t think now about
Labour Costing Access Control
how they can adopt improved and more flexible working practices as
business circumstances change, they could find themselves in a
sticky situation when the economic recovery does finally arrive.”
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