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Analysis ERP end user report
The impact of Service-
Orientated Architecture
(SOA) has been dramatic.
corruption unless you use
SOA. You need data analysis
and a database programmer
to put information into any ERP
system because they can be
so complicated.”
Looking at a longer timeframe,
Collier’s view is that the biggest
improvement business has
seen is the generally increased
storage space on computer
systems. “We bought our first
computer in the early 1970s,
which was 0.8 of a megabit and
the size of a small bathroom,”
he said. “We used to have to
delete product and customer
information just to allow us to
load information about other
customers and other products.
ERP system. However there are certain and put anything into it,” he said. “You can Now, with modern computer technology,
opportunities that the company has put any front end or any reporting system on there is of course no comparison in terms
recognised, and which it is looking to the back end and call the functionality out of of storage size.” Also, Collier cites the fact
leverage advantage from. “Telesales is one the system without breaking it. A traditional that we now have integration with the
of the areas we’re going to look at,” said example is the financial director saying ‘I Internet, and much greater transparency of
Collier. “We’re also trying to save money by want to update this table’; just dump it information. And looking to the months and
reducing travel/fuel costs, and relying more straight into SQL and it can cause problems, years ahead, Maurer anticipates that there
on the benefits of technology. This seems will be more mobile applications. “People
the sensible thing to do.”

will be less and less tethered to a desk,” she
I think there will be more mobile
said, adding that some of the more legacy
applications – people will be less and
types of applications, such as EDI and
Moving forward
less tethered to a desk. I also think
barcode data collection, will evolve and
catch up with the core functionality. Kevin
Reflecting on some of the relatively recent
that some of the more legacy types
Moore, group financial controller, Vitalograph
technological leaps, Maurer believes that the
of applications, such as EDI and
(Ireland), maintains that Web-based ERP
three most notable technological develop - solutions and the advancement of more
ments that have impacted ERP solutions barcode data collection, will evolve modular systems are two developments to
have been improvements in relational
and catch up with the core
watch out for. “This should allow the installation
database structure; the use of tools like .Net to proceed in much smaller increments with
and Java to produce user-friendly and web- functionality.” – Allyson Maurer, less support from IT professionals,” he said.
based interfaces, and the development of
Rochester Meat Company.
One thing is for sure, developments will not
applications for mobile devices. She points stand still in the ERP world and its broader
out that first allows the data to be retrieved technology environs. circlesolid
more effectively, and the other two allow so we flatly refuse to do this. Instead, we
Rochester Meat Company to get to the say ‘give me your data in whatever format
data from anywhere its staff might be. For you want, and we will put it through the
Bowden, the impact of Service-Orientated system as if you were typing it in manually –
Architecture (SOA) has been dramatic. “It including all the business logic – so you
allows a business to modify a product safely don’t break the system’. Also, you risk data
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