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ERP end user report Analysis
<< new system has allowed us to improve the Blackberry system with simple ASP web next few months, Monument Tools will be
the rate of on-time deliveries from 65 to 95 pages into the Epicor Vantage database,” adding a Solarsoft telesales module for the
per cent.” And in terms of future enhancements, said Bowden. “So a sales representative benefit of the company’s external sales staff,
Maurer points out that Rochester Meat on the road can now look at calls, look at as well as a module for web-sales, enabling
Company will continue to create reports and what tasks have been assigned to him, and customers will be able to buy online. “All
these modules are non-bespoke, off-the-shelf

modules, and we will probably only require
We bought our first computer in the early 1970s, which was 0.8 of a
a couple of days’ training for each of these
megabit and the size of a small bathroom,” he said. “We used to have to delete
modules,” he said.
product and customer information just to allow us to load information about
other customers and other products.” – Jonathan Collier, Monument Tools.
And, in the wake of the current market
under take simple customisations. “We investigate a particular customer’s orders. downturn, are our commentators’
believe that there is still a lot of value to mine He can also look at product information such organisations changing their business or
from the tools we have currently,” she said. as what customers normally buy.” Bowden operational strategy to any notable degree?
“We are doing as much of this in house as added that Texecom is also about to do Maurer remarks that Rochester Meat
possible to minimise cost At some point engineering changeovers; “so BOM changes Company has been tightening its belt and
we will upgrade to the most current version are going to be controlled with a task-based watching costs very carefully. “Other than
of Ross Enterprise. This decision will be system, which Vantage has built in”, he said. that we have not changed our strategy,” she
driven by new enhancements in the software Collier gave insight into the fact that, over the added. Alison points out that HoMedics is
that will justify the upgrade more aware of the cash-to-cash
or technology changes cycle. “And this is reflected in
that will render our an increased focus on in tighter
current version obsolete.” management of inventory,” he
said. Bowden comments that,
At HoMedics, the when market conditions are like
implementation was a ‘fast- they currently are, it always
start’ project aimed at comes down to margin; what
delivering basic functionality your costs are, whether costs
to replicate the legacy can be trimmed anywhere – so
system. “We are developing a lot of margin analysis takes
a plan to deliver further place. “We have a cost
benefits thought extending accountant who goes through
the number of modules we the products and checks that
use, and implement work the products are costed in the
flow and event management system correctly, so we can
triggers to manage process make the correct sales margins
exceptions in a disciplined when staff go out on the road to
and timely manner,” sell the products,” said Bowden.
commented Alison. Bowden And, as a company, Texecom
explained that Texecom follows Lean principles. “We
recently went live with the do a lot of changes for single-
Vantage CRM module for call piece flow on the shop floor,
logging and task-based just-in-time delivery of goods,
issues. The company has and most systems are needed
also integrated the system in the background to back
directly into its Blackberry those up,” Bowden pointed
handheld devices. “We had out. “We also do automated
quite a few Blackberries purchasing now, whereas we
already in use, and we used to do monthly deliveries
realised that we could link and are looking to reduce these
to weeklies. We’re holding less
stock now as well, and this has
been helped along by the
Telesales – an increasingly system we now have.” Collier
popular ERP module option.
remarks that the downturn has
not had a huge effect on
Monument Tools’ use of its >>
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