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6 - BROOKS/COUNTY OF NEWELL - Friday,April 24, 2009
Brooks fire dept. upgrades its rescue boat
BY ROSE SANCHEZ the stranded family’s boat was and the
BROOKS search had to continue in darkness. In the
Officials with the Brooks Fire Department
end a five-year-old girl did not survive the
are looking forward to the arrival of their
new rescue boat.
“No rescue has been done unsuccessfully
The decision a newer boat designed for
in the past, so we didn’t realize there were
rougher waters was needed was made
any shortcomings in the way things were
after a tragedy at Lake Newell last
being done,” says Swanson.
The decision was made, after
Kevin Swanson, Brooks fire chief, says
consultations with Fish and Wildlife and
there was an attempt to rescue a family
Conservation officials that there needs to
which had become trapped on the lake
be two comparable rescue boats between
after hitting a rock and their boat started
the organizations.
taking on water.
Fire department officials realized their
The call came into 911. Conservation
10-year-old watercraft was inadequate for
officers were phoned and then Fish and
use on rougher waters and decided a new
Photo submitted
Wildlife officials along with the Brooks Fire
boat should be purchased.
Members of the Brooks fire department practise their rescue skills in their old boat.
Department which has a 14-foot inflatable
Officials began the task of looking for
rubber raft. It’s 10 years old and was
funding, but after a presentation to the
for its operation and maintenance. help.”
designed for bodies of water within the
Eastern Irrigation District, that board
Fire department officials will receive Officials are working to put together a
City of Brooks, not for rough water.
decided to step forward with $70,000.
training on the new rescue craft in June, plan to ensure the rescue boats available
While attempting the rescue on Lake
With that funding and money received
and eight people already are qualified to in the area are maximized to their full use
Newell, the floor of fire department’s boat
from other businesses, the fire department
operate the Boston Whaler belonging to and potential. For example, if the fire
was broken and it began to take on water.
had a total of $80,000 for the new 17.5 foot
Conservation officers. department is called to an area body of
The members had also come across a
Zebec Armada Rescue RH 520AR along
“The generosity of the community as a water, such as Lake Newell, the Red Deer
stranded wind surfer, so the boat was
with equipment such as waterproof radios,
result of this tragedy has been nothing River, or the Bassano Dam, for a rescue,
towed back to shore.
a GPS unit, spotlights and a lifting device.
less than phenomenal,” says Swanson. officials plan to ask Conservation officers
There was some confusion as to where
The City of Brooks will provide the funding
“Many were asking what they can do to for backup with their watercraft.
Regional water project ongoing; Tilley hopes it’s online this fall
BY ROSE SANCHEZ “We have to get over the summer peak for provide water to Duchess, Patricia and Officer of Health for Alberta Health Services
SOUTHEAST ALBERTA Brooks, then we’ll have capacity to supply Rosemary by the end of 2010. - Palliser Health, has been made aware of
The Regional Water Treatment Plant
Tilley,” says Havinga.
This is one of the largest water projects in this change and is working to ensure
project is on course with the hope Tilley
The water treatment plant in Brooks is
the province with a price tag of $45 million. physicians are aware of the change so they
residents will be hooked into the new
also still under construction.
All of the funding is in place thanks to the can continue to best advise their patients.
system this fall ending their two-year boil
The tenders have closed for construction
Province and partnering municipalities. Dr. Schnee will be contacting people in the
water practice.
of the pipeline to Rolling Hills, which will
To accommodate the expanding water County of Newell on dialysis directly to
Ralph Havinga, general manager of the
also connect Rainier and Scandia to the
system, there will be a change to the water ensure they have the information they need.
Newell Regional Services Corporation, said stable water supply. It’s anticipated by the
treatment process for residents of the City of • Aquarium owners should install a filter
Brooks, County of Newell, Lake Newell to remove the chloramine residual from
the pipeline to Tilley is just about finished, end of the year, facilities will be in place to
Resort, Rainier, Scandia, Rolling Hills, and tank water due to potential toxicity to some
but there is still work to be done in the deliver water to those communities if plant
Tilley. species of fish. A typical granular activated
hamlet’s treatment plant and on its own construction has proceeded far enough.
That change will take place in mid to late carbon filter, available at any pet store will
water distribution system. Then the project moves north to work to
2010 when instead of disinfecting water with remove the chloramine residual from the
chlorine, water will be disinfected with a water.
combined chlorine and ammonia Havinga says the average person won’t
(chloramine) residual. notice a difference in the water, once the
In Alberta the communities of Edmonton, change in disinfectant is made.
Lethbridge, and Red Deer are currently The Newell Regional Services Corporation
using chloramines, and the change will take is the entity created to manage all the water
place locally because of the size of are being and sewer infrastructure that is being built
serviced with the water project. or replaced. At various points in the future,
With the change, it is important for all of the communities in its boundaries will
residents to note that: turn over their distribution and wastewater
• Water treated with chloramines is safe collection systems to the corporation
for drinking, washing, bathing and other which is municipally controlled, says
household use. Havinga.
• Chloramine residual must be removed The corporation is governed by a board of
from the water prior to use in kidney directors made up of elected officials from
dialysis machines. Dr. Schnee, Medical the partnering municipalities.
Citizen and Jr. Citizen of the Year named
Grasslands Regional FCSS Society is
pleased to announce the 2009 Citizen and
and Jessie
Junior Citizen of the Year.
Joe Yarrow — Citizen of the Year
were this
Joe Yarrow has been contributing for more
Strathmore - Brooks Constituency
than 45 years toward community safety and
well-being and he has helped save countless
lives. While working full-time, Yarrow has
Citizen of
been a blood donor for 47 years and has
the Year.
donated more than 400 times. He has also
been an active member of the Brooks Fire
Department for 45 years and has been a
member of the Brooks & District Crime
that exists in Toronto and co-ordinating
630 Legislature Annex, 9718 - 107th Street
Stoppers Committee since its creation in
hosting the return of the Toronto students.
2005. Yarrow’s desire to help people and give
Wang felt honoured to be chosen for the
Edmonton. AB T5K 1E4
back to the community makes him a
award, but felt every youth who contributes
deserving 2009 Citizen of the Year.
to the community should be recognized with
TEL: 780-415-6125 • FAX: 780-415-0951
Jessie Wang — Jr. Citizen of the Year
Jessie Wang is a Grade 12 student at
“I want to help people less fortunate than
Brooks Composite High School who
me. It makes me feel good,” she says.
demonstrates tremendous spirit of
Yarrow was surprised to be chosen as the
citizenship through her involvement with a
Citizen of the Year, and actually thought
number of school-based and out-of-school
someone was playing a practical joke on him
initiatives. Wang has served with the BCHS
when he first heard the news.
Spirit Council, helped organize Students
“What I do, the volunteering, it’s a way of
P.O. Box 873, 403 - 2nd Avenue West
Against Drinking and Driving, Amnesty
life as far as I’m concerned,” he says.
International, the BCHS newspaper and a
Yarrow was thrilled that LaVar Payne, MP
Brooks, AB. T1R 1B7
recent Youth Forum attended by more than
for Medicine Hat, even acknowledged
200 youths. She is also co-ordinating through
himself and Wang in the House of Commons.
Tel: 403-362-6969 • Fax: 403-362-5923
Global Friendship Immigration Centre a
Sponsors of the awards include the Brooks
group of 10 students travelling to Toronto to
Rotary Club, Quantum Fuel Tax Consulting,
explore and celebrate the cultural diversity
and McConnell Welding and Construction.
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