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plymouth matters
some positive news
for the city – at last
Plymouth has reasons to celebrate some positive
news for a change, according to Richard Smith of home brand director
Plymouth Gin.
of plymouth gin, director
“There has been some very good news for the city in recent weeks, despite the
of plymouth chamber of
relatively gloomy economic situation,” said Richard. “First Air South West announced
commerce and industry
the introduction of a twice daily flight to and from London City Airport - which is
and governor of city
excellent news for the business community in particular and the city in general
college plymouth calls
“Fast and efficient transport transport links between Plymouth and the capital are a
vital component in attracting new businesses to the city - and the Air South West
for inspired leadership
flights mean that business people can be in London in little more than an hour and
as the city fights
ready for a meeting in the capital well before 10am.
the effects of the global
“Then we had the fantastic news that the team at Which Holiday! Magazine had
economic crisis
chosen Plymouth as one of the top ten destinations in the UK that they like to visit –
alongside places like Bowness-on-Windermere, the Cotswolds and North Cornwall.
“And we can also celebrate that Plymouth City Council has provided funding to
feature Plymouth in the national City Breaks campaign. This has led to nearly
we need someone who can fulfil that role. The current party political structure in
1,000 enquiries from potential visitors to the city in less than a month.
local government does not encourage long term strategic thinking in areas such as
tourism and inward investment, nor does it provide a consistent message in the
“I am also encouraged by the fact that there does seem to be a genuine desire for
market place.
better communication between the public and private sector which can only benefit
the city as a whole.
“The difficulties which Conference Plymouth has faced with funding highlights that
issue. We desperately need conference business in Plymouth, but unlike other
“There needs to be a concerted effort to ensure that Plymouth does not miss out
cities with which Plymouth has to compete we do not receive the funding from the
on its potential as a destination for visitors, conferences and inward investment.
city council to attract major conferences.
“The city deserves a strong voice both nationally and internationally and I believe
“Conferences - such as the recent highly successful GMB trade union conference -
can bring millions of pounds to the local economy and provide vital business - and
work - for the local hospitality market in quiet times of the year.
The Plymouth Homeopathy
“But the GMB will not be returning because Plymouth has withdrawn funding sup-
Fertility Clinic
port to bring them to the city again. This is a totally short-sighted attitude which
sends out all the wrong signals to other conference organisers.”
more than just fertility
Richard said that the uncertainty over the future of the Plymouth Pavilions also
raised a question mark over conference business.
“It’s great that the designs for the new Life Centre in Central Park have been
released for public comment, but I am concerned that we have heard no firm plans
about what happens to the Pavilions.
Fulfil your dr
“The city council has said that the pool and ice rink will be demolished in the wake
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT/ COUNSELLING of the Life Centre, but to date there has been no firm announcement about what
will be happening to the remainder of the Pavilions.
Anne Hope BSc (Hons) RSHom Liz Stewart RGN RSHom
Tel: 07793 412817 Tel: 01752 516450
“Decisions should be being made now - not in two or three years time or we could
end up with the Pavilions being boarded up while the authorities decide what to do
with it.”
Now also in Exeter
Richard said that he was also disappointed that American Paul Carroll had
resigned as chief executive of the City Development Company (CDC) and hoped
that an equally well-qualified candidate can be found quickly to replace him.
The CDC was launched last year to help revive Plymouth’s economic fortunes.
Richard said: “I think many of us in the business community had high hopes for the
role of the CDC under Paul’s inspired leadership, but sadly he has been forced to
step down for family reasons. We need an equally talented and motivated person
to replace him.”
He added that despite some of the less upbeat developments, he was now more
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optmistic about the future for the city’s economy than he had been for some time.
• An aortic aneurysm is a widening of the main artery in the abdomen
• It is important to be screened as an aneurysm does not usually cause any symptoms. If it goes undetected it
“At Plymouth Gin we had a surprisingly buoyant month in March with many visitors
may grow and rupture with potentially fatal consequences.
to the Distillery and our Refectory cocktail lounge enjoyed some very good
• It’s particulary important for men over 65yrs of age (especially if they smoke)
• The scan is performed by a doctor using ultrasound, and is carried out at Derriford Hospital. “We have got the Barbican International Jazz & Blues Festival to look forward to in
• The scan is painless and the result is available immediately.
May and a host of events under the banner of the Plymouth Summer Festival in
For an appointment or for more information call Wendy Stupples on 01752 763948.
the coming weeks and months to attract visitors from further afield.
The cost of the scan is £75 and is payable at the time preferably by credit card.
“We have got a fantastic range of attractions as well as being so close to the moors and sea - we just need to shout about it.”
12 the plymouth magazine
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