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reasons why Chiropractic is actually so exercise...enjoying long walks...spending quality affordable care plans that meet everyone’s
successful for conditions like this is because it time with your family on a weekend...simply needs. The last thing you should have to worry
works with the body and not against it. being able to be self-sufficient again...and most about is rising health care costs.
important…enjoying your life again. Is it
Now, I want to share something possible to actually have these things back Here’s how to take advantage of this special
personal with you. I want you to know that I’ve again? It is, IF you are using the right strategies offer right now:
also experienced these problems (neck pain and and the right approach to fixing your problems.
low back pain) myself and have been able to see Simply call my office at (480) 895-3775 by
the proof of how Chiropractic works with my As a Chiropractor, I’m excited to May, 31
, and tell Karla you are calling to set
own health and, as a result, how it’s directly know that I have the unique ability and training up your “Neck or Low Back Pain Relief
changed my life. In fact, it’s the very reason I to help people with neck and low back pain Evaluation”.
decided to go to Chiropractic school myself. regain their normal quality of life again...the life
So, I want you to understand, I know what they deserve. Not only is it scientific (often Apex Chiropractic
you’re feeling and I also know the miraculous much more scientific than many of treatment 4960 S. Alma School Rd., Ste. 17
powers the body has to heal itself without using options that exist today)...but it’s also totally Chandler, AZ 85248
chemicals or treatments that may carry natural. And, that’s really the best part. Phone: (480) 895-3775
dangerous side-effects.
That’s also why I want to offer you a Just present this special report on your
But, I don’t want you just to take my word special opportunity to see if I can help you with first visit to our office. And, remember, your
for it, so here are a few studies that you your neck or low back pain so you can finally entire first day is only $17 (normally $200).
might find interesting… start enjoying life again. I believe passionately Hurry though. We have reserved just 25
that you can get help with neck and low back packages until May, 31
pain without relying on treatment methods that
q It works fast and is extremely effective.
run counter to the body’s natural way of And remember, there are no surprises
Often, more effective than tradition
healing. I see it every day in patients we work in my office. Nothing hidden and no pressure to
medical approaches. The prestigious
with. It’s what reinforces every day that I made become a patient. So, when you come to our
MANGA Report (Ontario Ministry of
the right decision to become a Chiropractor. office, we’ll take you by the hand and explain
Health) determined that... “Chiropractic
everything to you and answer all your questions
care was the most cost effective and
Hopefully, some of what I’ve said has along the way. In fact, I think you’ll find my
clinically effective care for painful
stuck a chord with you, makes sense and entire staff very welcoming and caring and I’m
conditions like low back pain.”
resonates with you. If it has, here’s what I confident that you will feel right at home in our
would like to offer you... office. It’s definitely not like the sterile cold
q According to this top research
journal...(J Manipulative Physiol Ther)
environment you see in many health care
2000 Jun; 23(5): 307-11. “Patients who
x A Consultation and History with me. A
received chiropractic treatment of
consultation and health history is the best
mechanical neck pain or LBP had
way to find out HOW your problem
Here’s what some of our patients have to
statistically significant reductions in their
pain-related disability after treatment”.
x A Thorough Examination. This will help
me determine if we can help you and if you
“When I came into Dr. Shand’s office, I had
And these are just two large studies.
are a candidate for receiving Chiropractic
already been to several doctors and tried
The list is exhaustive and hard to ignore if you
treatments. Unfortunately, not everyone
different medications. My pain was almost
have neck pain or back pain.
can be helped, so the exam is actually a
unbearable. After a couple weeks of care, I
great screening to let us know. If for some
finally can sleep 8 hours for the first time in
Why is all this important to you? If
reason I don’t think I can help you, I will
years and I have much less pain! I feel like
you’ve experienced neck or low back pain you
try to refer you to the appropriate health
there’s hope to finally get my life back without
know that your entire quality of life can be
care professional.
relying on drugs.”
changed for the worse in a heart beat. If you’re
-Thomas Lynch, Chandler
x Any Necessary X-Rays. Your X-Rays
in pain right now, you know exactly what I’m
will tell us exactly where the problem is
talking about. What you used to take for
and if there are misalignments in the spine
“I had excruciating pain, numbness and
granted now becomes a miserable struggle just
that are causing your problem.
tingling in my arm and stiffness in my neck. The
to get through. Things like...being able to go to
pain was so bad I could not sleep or care for my
work...taking trips with your family… folding
x Doctor’s Recommended Plan. Then,
kids. The medical doctors gave me narcotics
laundry...sleeping soundly through the
we’ll sit down one-on-one and give you
which I could not keep down or made me feel
night...playing with your children… sitting on
our recommendations. If I can help you,
like a zombie. They recommended epidurals
the beach...eating dinner at your favorite
there will be no pressure to receive any
and surgery. Within a couple weeks of Dr.
restaurant...even something as simple as getting
treatment in my office. It’s totally up to
Shand’s treatments I was sleeping and
dressed in the morning.
you at that point.
functioning for my family. I felt better than I
had in a long, long time. Dr. Shand really
Pain is a thief. It steals precious
Finally, I realize that health care can
cared about me and truly changed my life. I
moments and time in your life...time you can
be expensive for anyone, especially if you’ve
cannot recommend Dr. Shand highly enough. I
never get back. That’s not okay. This, in my
been to multiple doctors and specialists. So, if
have continued to be pain free for almost a year
opinion, is the most important commodity we
that’s a concern, don’t worry. We like feeling
now and I could not be more grateful.”
have. Why waste precious time living in pain
that we’re part of the solution to the current
-Leti Meyer, Chandler
and struggling to get through the day when you
health care mess by giving you our entire “Neck
can get your quality of life back...the life you
and Back Pain Relief Package” which would
After one treatment….super relief! I ran in a
used to enjoy before you were in pain all the
normally cost you $200, for only $17 until
race 2 days after my adjustment and ran my
May, 31
fastest time in a long time.
-Ed West, Chandler
Now, I want you to imagine for a
Even better, if you do decide to start
minute riding your bike again…being able to
care in our office, we accept insurance and have
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