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12 May 2 - 15, 2009
Hidden hazards from Page 1
they often hit people who let their guard down, vulnerability,” says Nies. “Most of the adult
considering themselves safe from summer hazards. submersions we see involve alcohol.”
“Drownings don’t just happen in pools,” Machnicki
cautions. “They can happen in dog buckets, garden Beyond water safety
pails, toy pools. And it’s not just kids who drown. Other serious health risks this time of year include
Water accidents happen to adults, too.” dehydration, heat exhaustion and overexposure.
Machnicki recommends the “ABC’s” of water safety: “Even healthy people can succumb to the heat,”
A – adult awareness, B – barriers like fences and locks, says Nies. “Being fi t has little to do with how much
and C – classes on swimming and CPR. But even that, water you need if you’re outside for more than 15
she says, is not enough. minutes. And if you feel thirsty, dehydration is already
“Always designate an adult to watch any water setting in, so don’t wait until then.” STSN photo illustration
activity,” says Machnicki. “And never swim alone.” Nies recommends drinking water every few minutes
SUMMER SAFETY: Offi cials say never to leave a pet or child in
when outdoors, and warns against beverages that can
a car, even for a few minutes. Temperatures can soar to lethal
Lingering danger
heights in minutes.
do more harm than good.
City of Chandler Fire Battalion Chief Paul Nies “Drink water, not soda or alcohol,” he says. “These
echoes her concerns. actually work against your body and accelerate
do permanent damage. Seek out shade or go in where
“We’ve already responded to two submersion dehydration.”
it’s air-conditioned whenever possible.”
incidents this year, one involving an adult,” Nies He also reminds SanTan Sun area residents that hot
reports. “These can be especially dangerous because cars can be death traps during the summer months.
Miriam Van Scott of Kerby Estates is a freelance writer and
Chandler transplant from the Washington, D.C. area. She can be
the victim might seem okay at fi rst but could still be at “The time allowance for leaving children or pets in
reached at
very serious risk.” a vehicle when the temperature is above 80 degrees
Nies explains that when a person is submerged, is zero,” Nies explains. “The interior temperature
the body’s natural reaction is to struggle. This often can become lethal in less than 10 minutes, easily. We
involves gasping, during which water can be drawn suggest you walk around your car before and after
into the lungs and irritate sensitive tissues, disrupting getting in to make sure there’s nothing you might run
‘Sprinkler’ helps
the respiratory system. Even after the person is pulled over, and to make sure no one is left inside.”
children stay safe
from the water and appears fi ne, fl uid could still be
trapped inside the lungs, slowly sabotaging the body’s Basics can be life saving
Latchkey kid safety is one of the timely topics to be
breathing process. Simple precautions can help avoid serious
explored this month on Chandler Channel 11’s “Sprinkler’s
“We tell people ‘If your child was submerged, you consequences as the mercury climbs.
Clubhouse,” broadcast at 7 a.m. daily; 4 p.m. Fridays,
Saturdays and Sundays; and online at www.chandleraz.
need to go to the hospital,’” says Nies. “We might “Wear sunscreen when you’re going to be outside
not see fl uid shift until 12 to 24 hours after the initial for more than 10 minutes,” Nies recommends, “and
The show, featuring Sprinkler the Clown, is designed to
incident. During that time, the person needs to be reapply it frequently. It doesn’t last all day, and you
reach children from kindergarten through the third grade.
observed by medical professionals.” can be putting your long-term health at risk.”
Along with latchkey kid safety, upcoming episodes touch
on 911 emergency information, home emergency exit
Young children are especially susceptible to this Just staying in the shade can make a huge difference,
strategies, stranger danger, eating right and exercise.
phenomenon, but Nies warns that adults should be too.
Sprinkler’s Clubhouse is produced by Chandler Cable
cautious, too, especially if they had been drinking “The human brain can’t handle temperatures much
Channel 11 and the City of Chandler Fire Department in
when the submersion occurred. above 108,” says Nies. “Our ambient temperature
partnership with Education Channel 99 and the Chandler
Unifi ed School District.
“Alcohol clouds judgment and increases often tops that, and exposure to that kind of heat can
Council program helps families buy homes
Bankruptcy discussed
A $1.4 million program aimed at helping buyers of eligible to participate in the program, and the homes
at seminar
foreclosed Chandler homes was recently passed by the must be owner-occupied, not rented out. If the
City Council. The program will be funded through a homebuyer were ever to sell the home, they would
grant from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development share any accrued equity with the Land Trust and the
Learn whether bankruptcy is right for you at a free
Neighborhood Stabilization Program. land would remain in the Trust to ensure the home
workshop provided by The Moak Law Firm from 6:30-
As many as 17 vacant, foreclosed single-family homes remains affordable indefi nitely. The program includes
7:30 p.m. on Thu. May 14 at 1820 E. Ray Rd. in Chandler.
will be purchased, rehabilitated and resold to income- homeowner education and counseling services.
Get answers to questions about whether spouses must
qualifi ed homeowners who will only pay for the cost of The Chandler program is targeting central City
fi le as well if you’ll lose your house, how long fi ling can
the home. The land will be held in a trust administered neighborhoods hardest hit by foreclosures. This area is
take, how to qualify, how much it costs and much more.
by Newtown Community Land Trust, a Tempe nonprofi t bounded by Ray Road on the north, Chandler Boulevard
The Moak Law Firm, located on the northwest corner
community development corporation. With this on the south, Arizona Avenue on the east and Alma
of Cooper and Ray roads, is a “debt relief agency” that
program, the purchase price is reduced because the School Road on the west.
helps residents fi le for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy
buyer only has to afford the cost of the structure, not the Additional information can be obtained by calling
land. 480-782-4320.
Call 480-755-8000, email info@AzBankruptcyHelp.
Families earning between $51,350 and $77,050 are
com or visit for more
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