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Issue 8 May 2004
A national newsletter on substance misuse management in primary care
Vexed, perplexed or
delighted…your views
on the new GMS contract
Last November the NTA hosted a Summit on the New General
Medical Services Contract (nGMS) and Commissioning Primary Care
Primary Care
Services. Representatives attended it from the NTA, the
Department of Health, the RCGP, SMMGP and the Royal College of
Psychiatrists. A consensus statement was produced and is included
below in this issue of Network. What the statement suggests are
target met
ways forward using enhanced services, both local and national. In
reality a whole range of models are being implemented across the
Latest Figures Show
country, as SMMGP’s website discussion forum shows. For a pretty
current view of what this range looks like we sought the views of
Over 30% of GPs now
seven stakeholders.
treat Drug Dependency
Latest figures from the National
GMS Summit Consensus Statement
Treatment Agency’s (NTA) analysis of
Drug Action Team treatment plan
The following consensus statement was agreed by delegates at the NTA
returns shows that the target of
engaging 30% of GPs nationally in
● Future commissioning of primary care services should aim to
the treatment of drug dependency
increase the quantity and quality of primary care provision.
has been met. The figures from
● Such an increase should not destabilise current local drug treatment
2003/4 showed 31% of GPs are
provision through disinvestment in either primary or secondary care
involved in treating drug users, a 50%
increase from 2 years ago. NTA
● Primary and secondary care should work together in collaborative
projections suggest that the figures
partnerships within integrated care pathways to best meet the
will rise to 40% in 2 years time,
needs of drug users.
although this does not take into
● The terms of reference of shared care monitoring groups should be
account the effect of the new GMS
reviewed. They should have an explicit role ensuring quality in local
contract. There were considerable
primary care service provision. They should have representatives
regional variations with 2 regions from both primary care and secondary care and be in a position to
(out of 9) still under 15% whilst 5
recommend to joint commissioning groups.
regions were above the 30% mark. ● Commissioners should be free to commission shared care services
Anyway this is encouraging news for for drug users under a locally enhanced service (LES) contract.
all of us that want to see more drug ● GPs should not treat drug users in isolation. Where GPwSI(s) are
dependant patients treated in providing drug services under a nationally enhanced service (NES)
primary care.
contract there should be adequate drug link/liaison worker support.
● Ongoing treatment provision should be underpinned by ongoing
education, training, supervision and appraisal to ensure a sustained
improvement in quality of primary care drug treatment provision.
art 1 of the RCGP
● nGMS contract implementation should compliment rather than
Certificate Course in the
disrupt Models of Care (MoC) implementation.
Management of Drug Misusediff on
● Payment should be linked to level and quality of treatment activity.
to launch in Car ● Drug treatment services in primary care should be underpinned by
20 May – see page 4
robust service level agreements with the Primary Care Trusts, which
have responsibility for service provision.
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