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A Letter from the Editor
Dear Readers, the
I am not sure where to start with the developments since our last visit. Looking back I get dizzy
and tired but all in a good way. On March 13th, across Long Island, massive groups of volun- North ShoreiaN
teers came together in unity and support of children suffering from childhood cancer. Between
the Northport and Rocky Point events alone, more than 850 people stepped up; men, women,
and lots of children, to allow their heads to be shaved as an outward sign of solidarity with
Charles McKenna
children suffering from Childhood Cancer. St. Baldrick’s Foundation teaches and encourages
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
the volunteers to go out and secure sponsors who make donations in honor of the shavee. More
than a half million dollars was raised from these events that March day! Every penny goes
Thomas Reid
towards Childhood Cancer Research. As a family, this is our 9th year with the organization and
Publisher and Art Director
we became involved because my younger brother, John, of Northport, felt it was a fitting me-
morial to our late brother, Fr. Peter McKenna, who died of brain cancer in 1987, at the young
age of 27 and only 6 days after his ordination as a Roman Catholic Priest. We started with this
Gala Scibelli
because of my brother; we continue it for all of the children, yours, mine and all of them. For
Senior Art Director
more information about St. Baldrick’s please visit .
Robert Romer
I am so excited about this issue. We welcome a team of new writers to an already amazing
Director of Photography
staff of writers. I am sure you will agree with me that they are the best there are out there. This
month we introduce you to the writing of Olivia Connelly, Alexandra Frerking, Susan Serra,
Marie Ann Mordeno
Lori Tutino, Maria Orlando Pietromonaco, Lois Howe, Maureen Calamia, and Mary Riley. Last
Events Editor
month I introduced you to Anna Katsavos who is writing our new Book Chats column. WOW!
Lisa Hartman
By the time you read this I will be a new Grandfather. My darling daughter, and writer,
Advertising Accounts Executive
Shaughnessy, as I write this letter, is 2cm dilated. Caleigh Erin will be here soon! REALLY
Over the next several issues we will be tweaking the magazine and making it better. You
Contributing Writers & Photographers
will notice some of the changes in this issue in your hands. These changes are being made with
Anna Katsavos
the help of your suggestions. Please keep them coming as we want to continue to improve this
Jack Filasky
Dan Stahl
Our cover artist, also featured in our Creatives, is the incredible Mary Ahern. I am truly
Anthony Frasca
fascinated by her talent and abilities. I am sure that you will enjoy her work.
Elizabeth Bojsza
This seems to be a reunion issue for me. Two former classmates are featured in this issue.
Mark Snyder, ChFC
Claudia Jacobs is the subject of Sound Waves. Claudia is a talented musician and a fellow
Dr. Peter J. Stumpf
classmate of Northport High School Class of 1980. Judy Ogden is also a former classmate of
Joe Neuschatz
ours from Northport High ’79 and she is featured in Art in Nature. It is great to get back in
Tom Adkins
Nancy Dorney
Next month is our Memorial Day/Mother’s Day issue. I would like to invite you to send in
Janelle Brooke Councill
an original poem about your Mother or about a family member or friend who made the ulti-
Shaughnessy Anne McKenna-Dusling
mate sacrifice for our country while serving in the Armed Forces. Our writing staff will review
Joseph Shortsle
all and the top five selections for Mothers and for Service Members will be recognized at our
Abby Rockett
Cover Cocktail Party next month as well as have their submission printed in the next issue.
In closing for this month, please, I beg you to shop locally and support the great advertisers of
Judah Mahay
this publication. It is through their generosity that we are able to bring you this FREE publica-
Mary Ann Donovan
tion each month. When you patronize them please be sure to thank them for their support. If
Senator Kenneth P, LaValle
you have a business that you would like to advertise in these pages please give me a call and I
Grace Forestieri
will personally take care of you. Irene Ruddock
Thank you for your support. I present to you The North Shoreian Magazine Home and
Olivia Connelly
Garden Issue. Enjoy!
Alexandra Frerking
Sláinte, Charlie
Susan Serra
Lori Tutino
Maria Orlando Pietromonaco
Letters to the Editor
Lois Howe
Maureen Calamia
Mary Riley
Dear Charlie,
Eileen Kathryn Boyd
Dick and I just got back from jolly old England and were thrilled with both the March Irish issue
Honorable Vivian Viloria-Fisher
of the North Shoreian and the Gazette that just arrived this week. You are doing a sensational
job and I am honored that you would accept some articles from my humble pen. Congratulations
on superb effort and achievement in your monumental endeavor. Long may you continue. I look The North Shoreian Magazine
forward to the next issues. It is a welcome joy in an otherwise journalistic rather bleak world.
is published monthly by
Warm regards,
The Improper North Shoreian Magazine, Inc.
Nomi Solo
Post Box 251, Port Jefferson, New York 11777
Dear Charlie,
All contents of this magazine may not be reproduced
May the North Shoreian be blessed in its new season!
without written consent of the Publishers.
Love, Yearly subscription rate is $60.00
Paula Timpson
Mr. McKenna,
I am writing to you as an admirer of your recent Irish issue. It is a great piece. / 631-278-6986
As a designer and writer and woman of the culture, I appreciate the thought and effort that went
into that issue. It has inspired me to write to you.
Once again accept my appreciation for the Irish issue, maybe I am all the more lucky for stum- / 631-278-6986
bling upon it.
Sincerely, Cover Art Image
Erin Donohue
Mary Ahern

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