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Mary’s abilities as an artist are not limited to
digital painting. As a traditional painter, Mary is very
talented. Mary mixes mediums, such as watercolor,
oil paints, pastels, colored pencils and graphite, to
create her works of art. She has been doing traditional
painting and drawing for over thirty years and her
work reflects many hours of time and commitment to
the art.
In addition to art, Mary is very devoted to grow-
ing a private garden. She spends many hours culti-
vating the soil, planting, pruning and nurturing her
flowers. Not surprisingly either, she adds a degree in
Ornamental Horticulture to her already impressive
Finding something that inspires is one of the most
important steps for Mary as an artist. Mary states, “It
is very important that I really like the subject that I
choose because I spend so much time with it during
all the preparatory drawings and photography, the
tonal work, the color work and then the digitizing of
the images for reproduction. Not to mention framing
them to enjoy around my own home. I wouldn’t want
to be so involved with a subject if it hadn’t originally
really grabbed for my attention.” Her dedication to
the subject is perhaps the reason for the incredible
works of art that she creates. Her energy is transcribed
into the art.
Mary describes her process of creating her
traditional paintings, “My working method always
includes a complete tonal drawing before I begin any
color work. This is where I work out the values and
nail down the compositional issues. When I work
in oils I use an underpainting of neutral tones as the
framework for the color work to follow. This type
of procedure is called Grisaille. I usually work on
several pieces at once. I work with many layers of
glazing when working in oils and each work is not al-
ways dry enough to work on it day after day. Working
on more than one painting at a time not
only allows drying time between layers
it allows me time to live with the work
for awhile. I judge the color balances on
some while I work on composition and
tonals on others.” If you would like to
witness this process, you can visit her
website and view her works in progress,
in which she has photographed works at
certain stages of their production. It is
not often that an artist will allow you to
see works in progress.
Mary’s clear dedication to her
garden transpires into her devotion to
her art. On Mary’s impressive and self
designed website, you can visit her two
blogs. One is devoted to art in general,
touching on her visits to various loca-
tions, book reviews and her journey as
an artist. Mary also has a blog devoted
to gardening, in which she posts pho-
tographs of her beautiful plants as they
grow and transform, and even shows
the plants alongside her art that she has
created in homage to the specific bloom.
Mary is a very involved artist, travel-
ling the country at various art shows and
fairs. A schedule of her upcoming events
is listed on her website. If you would
like to learn more about North Shoreian
Artist Mary Ahern, her garden, her mas-
terpieces or to purchase her work, visit
her website:
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