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require little to no maintenance. A major change in pool construction is packaging. Ten or twenty years ago, a
Though the costs for transforming a simple patio into an outdoor living space pool installer simply installed a pool. Now pool companies are a one stop business.
may be expensive and the planning seem a little overwhelming, Diana and Scott When meeting with a pool installer, he or she is looking to integrate a pool into a
claim it is well worth the investment. Scott believes that, “in this market, a house backyard design. This requires the companies to meet with the customers, ask ques-
will sell faster with an outdoor kitchen.” tions about their needs, use of the pool, and
When designing an outdoor living space, other concerns. Then the pool company
Scott believes that the customer needs and will physically visit the site and according
satisfaction are key. Regardless of the to Michael Truehart, owner and operator of
size and shape of the backyard or kitchen True Blue Swimming Pools, will assess two
concept, Diana and Scott work to take the key factors: view from the house and sun-
homeowner’s vision and make it a real- light. Michael believes that a pool should
ity. They work with all budgets, styles, and be an addition to a backyard, and notes that
products because Scott has “a passion for a many homeowners are “trying to create a
wonderful outdoor life.” His is a vanguard natural setting.” This can be difficult based
in his field because he truly believes “you on the size of the backyard and its layout,
can build anything and everything into an but Michael works with every customer and
outdoor living space,” yet still design it to to deliver a quality product that meets or
“compliment the landscape.” Scott under- exceeds their expectations.
stands while that functionality is an impor- Often homeowners are not looking for
tant element to an outdoor living space, the a traditional geometric pool with a “deep
customer is also equally as concerned with end” and a “shallow end.” The trend is
ambiance. a free-form pool. These pools can be
This leads to the second trend in out- designed in any shape, and according to
door elegance for 2009: Water. Whether it Beth Pranzo of Swim King Pools, can be an
is adding a spa or waterfall or renovating an “extension of the home’s” style. Michael
existing pool, the residents of Long Island Truehart has seen a spike in sales of “sports
love water. A water feature adds a unique pools.” These are in-ground pools that are
quality to a backyard. Similar to outdoor not more than five feet deep. They are ideal
kitchens, pools are no longer segregated for water sports such as volleyball or are
areas that see little use throughout the entire perfect for families with younger chil-
year. Pools are now the focal point of the dren. Beth Pranzo has noticed that more
landscape because they are incorporated homeowners are building pools for health
into the landscape. Many homeowners are and fitness as well. Some of Swim King’s
now choosing in-ground pools as their first clients chose to add a swim lane to one
choice because of their appearance and use. end of the free-form pool. The result: the
Though adding a water feature is a huge “guitar” pool. As with outdoor kitchens, the
investment, the beauty and joy that one will homeowners are truly only limited by their
receive from the feature can far outweigh desires and creativity.
the costs. In addition, there has been much Simply choosing a pool shape and depth
advancement made in pool technology in is not the end of the process. There is an
the past ten years. Many companies are assortment of products to choose from for
pool surrounds. Though many companies
still offer the traditional locking pavers,
many customers are requesting stone or
stone-like materials. There are a plethora of
colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from at
all price points. There are even man-made
materials to resemble natural stone. These
are less expensive for the materials and la-
bor because they come in kits that are easily
assembled. According to Beth Pranzo from
Swim King Pools, what the customers’ de-
sire, her company will fulfill. She discusses
with the customer the design aesthetic he or
she wishes to achieve as well as cost of the
project. Whether it is adding a diving rock
or underwater benches, she works diligently
to meet the customers’ expectations.
In addition to building non-traditional
pools or free form pools, homeowners are
also incorporating water features into the
hardscape of the pool. Many pools are built
with attached spas. These are great for the
late-spring, summer, and early-fall; howev-
er, they fall into disuse in the colder months.
Swim King Pools offers an excellent alter-
native by designing a hot-spring pool within
offering greener, more efficient, and more cost effective options to the traditional a pool. This unique design is part of the overall pool in a sense. It is attached and
pool maintenance. An example of this is the newer “salt water pools.” This mis- part of the hardscape. However, unlike the traditional spill-over spas, this element
nomer actually refers to the way the water is cleaned and chlorinated. Using a salt can be uncovered and run without running the main pool’s filters, therefore saving
water chlorine generator, chlorine is extracted from the salt added to the pool water the homeowner money. This hot-spring can be used for all four seasons and unlike a
and naturally cleans the pool. With this process, you will no longer have dry skin free standing spa, does not need a separate cover or location.
and hair or red eyes from the pool because there is a lack of chlorides in the water. The north shore of Long Island is known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor
Similarly, companies are offering more customized pools to suit the needs of the spaces. As a result, North Shoreians are dedicated to creating outdoor living spaces
homeowner and the size of the backyard. Lastly, some companies are even offering that compliment the natural beauty of the island, while setting a serene and private
a remodeling of a homeowner’s former pool. Ultimately, the companies are looking sanctuary for them to enjoy. Outdoor kitchen and water features are appealing in-
to save the homeowners money by offering quality materials, cost-efficient mainte- vestments that will bring enjoyment and extend the living space of any homeowner’s
nance products, and organized and dependable workmanship. backyard.
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