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Outdoor Elegance
Outdoor Trends for 2009:
Green and Gorgeous
By Olivia Connelly
Many residents are looking to save money and spend money wisely. Rather
ing the nation, attending trade shows and suppliers to find the best products and the
than taking elaborate and often costly vacations to tropical paradises or extravagant
best prices for their clients. In fact, they strive to use businesses located on the east
resorts, many families are opting for a “stay-cation.” These “stay-cations” include
coast of the United States to reduce freight cost and in turn save their customers
day trips to many of the local attractions Long Island has to offer, but there is also a
growing trend among the residents of the north shore to capture the feel of an exotic
The company’s motto is “The resort life at home,” and the company is dedicated
paradise and maintain the native beauty of the island in their own backyards.
to delivering paradise to its customers. It is because of Scott and Diana’s dedica-
The trend to transform backyards into outdoor living spaces began in Southern
tion to their customers that they are able to offer new, green, and gorgeous materials,
furniture, and products to their clientele. For example, a new
product on the market is an aluminum frame, resin com-
prised outdoor furniture line. This is made from recycled
materials and is recyclable. According to Diane, this mate-
rial is made to last and is not harmful to the environment.
It can also be poured into a mold to take the shape of any
design or pattern. So rather than purchasing rattan furniture
in a wicker pattern, which over time will rot and break, a
customer can now purchase resin furniture in wicker pattern
in a variety of colors and with many years of use guaranteed.
Another new environmentally sound and durable product to
the market is a synthetic form of lumber made from recycled
California but has quickly found its home here on Long Island. The money invested
milk cartons and water bottles. Virtually “plastic lumber” this product is not molded
in a homeowner’s outdoor space not only enhances the beauty and functionality of
their property, but also assists in building equity in their homes. From simple en-
hancements such as revamping tired landscaping or adding a fire-pit, to major addi-
tions such as an outdoor kitchen or a custom-designed pool, homeowners are opting
to create an outdoor living space to be enjoyed all year round.
The traditional backyard from ten years ago is long gone. No longer do resi-
dents want a divided, sectioned yard that has a designated pool, deck, and barbeque
area. Backyards or outdoor rooms as they are now referred to, incorporate all three
areas into one overall concept. Currently, homeowners, landscapers, pool service
companies, and contractors are working to maintain the natural beauty of the native
flora and use the introduced elements to enhance, not adulterate the beauty of the
One significant improvement from the former “deck area” is the advent of the
outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are considered furnished outdoor rooms to meet
the entertaining and functionality needs of the homeowner. These rooms can be as
simple or as elaborate as the customer requires. Gas grills, sinks, and refrigeration
units are just the beginning to what outdoor kitchen designers and contractors have
to offer. Basically, anything the customer desires, companies can deliver. One local
company, Exquisite Outdoor Living LLC, meets and exceeds the customers’ expecta-
tions with each and every kitchen they create. Owner, Edmund Scott Lucia began
the business in 2004, and it has grown exponentially over the past five years. The
like resin, but is sold as lumber would be sold. The furniture is then constructed as a
key to his success even in these economic times? Offering the customers something
carpenter would construct an Adirondack chair from lumber. Unlike lumber how-
new and fresh. Scott and his associate Diana Limnios spend the off season scaveng-
ever, these pieces of furniture and “plastic lumber” come in a variety of colors and
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