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Your Family Can Thrive in a
Balance Shapes and Textures
Feng Shui Kitchen
As kitchens have predominantly hard, angular lines (from cabinetry to appli-
by Maureen K. Calamia
ances) you can create more balance by bringing in softer shapes and textures. For
The kitchen is the heart of a home. It represents the health and wellness of a
instance, a round or oval kitchen table creates more harmonious family interactions
family. Food prepared in the kitchen nourishes us, and the kitchen also provides a
and allows the chi to flow more freely throughout the room. Textiles such as curtains,
place for nurturing family connections. According to Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese
area rugs, chair pads and other fabric also add softness to the space.
philosophy of creating balance to improve well-being – kitchens also represent a
family’s prosperity. The Chinese relate the nourishing power of the stove to the abil-
Maintain Cleanliness
ity of family members to earn money. So, it’s not far off to say that it’s probably one
For obvious reasons, it is important to keep your kitchen clean. Leftover food,
of the most important rooms in a house.
crumbs and dirty dishes attract bugs, while spills can create a physical hazard.
Incorporating Feng Shui into your kitchen can
However, on a symbolic level, dirt can attract poor health and finances by attracting
bring more harmony to the health and wealth of your
negative energy into the heart of your home – the kitchen. So keeping your kitchen
family. Here are some tips to help you get started:
clean has a greater impact than you would think.
Encourage Beneficial Chi
Calm Food Preparation
Just as the ingredients in a home-cooked meal influence the well-being of the
Feng Shui literally translated means “Wind and
family, so does the cook’s energy while preparing the meal. The Chinese believe that
Water,” two of the most powerful forces of nature. Chi
if the cook is happy and emitting positive energy, the meal absorbs the energy from
is the life force energy that travels in patterns and can
that emotion and the family members ingest it. If the cook is unhappy or emitting
be likened to the path of the wind or the flow of a river.
negative energy, or is compromised in any way while preparing the meal, his energy
There are three types of chi that are important to pay
will have a detrimental effect on the food. This can lead to health and money issues.
attention to: beneficial chi, rushing chi, and stagnant chi.
(Remember, the kitchen represents both health and wealth.) The positioning of the
Beneficial chi occurs when the layout of a space encourages a gentle flow
stove, for example, can create an environment in which the cook will feel vulnerable.
throughout the room. Picture a meandering stream that nourishes a countryside; it is
While at the stove, if the cook’s back is to the kitchen door, he can be easily startled.
neither too fast, nor too slow.
A simple remedy is to add a mirror to the back of the stove, where the cook can see
Rushing chi, on the other hand, happens when chi moves in straight lines, unim-
behind him.
peded, and accelerates, causing a disturbance to the balance of the room. Chi rushes
through the room and does not stay long enough to bring the beneficial effects. For
Incorporate the Color Green
instance, if your kitchen door and back door are aligned, the chi flows in one door
According to Chinese philosophy, there are five elements or forms of energy
which make up everything
in the universe – Wood,
Fire, Earth, Metal and
Water. In Feng Shui, the el-
ements can be incorporated
to bring natural balance
to a room in several ways
– using the element itself,
its corresponding color, or
geometric shape.
To help bring bal-
ance to a kitchen – a room
which is heavily repre-
sented by the Fire element
(stove/oven) and Water
element (sink, refrigera-
tor, dishwasher) – consider
adding the Wood element,
which complements both
Fire and Water. Consider
incorporating the color
green into your kitchen
scheme. (Blue is known
to suppress eating, so it is
not beneficial as a kitchen
color). Fresh flowers and
plants bring the message
of vitality and life to a
kitchen, which is not only
esthetically pleasing but
symbolically beneficial as
Whatever you can do
to improve the Feng Shui
and directly out the other. To remedy this, you can move a piece of furniture or a
of your kitchen, the more your family will benefit in all areas of life.
large object, such as a plant, into the path of the chi so that it’s forced to flow around
the object and around the room.
Maureen is a certified Feng Shui and Building Biology consultant in St. James.
Stagnant chi – even more detrimental to a kitchen – occurs in dark corners and
From simple recommendations, to renovation and building projects, Maureen works
areas where dirt, piles of clutter, and stale odors can gather. It can even occur when
with her clients to create spaces that promote physical and psychological health.
you do not use all the burners on your stove. Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, and
Through the ancient principles of Feng Shui, Maureen restores balance and harmo-
being sure to rotate use of your stove burners, will help you to increase the flow of
ny. How an environment feels is just as important as how it looks.
energy in all areas of your kitchen. Other ways to improve the movement of chi are
to open windows, use proper ventilation when cooking, and use natural, pleasant
scents such as citrus, to freshen up the room.
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