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in a kitchen window. They come in a range of colors and types, such as bamboo, The Little Things Can Be Big
wood, etc. I do like the natural ones. The artificial ones look… artificial. I tend One of the least expensive ways to redo a room is to “accessorize” with what
to avoid hanging them in a bathroom as they do not do well with moisture. Shades you’ve got… stuff, things, treasures, photographs. Rearrange your space first. Move
can be simply or dramatically embellished. A decorative rod, metal or wood, with that sofa to a new place, put the coffee table in front of the fireplace and try flanking
either gathered rod pocket or tie top panels, work well. My choice is frequently a it with two chairs for a conversation area. The room should feel comfortable and
pinch pleated panel, pinned or sewn to rings that slide on the rod with no trouble. have a good traffic flow. Be brave! A bedroom usually has more than one wall to
$$ It saves money to spend money here if you want something more complex, such put the bed on. Can your dining room table go on an angle? Then move on to all of
as the pinch pleated panels or should you choose a valance or other top treatment.
Your friends at your local home decorating store will guide you in fabric choices and
proper fabrication and installation. Here, a penny spent is a penny saved by avoiding
mistakes and assuring a job properly done.
Fabric and Trim
A transformation can be as simple as new throw pillows on the living room
sofa. Want to get clever? Get out the old glue gun and transform lamp shades with
new fabric. A loosely fit slip cover for your husband’s well loved and used chair can
the surfaces, including the walls.
Try organizing photos by theme: travel, kids, beach. Black and white or sepia
tones look best and timeless, in my opinion. Put together a grouping with black
frames and white mats. Different width moldings add interest. Hang collectibles on
be done with some basic sewing skills and a machine. A bedroom makeover can the wall, such as. platters, mirrors (both hand and wall), again in groupings.
be as simple as a new duvet cover made from two queen sized sheets with match- Gather your accessories from all over the house and lay them out in one place.
ing pillowcases. $$ Again a visit to those new friends at your local interior design Sort them out and try to maintain a common theme throughout. It gives your home
store can make that bedroom really amazing with a custom made duvet or comforter a sense of calm and order. Some things can even be put away for another time…
with coordinating shams and pillow cases plus a gorgeous new dust ruffle. Often another season. Don’t forget to look in your kitchen cabinets for perhaps all of your
this will lead to an eye-popping new look without the need for a larger new furniture white bowls or pitchers, an odd number of old plates, .or that one-of-a-kind little
purchase. Trim? How about the edges of lamp shades? Or drapery panels that just sauce dish. Get heirlooms out from their packed boxes. Don’t clutter your rooms,
need a little dressing up? Tape or trim on the edge of drapery draws the eye up and simplicity and order is always best. Decorate around what you love! Tuck little
can extend the visual height of the room. A plain, purchased throw pillow can look vignettes of things - always in odd numbers - in book cases and on table tops.
like a designer original with the addition of some tassel trim or even a little grosgrain The mantle piece is usually an important focal point that needs your careful
ribbon. attention. Layer framed photos with a mirror. Group a cluster of those white pitch-
ers to one side. You can do it. Just stand back and look at it with an objective eye.
So So Sofas Things can always be moved around. A new thing here and
Here’s where you get really personal with a piece of furniture. there is always good. New lighting is always transforming.
Check it out… really check it out. Do you just not like it any more? Switch out an old lamp or two for a new, glass or more current
…and it’s in pretty good shape? …doesn’t sag? …or squeak? design. New lamp shades now and then are imperative! Do
Then it’s slipcover time. Here I vote for a professional job. I know, take your lamp with you for a good fit. Purchase a chandelier
those TV shows can use for the living room for some fresh sparkle. There are rea-
those pre-mades with great sonable ones on the market. New drop lights in the kitchen,
success. They look pretty sconces in the hall… lighting brings a big change and is very
good, until some body sits important.
on them.
Give a couple of the Icing on the Cake
reupholstering shops in the Clean the house! Really clean the whole house, make it
area a call or again your shine! Get out the Swiffer… wash the windows and polish the
friends at a local home furniture with one of the wonderful, clean-smelling, environ-
store like Samantha Drew’s mentally friendly products on the market. $$ One way that I
new shop on Main Street in like to treat myself is by hiring someone to clean the windows.
Setauket. They will tell you how it’s done, It probably is the biggest morale booster there is. The outside world suddenly looks
but here’s a quick run down. You will prob- like a new and better place.
ably be asked to purchase the fabric in full Clean the glass on all of the framed artwork. Shine the floors, vacuum the rugs
first. The amount will be determined by the and clear the kitchen counters of all but the necessary items. Light a few fragrant
slipcover person, depending on the size and candles and walk out
particulars (e.g. number of cushions) of your the door. You can
piece. An appointment will be made for him shout, “Move That
(or her) to come to your home, cut and pin Bus!” for effect if you
fit the cover. It then goes back to the shop like, take a deep breath
to be fabricated, returned and fitted. Okay, and walk back in. It
back to the old chair or sofa… are the cush - can be extreme. It can
ions really shot? …is a leg wobbling? If it be done on a budget.
was/is a particularly good sofa, it should be You can create your
reupholstered. It needs retied springs, new own Home Makeover!
padding, cushions and then new covering. If it really has seen better days, just get a
new one. $$ Here, get help. Spending the money to have a professional make sure
you get the right piece that fits your space and your budget is money well spent.
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