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Adorning Your Home
with Fine Art
The Art of Selecting Fine Art
By Eileen Kathryn Boyd
Carefully selected pieces of art in a well designed room often
unfold a story yet to be told. Interior designer, Eileen Kathryn Boyd
is always looking for signature works of art to complete her many
projects. Eileen is best known for her fearless use of color and her
effortless ability to merge traditional elements with a modern flair.
As with every aspect of design, Eileen keeps a reference folder filled
with various images of artists she’s come to know and pieces that speak
to her. This allows the opportunity to sift through years of research
and collecting to find that perfect piece, whatever it may be.
Being a color expert, Eileen is astutely aware of the influence color
has on day-to-day life. Decorating with color is often the antidote to
breathing life into a dark-drab space, and artwork is the perfect ribbon
to finish it off. “When I start the process of selecting art for a particular
room, I must first consider the color scheme of the space. That color
palette will be the driving force behind my choices of art to compliment
the overall feel of the room,” explains Eileen. A harmonious balance
of size and proportion is crucial when a wall contains a collection of
art. Eileen often incorporates one major impact piece that stops you
dead in your tracks, surrounded by smaller complimentary pieces to
keep your eye moving and engaged.
Throughout Eileen’s work, it is apparent that her art choices are all
woven together by a common thread. She tries to stay consistent with
the genre of art she uses, whether it is abstract, photography, black &
white, or canvas’s bursting with color. That way the room feels less
random & disjointed and more cohesive as there is a universal cord
found through the art.
Aside from the art itself, the next consideration is the choice
of frame. Eileen is an advocate for both simple and similar when it
comes to framing her art. Uniformity seems to add another element
of drama and sophistication, but Eileen explains the simpler the better;
“You don’t want to compete with your beautiful artwork.”
Eileen is often asked by clients and friends, how do you find
such great eclectic pieces? Eileen has many tricks up her sleeve for
discovering underground talent. Firstly, she loves to stay in-tune with
what is happening locally. Local artists and cultural societies are more
often than not, unfound treasures. “The Huntington Arts Council has
wonderful silent auctions and you never quite know what you will
walk away with. I know that I have personally found some amazing
work right here in Huntington.” Eileen has recently selected three
pieces from two local artists, Stanley Twardowicz & Lillian Dodson,
for her current project this year’s Kips Bay Designer Showhouse.
It’s evident by this image of this previous showhouse project that bench are a real show-stopper.”
Eileen definitely practices what she preaches. In this particular project her color story This is one of Eileen’s favorite art displays. This beautiful banquet is flanked by a
was all about fuchsia and orange, and she wanted her art selections to reflect that. By brilliant demonstration of like pieces in similar frames to make an unforgettable state-
placing these abstract color prints in like frames and situated in a grid, your eye is cap- ment. “The epitome of understated elegance,” boasts Eileen.
tivated and enthralled by the entire wall. By weaving that unified thread of orange, the Eileen’s home is no exception! Her fireplace is adorned by a subdued lily that dances off
artwork not only compliments the space but enhances the whole room, adding beauty the mantle. “The lines and colors of a piece of art should resound in you like a powerful
and grandeur. symphony. I only place pieces in my home that I know I can’t live without.”
“I often select artwork that not only compliments a color palette but also the per- What about the price? Eileen is always trying to fight the battle of expensive. Too
sonality of my client. Dianne’s home is a perfect example of just that.” This piece of often than not we find ourselves head-over-heals for a piece of art, only to find out it
modern art was selected for a modern family with a glamorous twist. Eileen’s friend is way over our budget. If budgetary concerns are holding you back, Eileen suggests
and client Dianne Vavra, VP of PR for Christian Dior Beauty, hired Eileen to incorporate contacting the artist or gallery directly to inquire further information. “I always find
sophisticated glamour into her cape-style home. “The artwork is so key in Dianne’s that when I do a little leg-work on something that appears to be out of reach, there is
house, and this piece paired with these funky pillows and anchored by this leopard always some sort of happy alternative. Perhaps they have a similar piece with the same
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