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couple, my friend and I prepared the simple meal together, chatting,
working, catching up with each other’s lives.
Visualize your kitchen in the planning stages for functioning
within your normal household routine as well as envisioning various
entertaining scenarios. The dream kitchen will accommodate a variety
of entertaining situations, with or without help from guests! As enter-
taining at home becomes more of the norm for many Long Islanders,
bringing with it many forgotten pleasures, the versatility and quality
of the kitchen design process has rarely been more important than it is
now. Get it right the first only have one chance!
Go Green
Now more than ever, it is high in our awareness to conserve our natural
resources and choose products wisely. The green movement in kitchen
design has come on strong in recent years. Everyone wants to live in a
healthy environment! Choosing the right materials for the kitchen can
add in great measure to living a more healthy life, conserve energy, and
in the long run, conserve money, all good things.
There have been significant advances in the manufacturing of green
products for the kitchen and bath. One can now purchase 100% green
cabinetry for the kitchen. Hansen Kitchen (
is a great example of beautifully designed cabinetry. Designed by
Architect Knud Kapper, winner of the prestigious ICFF award for Best
Kitchen and Bath product, Hansen Kitchen is also a strong believer in
living in a healthy kitchen. The cabinetry is built in an open way to pro-
mote fresh airflow, built with legs, and is made with perforated metal
drawer bottoms, designed to allow small food particles to fall on the
floor for easy clean up, rather than being ground into toxic materials,
promoting mold and other substances. Certainly interesting and modern
Countertops have never been more exciting. There are lots of
different textures and materials to choose from if one desires a green
material. Wood countertops are my favorite countertop material and can
be resourced from FSC Certified woods or one can seek out reclaimed
wood countertops, an exceptionally charming and warm look. Wood
countertops simply need a periodic resanding and reoiling to maintain
its look and best functional characteristics. One good company to look
at is IceStone, made right nearby in Brooklyn, is
made from 100% recycled glass that is mixed with cement to create a
highly durable, aesthetically beautiful and green concrete surface.
Seeking out Energy Star appliances is definitely the way to go to
have a green kitchen. Even Sub Zeros are included in Energy Star ac-
creditations and can be found on the website. If The formality of Old Westbury’s Gold Coast point of view fits perfectly in this home. The warmth of yellow,
your appliances are more than ten years old, it is always recommended
a fireplace in the breakfast room just beyond, and the casual island countertop add comfort, a special ingre-
dient for any kitchen. A collection of textures make this kitchen highly functional and a feast for the eyes!
that they be replaced to due the vast improvements in appliance
energy efficiency.
It IS easy to be green, and now is the time to do it. You’ll be glad
you did!
Product Longevity and Quality
One very important concept to consider, as one plans the kitchen of
2009, is this: To create and maintain the most value for your home,
your lifestyle, and to be truly green, the lifespan of the products you
choose must have built in quality and longevity. Homeowners who
are remodeling in 2009 are looking for quality products, products
that stand the test of time. One must be careful in one’s quest.
Where possible, ask for product samples. Test the product samples
with food products to check for stains and etching, light and heavy
pressure to test strength of countertop materials, whatever you can
think of.
The dream kitchen of 2009 is about YOU. It is about the kitchen
design that fits your personality as a whole, and fits like a glove to
your cooking, entertaining and family lifestyle. Avoid the trends...
get back to basics and create the kitchen that, at once, says style,
function, and your terms!
Susan Serra, CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) is a member of
NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) and USGBC (U.S.
Green Building Council). Susan’s design work has been widely
published in national home shelter magazines, in manufacturer’s
brochures, and on the internet. Susan is the author of the blog, www. Susan’s website is: www.kitcheninteriors.
This dynamic circular kitchen has a custom designed island, complete with three separate countertop materi- com and the email contact is:
als. The sink vessel was custom designed in distressed copper. The bright blue countertop is lava, a super
strong enamel material from France. The homeowners wanted a bold, creative, yet highly functional kitchen.
Glossy surfaces and rich cherry cabinetry juxtapose to create a kitchen with movement.
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