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taking center stage.
Some new woods are making their debut in the U.S. in recent years as well.
Bamboo, that can’t-be-stopped greenery, literally the fastest growing plant in known
to man, can make for a long-lasting environmentally friendly fl oor. It is now avail-
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able in many colors and textures, and it is much more durable than its oak and maple
The eco-conscious appeal is that bamboo can be harvested without having to kill
the entire plant; also, bamboo is so hardy that it does not require any pesticides or
fertilizers to fl ourish.
Another fl ooring sensation that is pretty new to us Americans (Europeans have
been using it for years) is cork. Yes, the same material that preserves your wines is
now being used under your feet. Made from the harvested bark of the cork oak tree,
this wood has some unique benefi ts: it is pliable and cushy, antimicrobial, and cuts
down on noise like no other wood.
Area Rugs
An area rug is essentially the focal point of a room, an anchor that ties in the rest
of the elements in a space. Like a centerpiece on a gracefully set table, the area rug
adds the fi nishing touch to any décor. Many area rugs, or Oriental rugs, are the pin-
nacle of luxury and offer
a richness to a room like
nothing else.
As with tile, area rugs
The most beautiful & unusual Tile selection around!
come in immeasurable
designs, colors and textiles.
sonoma Tilemakers exclusive
sicis mosaic collecTion
In the last two or three hun-
oceanside glass mosiacs
cusTom shower enclosures
dred years about a thousand
landmark meTal Tile exclusive
graniTe and marble fabricaTions
patterns have surfaced.
There are symmetrical,
asymmetrical, picturesque
and center medallions.
There are variations on
pile, weave, and fabric. free design consultation by appointment 631-246-5400
Different regions of the
world boast their own style
2168 Nesconset Hwy, Stony Brook, NY
and fl avor as well. Persian, Chinese, Turkish, French, Indian, and Russian rugs all
located iN MarSHall’S HoMe GoodS & loew’S tHeater SHoppiNG ceNter
possess a distinctive expression of art and style.
For an extraordinary glimpse into the world of Oriental rugs, The John Khalil
Collection in Huntington offers unparalleled excellence and selection. John Khalil
is extremely passionate about fi ne oriental rugs, and it is apparent in his knowledge
and dedication to the business and his customers. His store features the fi nest in silk,
Persian, antique, modern, and more.
Wall-to-Wall Carpet
Though taking a backseat to the allure and excitement of tile and wood, carpet-
We’re not JUST your
ing is a time-honored fl ooring concept that not only offers comfort and warmth but
high style as well. Carpeting softens the hardscape of any interior space, easing the
fi rm lines of the walls, ceilings
neighborhood oil company.
and furnishings.
Carpets are avail-
able for all applications;
high traffi c, family friendly,
indoor/outdoor, total lavish-
Who said it is too expensive
ness, whatever your need or
purpose. Most busy families
to be green?
would probably opt for a long-
lasting carpet. Certain color
combinations trick the eye,
Call for details on how
lessening the wear and tear
the carpet has endured. Also, F
to receive 30% or more
shoppers should consider the
rating guidelines on the carpet
in assistance on the
label. The scale ranges from 1
installation of high
– 5, 5 being the most durable.
call f
or de
atils efficiency heating and
In keeping with the
“green” concept, carpets also are an energy saver. It is a natural insulator that pre-
cooling systems!”
serves the heat in your home, its positive effects increased with the use of padding or
Whether it’s art deco tile, tried and true carpeting, fancy Oriental rugs or pure
and natural wood, there is a fl oor covering out there that will suit your taste, your
wallet, and your lifestyle.
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Maria Orlando Pietromonaco is a currently a regular contributor to Dan’s Papers
in Bridgehampton and LI Boating Times. She has written and published two books;
Images of America, Long Island’s North Fork, and a novel called Blackthorn Island.
or 631-283-0400
She has also written for Popular Electronics, The Village Times Herald, Hampton
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Family Life, and Parent Connection, to name a few. She lives in South Setauket with
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