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Beauty Underfoot:
Floorings and Coverings
to Astound You
by Maria Orlando Pietromonaco
Who knew fl oor coverings could be so interest-
cast metal tiles in bronze, copper and yellow
ing, so luxurious, so beautiful? Instead
brass, and tiles with a safari print trim.
of a just an obvious prerequisite to the
According to the Color Marketing
construction of a house, or as Webster
Group, a nonprofi t color forecaster for all
puts it, “the surface of a structure on
types of industries (I didn’t know there was
which one travels,” fl ooring has in recent
such a thing!), announced their picks for
years become an integral part of home
the hot color trends for 2009. They are bold
and bright, infl uenced by “our concern for
From natural woods and artful tile,
the economy and optimism for the future.”
lush carpeting and elaborate area rugs,
Their palette prediction includes purple,
the choices in fl ooring are endless. When
blue (the “new green”), yellow, and yes,
choosing a fl oor covering there are many
factors to consider. Do you want sophis-
Keep in mind that these tones, in terms
ticated and stylish? Cozy and warm? Chic
of tile fl ooring, may work their hues into
and relaxed? Do you need something sturdy,
mosaics, marble, and accents for other
something feet-friendly, something low main-
tile, but for large areas it is probably
best to stay neutral with the addition of
Balancing necessity and sensibility with
some of these highlights.
style and fl air can be a daunting task. Also,
Yvette Pedone of Tile by Design in Stonybrook
with the new “green living” concept
has some expert advice on use of
that has taken over our conscience in
color. “I don’t recommend going
recent years, there are many fl ooring
with the trend,” she explains. “You
options that adhere to environmen-
want something you’ll still want to
tally green standards.
look at in 10 years. It is best to stay
Here are some new trends and
timeless and classic.”
latest sensations in fl ooring, along
If you haven’t visited her tile
with some useful tips and guidance to
store as yet, it is an amazing experi-
move you along your fl ooring expedi-
ence, almost like a visit to an art
gallery. She and her husband Michael
have set up staggering displays to
give you a feel for the various uses,
color combinations, materials and
Long gone are the days of lino-
textures. They carry all of the latest
leum and Mop-n-Glo. Welcome the
fashions in tile and can even create
world of tile, a truly extraordinary
something unique specifi cally for
genre in fl ooring, unequivocally the
you in the way of medallions, mon-
most exciting and elaborate of them
tages, and unbelievable fl oor tapestry
created with tile. Yvette can assist
Tile offers limitless versatil-
you design and plan your tile concept
ity and creativity, with hundreds of
from start to fi nish.
colors, shapes, sizes and textures.
Smooth, rough, rectangular, square,
accent mini-tiles and grand slabs,
tiles are constantly evolving with
Woods and
our culture. One remarkable attribute
Natural Surfaces
of tile is that it can instantly change
Hardwood fl ooring has been around
the nuance of a room or space. Not
forever and homeowners do not
only a tool for artistry, tile is easy to
underestimate its timeless beauty and
maintain and lasts virtually forever.
fresh, clean look. Wood fl oors are
It is unmatched in terms of durability
soothing to the eye and work well in
and reslience.
almost any space. They used to be confi ned to dining and living areas, but wood has
Tiles are made from a vast array of materials, and include but are not limited
now eased its way into kitchens and baths alike as an obvious choice for style, ease,
to natural stone, terra cotta, marble, metal, glass, and porcelain. It is hard to stay on
and longevity.
top of what is hot and what is coming because the tile industry is forever introducing
Traditionally, hardwood fl ooring was comprised of oak, cherry, pine, maple hick-
innovations. Some new trends that have popped up at global trade shows: a Green
ory, pecan, beech, birch, walnut. These fi ne woods are still popular and exquisite
Earth series that refl ects earthy hues in ochres and browns, leather inspired tile, solid
choices, with new fads like wider planks, deeper colors and hand-scraped fi nishes
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