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06-10 // THEATRE
Heap (Anya), and the convincing different women (one headstrong, visual feast, with an honest, heartfelt
performance into insanity by Guy the other a nervous wreck) on the message about the perils of love and
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Lewis (Joseph) are worthy of special eve of a dance show which ultimately war.
Phaedre mentions. This is a powerful play, changes both their lives. The beauty Pleasance Dome, 1 - 27 Aug (not 14),
Offstage Theatre which raises powerful issues. of the relationship is only magnifi ed 4:00pm (5:10pm), prices vary, fpp 201.
A classic tale of forbidden love Pleasance Dome, 1 -27 Aug (not 13 or when partnered with the bleak set; tw rating 4/5
set in the ruins of a 15th century 20), 3:30pm (4:40pm), prices vary, fpp and a consistently witty dialogue [er]
castle, ‘Phaedre’ is more than 162. tw rating 4/5 coupled with heart-rending speeches
just theatre - it’s an experience, [ar] from both actresses should make this Macbeth - Frantic Redhead’s
and an inspired one at that. The a hit with everyone. Walking Play
audience, led around the grounds Fatboy Gilded Balloon Teviot, 5 - 27 Aug (not Frantic Redhead Productions
of the labyrinthine castle, feel privy The Green Room 14), 2:30pm (3:30pm), prices vary, Provided you have comfy shoes, a
to the scandalous and superbly Fatboy is god, Fatboy is king, and he’s fpp 191. tw rating 5/5 walking tour can make for a nice
acted events that unfold and the not afraid to crush and kill everything [zah] change. Churchyards, alleyways and
brief pauses as the crowd moves in the way of what he wants, whether forgotten squares provide excellent
from scene to scene heighten the that is money, world domination or sets for this otherwise traditional
dramatic tension. The characters’ just a good feed. This dark satirical adaptation of ‘Macbeth’, though you
intensifying passions are further comedy is not for the faint-hearted, might be prone to let your attention
mirrored by a chorus of ominous- so be prepared for blood, sex and wander as you move around the city.
looking females who whisper, chant swearing. Filthy, yes, but never Winding through the Old Town, this
and hum haunting refrains. The gratuitous, ‘Fatboy’ is a frightening production forges a sense of kinship
ending, too, is fi tting as the gates to vision of the power and bloodlust between cast and crowd. Following
the castle close - the cast do not that has historically dominated the the Wyrd Sisters over pedestrian
take their fi nal bow - and the line political world. Brutal and farcical crossings (“we summon the green
between fi ction and reality is blurred. humour is employed to devastating knight!”) is a bit quirky, and the
C at Craigmillar Castle, 2 - 27 Aug, effect. We laugh at Fatboy’s absurdity cast seem to know that too. A well-
6:00pm (7:00pm), prices vary, fpp and giggle nervously as we recognise ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ organised adventure through the city
214. tw rating 5/5 the show’s undeniable truth. A few Emergence-See! with an admirable cast; the ‘Macbeth
[mo] minor lapses in pace fail to detract Daniel Beaty Walking Play’ is an enjoyable
from the smack-in-the-face style of Daniel Beaty creates a storm of experience. Ideal for those keen to see
< new life in England. Challenging as the unbelievable courage of this Escaping Hamlet this performance. Be warned: this is slam poetry, comedy, compassion The Scottish Play on home ground,
our preconceptions about the woman is presented to us. Perhaps the Andy Jordan Productions and Teatro dei powerful, but uncomfortable stuff. and intense drama in this powerful and to explore a bit of that ground at
experience of immigrants, we feel most moving part of this show is that Borgia The Green Room, 2 - 26 Aug (not 13), one man show. Beaty’s physical and the same time.
the terror of the fi ve refugees, and our hero remains resolutely human Escaping Hamlet does not know 1:10pm (2:22pm), prices vary, fpp 190. vocal dexterity is breathtaking as he Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, 5 - 24 Aug (not 11,
our ability to see the hopelessness - we see her moments of doubt, what it wants to be: comedy, tragedy, tw rating 3/5 embodies a quite incredible range 14, 18, 20), 6:00pm (8:00pm),
of what they aspire to achieve in confl ict and even humour, making farce or philosophical escape. The [lo] of characters. Their reactions to £9.00 (£7.00), fpp 206. tw rating 3/5
England is heart breaking. The her story of courage and humbling result is a muddled, dull play which the sudden appearance of the slave [js]
performances are scarily accurate, compassion something that will surely fails in every way possible to pay Forgotten Voices ship ‘Remembrance’, next to the
forcing us to confront the confl icting, stay with anyone who bears witness homage to Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Assembly Statue of Liberty, distill the history Man Across The Way
but in some cases equally valid, long after the applause fades. Following a similar plot to the original While ‘Forgotten Voices’ dramatises of Black America with the message Silver Tongue Theatre
viewpoints of those it portrays. Not Gilded Balloon Teviot, 4 - 27 Aug (not - yet adding a new script, some the memories of those who fought that however painful your past is, This is an intelligent show about a
surprisingly, this makes for diffi cult 13, 20), 3:00pm (4:00pm), prices vary, fpp nauseating characters, a futuristic set in the Great War, it also taps into the it must be remembered. There is paranoid society. In a Big Brother-
viewing on more than one occasion. 208. tw rating 5/5 and pointless plot twists - this version still relevant and universal experience horror in the re-enactment of being esque world, one is under constant
Not for the faint hearted, but anyone [pc] is set in a court full of drunkards of wartime suffering. Tensions fl are taken onto a slave ship; laughter as surveillance and scrutiny, and opinion
who thinks they know ‘the problem’ downing vodka. Hamlet is a pathetic between rank, sex and nation as fi ve a beggar remembers his mother’s is based on how things appear
with asylum seekers should make this Dickens Unplugged - The nobody who utters lines so un- WW1 survivors meet after an oral pound cake; and a little girl’s re-telling rather than how they really are.
show their priority. Complete Works Of Charles profound as to be almost original in history recording. The battles of the of Goldilocks in the Projects is as As it explores how we impose our
E4 UdderBELLY’s Pasture, 3 - 26 Aug Dickens (Abridged) their deadly dreariness: he is joined Somme, Flanders and Paschaendale touching a piece of theatre as you own interpretations onto another’s
(not 13), times vary, prices vary, fpp 181. Bad Boys Of Abridgement present by a jumbled ensemble of characters are vividly recalled, but it is the could hope to see. A marvellous identity, ‘Man Across The Way’ all
tw rating 4/5 Reduced Shakespeare’s Adam Long with terrible accents and boring roles. minutiae that really impress; the achievement. becomes rather sinister. By offering
[pc] is back at what he does best, serving Avoid this play at all costs - and if fact that life is lived in the smallest Assembly @ St George’s West, 3 - 27 Aug up succinct parallels to topical events,
up wickedly sliced and diced chunks you value theatre at all, escape Hamlet moments of colours, smells and (not 13, 20), 6:45pm (8:00pm), £12.00 it audaciously dares the viewer to
of the classics. The content doesn’t as fast as possible. tastes, of lost opportunities and (£11.00), fpp 188. tw rating 5/5 confront what their own judgements
quite live up to its billing; rather than E4 UdderBELLY’s Pasture, 5 - 26 Aug wrong decisions. Finely acted and [tl] would, and perhaps should, be.
all 35 books we get extended parodies (not 13), 3:15pm (4:30pm), prices vary, fpp moving, the play feels slightly long The main character Dougie has
of ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘David Copperfi eld’ 189. tw rating 1/5 and needs a stronger dramatic La Femme Est Morte Or Why I undertones of ‘Trainspotting’s
and ‘A Christmas Carol’, with short [csm] climax, however it fully captures the Should Not F**K My Son Begbie, as the perpetually aggressive
songs dedicated to ‘Bleak House’ overwhelming personal and collective Shalimar Scotsman, and is quite menacing
and ‘Great Expectations’, and name- Failed States loss; for those who fell it stands as a This energetic and stylish production as he utters “I could murder a
checking for the rest. But these alone 1215 Productions monument of remembrance. transfers Seneca’s ‘Phaedra’ to vegeburger!” All in all, a disquieting
are worth the price of the ticket, as This frighteningly topical play was Assembly @ George Street, 2 - 27 Aug, the modern age of American show that is particularly
the cast pelt helter-skelter through both powerfully performed and (not 7, 14), 12:00pm (1:30pm), prices celebrity obsession, taking the Underbelly, 2 - 26 Aug (not 14), 4:00pm
the narratives, with plots contracted directed. We watch the mental health vary, fpp 191. tw rating 3/5 usual stereotypes - the overeager (5:00pm), prices vary, fpp 206.
and exaggerated for comic effect. of an innocent man deteriorate as the [skr] publicist, the bitchy paparazzi, the tw rating 3/5
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Performances are uniformly strong, British and American governments sex-obsessed best friend - and turning [lg]
Miracle In Rwanda as to be expected from such an break civil liberties under terror ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ it into something a bit special: a
Leslie Lewis Sword illustrious pedigree, and the musical laws. A dynamic beginning, in which Frank & Dolly well-performed, genuinely funny, Mantra
Often at the Fringe, the words numbers, mostly folksy Americana, the audience walked through an Gilded Balloon Productions and profound adaptation of the Katy Wix
‘inspirational’ and ‘moving’ are sit on equal terms with the rest of already bustling stage to their seats, Gay dancing partners having a fi ght classic Greek tale of forbidden love. I approached this show with no
thrown around with relative ease. the script, a rare thing in comedy. set the standard for the rest of the with only a thin wall separating The chorus’ musical interludes, all expectations. I hadn’t heard any
In the case of ‘Miracle In Rwanda’, Recommended. play. Music effectively enhances the them didn’t initially sound like my beautifully performed, complement mention of it and the Fringe
these terms cannot begin to describe Assembly @ George Street, 2 - 27 Aug narrative; scenes such as Joseph’s idea of fun. Yet, from the minute each moment of the plot’s dire programme entry was impressively
the bravery demonstrated, as Leslie (not 13, 20), 12:15pm (1:30pm), interrogation are made strikingly both Frank and Dolly bounded on situation perfectly, with delicious dry vague. Such is the beauty of this
Lewis Sword enacts the true story of prices vary, fpp 185. forceful through song. Meanwhile, stage (after an energetic entrance humour - the ‘Date Rape’ song forms Festival, because out of nowhere
Immaculée Ilibagiza’s experience and tw rating 4/5 moments of comedy intersperse through the audience) it was hard to a particularly lasting impression. The I was treated to a stunning
survival of the Rwandan genocide. [cmg] the play’s heavy theme. With such keep the smile off my face. A love script drags slightly, lingering a bit performance and a gut-wrenching
The skill with which Sword plays each a strong cast it feels rude to single story of a different sort, ‘Frank and too long over Iraq (sorry, I mean story. Here was Jen, describing the
character captivates the audience, out anyone, but the voice of Joanna Dolly’ explores the lives of two very Crete) but still makes for a compelling cont. >
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