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When was the Balmoral Hotel built? Which of the following is an extinct volcano?
[a] 1875 [b] 1920 [a] Arthur’s Seat [b] Carlton Hill
[c] 1902 [d] 1066 [c] Castle Rock [d] The Mound
i’m here to help with mark dolan
FOUR SHOWS in, and I’m feeling on the colour of the dresses, the Miranda might also be a rival in a boyband, than
that with sore feet, unshakeable size of the cake, and even the the bedroom... resemble say,
hangovers and a touch of choice of tunes for the big day. Shane McGowan,
early Festival fatigue, my Future hubby Tim sometimes Rebecca’s difficulty: The or worse, Chris de
audiences are just glad to have sides with his sister, and this dissertation supervisor on Burgh.
somewhere to go to offload leads to fights between the my Linguistics course seems
their problems. Luckily, my show soon-to-be husband and wife. I uninterested in my work - I think Pete’s
provides an opportunity for urged Claire to instigate regime he thinks I’m an idiot! predicament: I
weary Fringe punters to share change in the family and got drunk and
and solve their dilemmas. Here dethrone the clearly matriarchal Along with the audience, I slept with a girl,
are some of the highlights from Miranda while there’s still the urged Rebecca that she is not now I’ve got to go
the past week – or if you’re the power to say “I ain’t walking remotely an idiot, and if she on holiday with
person with the problem, the down that aisle unless I get my feels undermined by the man in her to Shetland.
lowlights... way”. Failing to do this means corduroy, she should give him a
that post-wedding, Miranda signal that even a professor of This, I told Pete,
Claire’s quandary: My sister-in- will be a daily fixture in the linguistics would understand: the is a disguised
law-to-be behaves likes she’s matrimonial home, shooting her middle finger. opportunity. A
the bride, but it’s my wedding! mouth off about kitchen décor, sex-free holiday
names for the kids and – horror Richie’s crisis: I’m always is a good way
As Claire sat down and enjoyed of horrors – what TV shows to mistaken for James from Busted. of repositioning
her complimentary Rooibos watch. the relationship back to that of
Gilded Balloon at 6:30pm for
tea and McVitie’s Caramel The similarity was incredible, ‘friends’. It will work for him and
a cup of tea and a slice of
Digestive biscuit (surely a step Race is an issue too, as English even down to not being able this girl, just as it has for millions
sympathy. See you there!
too far for the Digestive biscuit rose Claire is marrying into a to sing. I reassured Richie that of married couples around the
franchise), she revealed that her firmly Scots family, and she feels at this moment in time, his world.
Mark Dolan - I’m Here to Help,
future sis-in-law Miranda (made- it. On the positive side, Claire music career is in better shape
Gilded Balloon Teviot, 1 - 27 Aug
up name, but you’ll agree the can be glad she’s not marrying that his doppelgänger’s. And For your ten minutes with the life
(not 7, 14), 6:30pm (7:30pm),
name of a real bitch) has a view into a Norfolk family, where better to look like a member of doctor, come down to the
prices vary, fpp 72.
comedy reviews
Underbelly, 2 - 26 Aug, 1:40pm (2:35pm), free (ticketed),
appreciate it all I’m not sure, but it should be
fpp 67.
tw rating 2/5
required viewing for anyone under 30.
Johnny Miller Presents... Mike Gilhooly &
C baraka, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13), 3:00pm (3:50pm), prices
Rich Luke vary, fpp 54.
Johnny Miller Presents... Minor Spectacular tw rating 4/5
These men are very talented at making Plested and Brown [mc]
sock puppets and putting on funny accents. Welcome to the future... the year: 2009. Brimming
Unfortunately that’s about as good as this show with up-to-the-minute cultural references, ‘Minor News Revue
gets. Gilhooly & Luke perform several sketches Spectacular’ presents the new Superman and the Canal Café Theatre
involving slapstick clowns, sock puppet police recently returned messiah (in Kylie’s gold hot pants Thoughtful and effective, this comedy is delivered
officers and a Shakespearean drama, but it’s no less) all rolled into one ... it’s the Hotpoint with vigour, skill and the kind of frenetic energy
clichéd, rough around the edges and there’s Repair Man! Able to find a washing machine appropriate to its up-to-the-minute theme.
nothing fresh about it. The best moments are the parallel for every conceivable encounter, watching The show is relentless in its pace, giving a
antics of the beautifully made sock puppets - Mr this metaphor get beaten to death is hilarious. It’s steady momentum to laughs through carefully
Truthful and Señor Dishonest - who discuss their a classic case of crossed wires, and his fixing of choreographed and whimsically connected
sex lives and giving mouth to mouth. The worst earth wires transforms into fixing the earth itself. scenes. Performances combine humour with high
involve miming clowns with kazoos inflicting pain Well, nearly. This show is at its most witty when doses of theatricality, adding variety and energy
on each other. It wasn’t funny or convincing, and its seams are exposed and the characters say the alongside any standard reel of gags, creating
really should return to the living room from where ‘wrong’ line and stumble late into their next scene. some impressive laughs around the imbecility of
it came! All in all, I’d say that the humble washing machine celebrity culture and political motivation alike - and
C baraka, 1 - 27 Aug (not 5, 8), 7:15pm (8:05pm), has unwittingly become a universal truth. with some time for that established crowd pleaser
prices vary, fpp 63. Pleasance Dome, 1 - 26 Aug, 4:20pm (5:20pm), prices - the stupidity of George Bush and American
tw rating 2/5 vary, fpp 76. foreign policy. Some of the observations are at
[fc] tw rating 4/5 times a little too trite to carry any real clout, and
[lg] representations can occasionally, and unfavourably,
Laughing Horse Free Festival Selection become a bit cartoonish. But those little points
Laughing Horse Free Festival @ Smirnoff Underbelly Heroes & Villains aside, this show is pretty difficult to fault.
You can’t help thinking a free comedy show is free Guy Incognito C, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13), 9:15pm (10:15pm), prices vary,
for a reason. Since the launch of Peter Buckley Fans of ‘Peep Show’, or any other straight fpp 79.
Hill’s Free Fringe, and now Laughing Horse’s man/funny man double-act comedies, will feel tw rating 4/5
Free Festival, you shouldn’t always be suspicious right at home with ‘Heroes & Villains’. It doesn’t [hs]
of every Fringe show that’s free. Though with revolutionise the formula, but proves that if
this one, my suspicions were justified. Of course executed well it can still entertain, without being
it’s a show that has a changing line up, so you too predictable. We observe twenty-seven year-
could stumble across a gem, but said gems were old flatmates Jonathan and Michael solely in ratings
somewhat lacking today. With the exception of their natural habitat - sat on their sofa. Their
1/5: A really bad show - don’t go and see it
headliner Patrick Monahan, we were one step away conversation, much like any you and a mate might
2/5: A poor example of this show’s genre
from experiencing the same joke on repeat, and it have yourselves, pokes fun at a variety of aspects
wasn’t funny the first time. Though that said, given of pop culture ranging from rock-paper-scissors
3/5: A good example of this show’s genre
the free entrance, if you’re after a slight chuckle to ‘Love Actually’. Veering between cynicism
4/5: A very good example of this genre
at lunchtime for the price of a drink, perhaps it’s and frivolity, this is a show very much of and
5/5: A brilliant show - go and see it
worth a look. for its generation. Whether older viewers would
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