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dance & physical theatre reviews
The Angel & The Woodcutter
children’s shows reviews
Cinderella Sword In The Stone
Monster Hits
Cho-in Theatre (Korea) C theatre Spotlites Theatre Company
Tall Stories
If you really like your physical theatre this is possibly Sugary, sweet and syrupy is the only description Move over Potter, there’s a new wizard in town
Stop right there! Now turn and run - don’t The costumes are a-dazzle, only outdone by
one to check out, but for the more conventional fitting to this Cinderella, as she yet again (or, rather, one of the oldest wizards is back in
stop until you’ve got your mitts on a 24- the bulging smiles and fiery eyes. A sheer
theatre-goer it’s a bit of a challenge. The Korean sweeps the floor of another production. town). He’s the backward-speaking Merlin and
carat ticket for ‘Monster Hits’. There aren’t rarity, blessed with the gift to spread joy
theatre company gives a very intense performance The children’s fairy tale genre certainly needs with the help of knights and witches, he’s ready
enough superlatives to express the sheer and turn back the ancient hands of time. I
using props, lighting and costume to great effect, geeing up, but it should be spicy, not sweet, to enchant Edinburgh. Following the legend
unbelievable, amazing, wonderfully heart truly became a child again and will surely be
creating many comic - and some positively edgy, not safe. Children must be challenged of King Arthur, Spotlites’ show is imaginative meltingly colourful spectacularness of this smiling for days.
frightening - moments with creative visuals and - a hypothesis which has made J K Rowling’s and attention-grabbing enough for any fidgety show. Bursting with boundless energy, each C too, 2 - 27 Aug (not 13), 2:10pm (3:00pm),
sound. The heart warming characters tell an elaborate fortune. Unfortunately this swings safely on the five-year-old. Explosions, bubbles and sword
character is perfectly performed, with every prices vary, fpp 17. tw rating 5/5
story with clever choreography, and they quickly mediocre side, providing wholesome fun and fights are all part of an infectiously energetic
sinew eager to move, sing, bounce and play. [sc]
descend into convincing despair. However, the harmless entertainment only. Attempts to shake performance, with extra cast members picked
Everything you can dream of is created
physically with faultless accuracy.
repetitive music, which is enjoyable at first, becomes up the story with innovations - look out for a from willing audience members. By the climax,
irritating, as does the constant rebuilding of the stage magical mouse with a mysterious personality even the shyest members of the crowd are
set. This performance does sustain its intensity till - appear clumsy, failing to transform this begging to get up on stage to help raise the lady
the last minute, but is simply too long and left me tired production from rags to riches. A good of the lake, march in an army and summon Whiff
feeling exhausted rather than inspired. alternative to switching on the television, but a dragon. This is both entertaining and well- Kipper Tie Theatre
I Theatre
C, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13, 26), 6:45pm (8:00pm), prices vary, do not expect you or your child to come out crafted. Only a magic spell should stop you This is one very much for the kids. With just
photo by Kat Gollock
fpp 108. inspired. taking the whole family to see it. the right blend of music, mayhem and magic,
tw rating 3/5 C, 1 - 27 Aug, 11:20am (12:10pm), £6.50 (£5.50), C, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13), 1:40pm (2:40pm), prices the world of Whiff, and his endeavour to make
[fc] fpp 12. vary, fpp 19. friends (despite being dreadfully smelly), is a
tw rating 2/5 tw rating 4/5 journey on which the minors in the audience
Six Women Standing In Front Of A White Wall Spin Odyssey [csm] [lo] willingly embark. They laughed, sang, clapped
Little Dove Theatre Art Soulgang & Brick Lane present Last For One and beamed with glee as Whiff eventually
There is no beating about the bush with this group of Aussies. Their show is so Imagine a break-dancing Charlie Chaplin. Now The Greatest Bubble Show On Earth The Giraffe & The Pelly & Me found the perfect fly eating buddy. With only
hard-hitting that I found myself very nearly having to leave. The half-derelict multiply him and form a dance troupe and you’ll The Amazing Bubble Man Rubber Duck Theatre a smattering of adult quips, and a simplicity
all-encompassing room, swamped with artificial light and air, leaves the audience be close to imagining ‘Spin Odyssey’. A quest by Remember blowing bubbles as a kid? Keep With a combination of creative costumes, resonant of our lost years, it is obvious that this
feeling vulnerable and claustrophobic. All focus is on the overbearing music and Odysseus to find the sacred ball of spin is used as it up as an adult? No, you got on with drink, loveable characters and outbursts of song, one is aimed solely at children. But, with basic
the violent distress of the women who only long to be touched. Their elation a loose plot. This hallowed sphere guarantees a safe drugs and frantic rutting like everyone else. Roald Dahl’s well-loved story gracefully takes props and a wide array of colourful costumes,
at physical contact is even more haunting, as they beam, gasp, writhe and pant, journey home, and blesses everyone it touches with Louis Pearl is different; Louis Pearl is The on a theatrical form in this gentle and charming the energetic performance is brimming with
all without a single word. The extreme absorption of the performers is truly the ability to body-pop and backflip. Initially slowed Amazing Bubble Man: a man, a stage and a production. Schoolboy Billy and his three feel good fun. And you never know, you might
astonishing and yet entirely frightening, as they begin to become bestial. Truly by lengthy subtitling, the story is an ignorable excuse soapy bucket of wonder. There’s no spectacular extraordinary friends team up to overcome just learn the difference between an alligator
the most draining and thought-provoking performance, exactly how good art for a series of spectacular dance-offs, each one more start, the bearded American bounds softly obstacles of wily cat burglars, gun-wielding and a crocodile.
should be. gravity-defying than the last. The deficiencies of in and gets bubbling; his boyish enthusiasm dukes and a chronic lack of salmon, in pursuit Pleasance Dome, 1 - 27 Aug (not 5, 15), 11:30am
C SoCo, 3 - 27 Aug, times vary, prices vary, fpp 116. the plot can be forgiven for the sheer energy and Hansel & Gretel - A Fractured Fairytale obvious and infectious. The show is pitched of happy endings and success in the window- (12:25pm), £6.00 (£4.00), fpp 21.
tw rating 5/5 audacity of the moves on display - with a mixture of Seven Dwarves Ltd straight at the kids, no talking down, no risque cleaning business. The cast have a good instinct tw 3/5
[sc] one-on-one sequences saving the show from head- Don’t let the title fool you – this is not just a simple re-working of ‘Hansel & Gretel’. Spend a little jokes for the adults; it’s refreshingly innocent for how to combine clear narrative and anarchic [sc]
spinning overkill. Don’t try this at home, watch these over an hour with this story-telling jester and your kids will be treated to more fairy tales and classic and fun. Highlights include the obligatory ‘kid energy which keeps even the smallest bottoms
guys instead. characters than the three volumes of ‘Shrek’ combined. Referencing ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, ‘Alice In in giant bubble’ and beautiful ‘square bubbles content to remain on seats, while the staging Does A Monster Live Next Door?
C, 1 - 27 (not 13, 20), 4:40pm (6:00pm), prices vary, fpp Wonderland’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Cinderella’ – all within the first 15 minutes, this charismatic seven- full of smoke’. Leave the teens sulking at home makes everyone feel close to the action. A play Tall Stories
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116. strong cast skilfully conjure up their own magical universe. There is enough to keep the parents for this one, younger children and their parents as fun to consume as a whole box of gum Maud works hard making toys for her parents,
% '# tw rating 3/5 amused too with an effective, panto-style script filled with jokes, songs and countless impressively will be enchanted. butter-balls and twice as sweet. Quite a treat. so hard that she needs a helper. Frieda arrives
[lo] crafted costumes. Seven Dwarves Ltd are undeniably entertaining – let’s hope they haven’t run out C central, 1 - 27 Aug, 12 noon (12:45pm), prices C too, 2 - 27 Aug, 1:05pm (1:50pm), £6.50 to help, but not in the way Maud had hoped.

of stories to bring back next year. vary, fpp 13. (£5.50), fpp 13. tw rating 3/5 Instead, Frieda decides to solve the mystery
Sorry, Love! Seven Dwarves @ Royal Scots Club, 3 - 27 Aug, 2:00pm (3:15pm), £7.50 (£5.50), fpp 14. tw rating 5/5 tw rating 4/5 [bl] of the monster that scares Maud in her bed
Pasados Dance Company [wm] [cmg] every night. The characters and the story are
Isabel and Ramón may bear a striking resemblance The One Tree / The One Sea simple enough for children to engage with, and
to Barbie and Ken but their relationship has no The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Atomic80 Productions the company shows real skill to carry it off
happy-ever-after. Voiceovers ensured that the story Flamenco Fridays @ Studio 24 A Nocturnal Suite Cambridge University ADC A good old fashioned morality tale is the with just two actors aided by some effective
could be easily followed in this dance show about Ricardo Garcia’s Grupo Flamenco The Liminal Space You’re never too old for sweeties. Especially the name of the game in this short but enjoyable music and narration. The first half may feel a
domestic violence, although occasionally to the point ‘Flamenco Fridays’ causes an absolute inability Riddled with social metaphor, ‘A Nocturnal Suite’ intoxicating and inescapably yummy sweeties children’s play. The simple storyline and little slow and clunking, but in the final scenes
of undermining the dancers’ ability to communicate. to sit still - you just can’t do it, so don’t even try. is beautiful and yet entirely terrifying. Surreal and we have here. Beautifully set to a live orchestra, minimal characters make ‘The One Tree’ very the real, gentle beauty of the show unfolds.
The monologues attributed to Isabel were the worst Performed by a five-piece band, this feel-good confusing, it twists and writhes, allowing fragments ‘The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe’ child-friendly and easy to follow. With a focus Tall Stories do incredibly well to produce a
offenders in this regard. Supposedly deep, they often show is a delight for the eyes, ears and feet; indeed, of an unstable, false and disturbing world to jumps to life thanks to its delightfully energetic on the natural elements of the earth and the children’s show about loss that manages to be
proved self-indulgent and gratuitous, providing little I don’t believe my feet have had such a vigorous gradually uncoil. The sheer depth of this piece cast. Any opportunity is taken to burst into importance of friendship and loyalty, the play funny, charming, and sad. Under The Dragon Moon
information that we hadn’t already gleaned from foot-tapping workout in years. Instruments - coupled with the influx of action taking place song, whether they can hit the notes or not. is enhanced by subtle but effective overhead C too, 2 - 27 Aug (not 13), 3:20pm (4:10pm), prices I Theatre (Singapore)

    - the female lead’s incredibly expressive face. On the are played with precision and passion, and the not only on stage, but on two interactive screens They sing and dance their socks off, and, with projections, songs, and puppetry. The endearing vary, fpp 12. Eastern melodies, fleeting disco beats and These ‘jewels’, the actors explain, are truths
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other hand, both dancers gave strong, beautifully flamenco dances are extremely enjoyable. The - made me feel helpless, lost and insecure; because a spin of the wardrobe, you find yourself lost character of the fox, also acting as narrator, tw rating 3/5 a humorous and imaginative script render or lessons. The principal message of the
! %"!##( 
executed performances from the first moment until band’s attempt to get the shy audience fully up the lives of the two women portrayed are exactly and enchanted, but never cold. The brilliant is particularly entertaining, and is sure to be [vp] this subtly didactic production light-hearted. show, that the jewels must be remembered
the devastating finish. Ballerina Barbie is probably and dancing failed somewhat, but they did manage that - helpless, lost and insecure. An insightful performance of Narnia’s creatures is most a hit with young children. An amusing yet With dynamic staging, dance, and lively and shared, places the audience within the

grinding her teeth in envy, even if she did pick a to provoke shrill cries of “ole!” and “ow!” from look at society, in the extremist manner. With the astounding; as they hunch, gallop, and howl educational play, which would be a pleasant characters, this Singaporean company mysterious and timeless world of the oral
better man... many individuals (in particular, a giddy old woman striking focus of the performers and the haunting so passionately. In fact I actually shivered with excursion for youngsters - even if they have a revitalise the ancient art of storytelling and tradition. Jewel-like itself this show has
#'($ &) 
C, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13), 7.35pm (9:00pm), prices vary, fpp behind me), which I suppose is a sure sign of footage which parallels the action, it is an effective dismay as the mighty Azlan’s life was taken. short attention span!
even more dance,
engage all the family. Gods, emperors, sages, clarity, colour, tiny flaws, but glinting facets.
116. happy customers. An ideal show for both adults representation of the modern media and the A truly enthralling performance. And I didn’t Assembly, 2 - 27 Aug, 11:00am (11:40am), prices
#$$"($ &&)
)  physical theatre and
tyrants - the characters of Asian folk tales C, 1 - 8 Aug, 12:20pm (1:20pm), prices vary, fpp
tw rating 3/5 and children. falsehood and numbness it creates. touch one of those dodgy Turkish Delights. vary, fpp 213. played by the strong ensemble cast of this 20. tw rating 4/5

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[nv] Studio 24, 3, 10, 17, 24, Aug. 10:00pm (11:00pm), £8.00 C SoCo, 3 - 27 Aug, 6:30pm (7:20pm), prices vary, fpp 115. C, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13), 3:15pm (4:45pm), prices tw rating 3/5
children’s shows
delightful show take us on a fast-paced quest [dp]
(£7.00), fpp 113. tw rating 4/5 vary, fpp 16. tw rating 4/5 [kan]
 &  * #$$ #%
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tw rating 4/5 [sc] [sc]

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