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WeekOne • 09.08.05
bringing theatre to life
The Boy Who Cried Whale Lilith Act Provocateur International
Los Albatross The Housewife or the Whore? Lilith
Sketch shows are, by their very nature, was Adam’s fi rst wife, but she refused
generally hit and miss and not troubled to submit to him and buggered off with
a unique play, as it’s “hard to fi nd
by anything too cumbersome like a story. Satan instead. Then Eve came along and
anything similar that has the same
But this is a sketch show with a plot! If always had dinner on the table on time.
degree of iconoclastic revelry.” The that sounds remarkable, then seeing this
The rest is history. This is a show about
show is shocking, but at the same show is even more so. The quick fi re men and their eternal struggle with their
time will make you laugh: “We’re not
sketches are acted by a troupe of young desires for the woman they want and
trying to shock people for the hell
comics who quickly have you rolling in the woman they should want - written
of it, but trying to confront them
the aisles, and it gets even funnier when by men for men and especially men who
you work out where the story is going. read Anne Rice novels. So expect quite
and test out human feelings and in
As a little hint, the main protagonist is a bit of nude gyrating from the girls,
some ways trying to seduce people
called ‘Steve Hitler’. The possibility that although there is a fair share of male
into sharing some of Ubu’s greed.”
this might offend your sensibilities is the dangling parts too. It’s a very interesting
only reason you should not see this. And topic and will have you thinking all the
The physical elements he
if it does you probably shouldn’t be in way home - about theology, gender issues
incorporates in his theatre hark back
Edinburgh in August. [rj] and fi shnet body stockings. [eb]
to his English and Drama degree
Underbelly, 7-28 Aug (not 16), 5:30pm C electric, 4 - 29 Aug (not 16), 10:40pm
(8:25pm), prices vary, fpp 23. tw rating 5/5 (12:30am), £8.50 (£7.50) fpp 159.
and love of the circus. This unique
tw rating 3/5
MARTIN DAN- university days, he was “absolutely
and exhilarating concoction creates
Hospitals and Other Buildings
ZIGER, freelance terrifi ed” but he “winged it with an
a “mix of intellectual rigour and
that Catch Fire Snapshot All Here Together Productions
theatre director, absurd amount of passion and hard
a desire to make it exciting,” and
Royal Holloway Theatre and InForm Theatre Vietnam vets and their frequently
descends upon the work.” But it wasn’t until Martin’s
draws people to Martin’s work. He Why would someone burn a building attendant bitterness, resentment and
Edinburgh Fringe this latter years at Edinburgh University
thinks it’s a shame when theatre down? What drives somebody to do such
neuroses have become The Cliché of
August with Theatre that he discovered his niche:
disregards the audience as mere
a thing? This innovative play addressed modern war but their misery, frustration
Modo and the acclaimed expressing his passion through
spectators and he aims to create
these questions via a complex, abstract, and sense of loss is well represented in
show ‘Ubu’. He talks to Jennifer directing.
Snapshot. Angst-ridden Mitzi Sinnott is
an intimate relationship with them.
non-linear narrative that only becomes
Brotchie about his career to date and
clear in the concluding scenes. Aimee, desperate to speak out about the Iraq war
He advises: “The most important
daughter to Tom and Katie, is very ill, and this is her true story of trying to deal
his innovative style of theatre. Martin admits he has a passion for
aspect is what happens in the
which places an enormous tension on with losing her father to a psychological
modernising classical scripts such as
audiences’ heads and hearts. For
her parent’s relationship. Unable to black hole after ‘Nam’ and growing up
Having toured Europe with ‘Ubu’, ‘Ubu’, which was originally written
theatre to work, that has to be your watch young Aimee suffer anymore Tom as the child of an inter-racial marriage.
Martin Danziger comments on by Alfred Jarry in the late 1800’s,
remit.” The interactivity throughout
enters a disturbing decline contemplating Using snapshots to add visual power
how well it was received abroad, and is still relevant today with its
‘Ubu’ evokes strong emotions and
euthanasia, but can he do it? With to her one-woman play, she has turned
“It’s fascinating the reactions ‘Ubu’ overpowering ability to captivate
provides a close connection between
both real and fi ctional characters the a hackneyed idea into both a universal
provokes and the conversations that an audience. The play focuses on
complexities of this play are hard to theme and a deeply personal attempt
the performers and the audience.
ensue afterwards,” and so the multi- the main character ‘Pa Ubu’, a
grapple through a review alone, but with to understand war. It will not convince
“Theatre is about people in a room
high quality acting, audience interaction the pro-war guys but it is a compelling,
national collective in Edinburgh is “revolting, greedy and gluttonous
together and the magic that can
and an innovative narrative approach you moving and strong production. [js]
ideal. He admits the fi rst time he man” hell-bent on overthrowing
happen there,” he says. This sums
can do worse that experience this plays C electric, 4 - 29 Aug, 9:35pm (10:30pm),
took part in the Festival, during his the monarchy. Martin believes it is
up his passion for the theatre and eerie magic for yourself! [jmb]
£8.50 (£7.50), fpp 180. tw rating 3/5
audience alike.
Underbelly, 4 – 28 Aug (not 22), 2:15pm
(3:15pm), prices vary, fpp 154. tw rating 4/5
Don Quixote Instant Classics
Martin’s career took a step further
In a city full of wacky costumes, quirky
Minute Hamlet REC Theatre Company comedies and ‘hilarious’
when he began working in highland
We all know what happened to the promotional gimmicks, it can be
communities introducing theatre
characters of Romeo and Juliet, but diffi cult to stand out. The solution?
to younger generations. It sparked
instead of chumming it up in heaven An adaptation of a 400 year old, 1000
off Martin’s profound interest in like all good corpses should, they are page classic novel. A daunting task, but
community and youth theatre work, in Limbo. This original and novel ‘Instant Classics’ have done it brilliantly
which he believes is important
premise, followed by several plot twists in this contemporary retelling, accessible,
and introduces the delights theatre
taken from various Shakespeare plays, even, to those with no knowledge of
offers. He admits it keeps him
has Martin Beard’s musical brimming the text. Our hero, Quixote (presumably
with the promise of a riotously funny played by an avid fan of Monty Python’s
“alive and in the real world, as with
production. The frequently bland Holy Grail), delusionally, believes himself
children you have to be consistently
delivery of lines and even blander an errant knight. He sets off on a noble
engaging.” Having spent most of his
musical interludes however quash any quest with lazy sidekick, Sancho Panza
life in the city, Martin found working chance of this. The two-plays-in-one while his relatives try desperately, to
in more remote communities an performance was often lifeless and weak,
bring him back to reality. Never short of
invaluable experience. “They don’t
glaringly so in the unnecessary songs, adventure, Cervantes’ epic comedy will
have a history of theatrical tradition;
rescued only once by the play’s best leave you wondering whether life without
therefore as well as inspiring
performer, Romeo. The chaotic script is imagination is really life at all? [gs]
fi lled with laugh-out-loud moments that, C too, 4 - 29 Aug (not 14), 5:35pm (6:55pm),
passion, I had to fi nd ways that were
sadly, were delivered all too often with
£8.50 (£7.50), fpp 143. tw rating 4/5
immediately accessible.”
little or no effectiveness. Disappointing.
[jh] Asylum Total Theatre Experience
As for the future, Martin asserts, C electric, 7 – 29 Aug (not 14), 3.45pm, £8.50 For a show that promises to be a
“If I could work on shows like
(£7.50), fpp 176. tw rating 2/5
‘thought-provoking drama,’ Asylum is
Ubu for the rest of my life, I’d be
a perilous thigh slap away from panto.
more than happy.” At this moment
Phone Play Playground Productions Horrible stereotyping of people and
he seems content with his life, and
This play works well: we have all, at places, both British and Arabic, rule out
various times in our lives, heard those any chance of intelligent exploration
loves “working with great actors
dreaded words, “Please hold the line”. into a complex topic and while there
and creating the very best theatre
Tapping into our obsession with are occasional stylish moments, a lack
[he] can.” Right now, he is pleased
communication, ‘Phone Play’ explores of direction and a reliance on a lazy bag
to be in the thick of the Edinburgh the trials and tribulations of eight of tricks makes this slump into a series
Festival, which he attributes as the
Toronto telephone users who seek of tiresome sequences that say little.
most “unique theatre festival in
contact as much as avoiding it. There’s The sword fi ghts, though competent,
the world.” Martin Danziger is an
a little phone sex to titillate, some crazy are ultimately frustrating because they
neurotics, an exceptionally well-acted incite little of the real horror that the
inspiration to theatre, keeping it
survey call, and some drama thrown in sword has, universally, come to represent.
refreshingly alive.
to deepen what otherwise might be a The strong paradox of Western self-
fairly shallow plot. With references to seeking in a wider world compared with
Ubu, Theatre Modo, Baby Belly, 4 - 28 Gap, Passover and Tiffany’s, this is kooky immigrants desperate for sanctuary
Aug (not 17), 2:25pm (3:40pm), prices trans-Atlantic humour that had the is weakened in this naïve and limited
vary, fpp 187.
audience laughing out loud. [aa] production. [jb]
Gilded Balloon, 3 – 28 Aug (not 16 or 23), C electric, 4-29 Aug, 6:30pm (7:20pm) £8.50
3:15pm (4:10pm), prices vary, fpp 170. (£7.50) fpp 131. tw rating 2/5
Words: Jennifer Brotchie
tw rating 3/5
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