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ATLANTIC STRIPED BASS MANAGE- female spawning stock biomass under in- hire, and commercial fisheries (an objective in AMERICA LOBSTER MANAGEMENT
MENT BOARD creasing fishing mortality; the proportion of Amendment 6). Based on the data and models BOARD
Meeting Summary age 15 and older striped bass in the popula- available, the Board asked the CESS to evalu- ASMFC American Lobster Board Adopts
The Striped Bass Management Board tion under the current regulations and sev- ate the economic effect of striped bass fish- Addendum XII and Approves Draft Adden-
met to review reports on requested analyses eral alternatives; and potential error in stock eries in terms of expenditures, the ripple effect dum XIV for Public Comment
and discuss the possibility of an addendum assessment results resulting from the use of through the economy, and the viability of the The Commission’s American Lobster
to Amendment 6. Following its October 2008 scale-based ages of striped bass. The Tech- fishery in terms of how effort, expenditures, Board approved Addendum XII to Amend-
meeting, where discussion of an addendum nical Committee is expected to reconvene in and revenue have changed since 1995. ment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management
was postponed due to time constraints and late March or early April to approve a final Added to the Board’s agenda was dis- Plan for American Lobster. The Addendum
information needs, the Board developed a list report on the analyses. cussion of the ongoing investigation into establishes protocols for the consistent ap-
of seven tasks for the Technical Committee During the Technical Committee’s dis- illegal commercial striped bass harvest, sale, plication of individual trap transferability
and one task for the Committee on Economics cussion of its tasks, two additional concerns and purchase in the Chesapeake Bay and (ITT) programs for the plan’s lobster conser-
and Social Sciences. The reports presented at were raised that the Committee concluded Potomac River. Thomas O’Connell, Director vation management areas (LCMAs) that
this meeting were preliminary; final reports should be brought to the Board’s attention. of the Maryland Department of Natural Re- implement an ITT program. The measures
are expected in May. A motion to initiate an The first issue pertained to a potential bias in sources (DNR) Fisheries Service, reviewed allow for flexibility to the fishery, meet the
addendum based on an analysis in the pre- recreational harvest estimates due to compli- the currently known aspects of the investiga- conservation objectives of the plan, and en-
liminary Technical Committee report was cations in survey methodology from the pro- tion, and informed the Board that the DNR sure that effort does not increase as a result
made, but failed for the lack of a majority. It is liferation of cell phone use. On behalf of the has proposed regulations to improve harvest of trap allocation transfers.
likely that the discussion of an addendum will National Marine Fisheries Service, Gordon reporting and accountability measures. Be- “The Addendum has been a long time in
continue in May when the final reports are Colvin reported that this issue was being cause the investigation is ongoing, the Board coming, having been initiated in late 2005 as
due. addressed in the redesign of the recreational requested another update from the DNR at a result of Addendum VII, and reflects the
The Technical Committee report in- survey. The second issue involved increas- the Board’s next meeting. hard work of the Management Board, techni-
cluded preliminary analyses on the following ing evidence that the mycobacteriosis dis- Motions cal representatives, stakeholders, and
topics: the expected increase in fishing mor- ease in the Chesapeake Bay could be increas- Move to initiate an addendum including ASMFC staff,” stated Board Chair Brian
tality from an increase in the coastal commer- ing natural mortality of striped bass. The options to increase the coastal commercial Culhane of New York. “It will ensure fair and
cial quotas; conservationally equivalent rec- Technical Committee will continue to monitor quotas by 10, 15, 20 and 25% and adopt a 50% consistent implementation of ITT programs,
reational regulations to the current two fish at these issues and consider their implications underage rollover. which were a critical element brought forward
28 inches regulation; uncertainty around ter- during stock assessment modeling. Motion made by Mr. Johnson, second by several Lobster Conservation Manage-
minal year fishing mortality estimates and the The Committee on Economics and Social by Mr. Calomo. Motion fails by roll call vote ment Teams during the development their
fishing mortality reference points; the age Sciences (CESS) report provided the (In favor: MA, NY, DE, DC, PRFC, VA, and respective effort control plans.”
structure of striped bass caught in the Janu- progress to date on evaluating NC; Opposed: ME, NH, RI, CT, NJ, PA, and The Addendum addresses four issues,
ary-February fisheries off North Carolina and management’s success with fostering qual- MD; Abstention: NMFS; absent: USFWS).
Virginia; projections of the age structure and ity and economically viable recreational, for-
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