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filipino globe
Volume 3 Issue 5 March 2009
New drug busts show
Make it a habit
to look gorgeous,
smell great and
syndicates are bolder
feel beautiful
Officials express alarm after arrest of six suspected couriers in a span of 18 days
Jose Marcelo in Hong Kong
Alarmed Philippine officials in Hong
Kong believe drug syndicates using
Filipino travelers as couriers are get-
ting bolder and doing runs more fre-
They expressed their concern after
four more Filipinos were arrested for
suspected drug trafficking in Hong
Kong and Macau, bringing to six
the number of so-called drug mules
caught in the two Chinese territories
in the space of 18 days.
The arrest of a Filipina at the Chek
Lap Kok airport on February 28 was
followed just over a week later by
news that three more countrymen
– two males and a female – had been
nabbed at the Macau airport for alleg-
edly trying to bring in illegal drugs.
The arrests raised concern that in-
ternational drug syndicates, which
were believed to have kept a low pro-
file after a spate of drug busts in Hong
Kong and the mainland last year, have
again stepped up their activities.
“That’s the most alarming thing
about all this,” said vice consul Val
Roque. “These arrests show that in-
ternational syndicates that are known
to use Filipinos as drug couriers are
International drug syndicates are said to be making more frequent runs using Asian airports. The latest
once again very active after months of
drug-related arrest involving a Filipino courier was made in Chek Lap Kok on February 28.
Counting two Filipinas arrested on short of the four recorded in the city Filipina who was initially refused en- in a layer of her suitcase. The drugs
successive days at the Hong Kong air- for all of last year. try at the airport because of problems had an estimated street value of $2.4
port from February 20, the three drug- Before the upsurge, the last arrest with her travel papers. A routine in- million, according to customs offi-
related arrests involving Filipinos in was made in August last year. spection of her check-in luggage un-
the first two months of the year were The first to fall was a 45-year-old covered 3.2 kilos of heroin concealed
PNB warns clients after e-mail scam resurfaces
Jose Marcelo in Hong Kong purportedly as part of a new security Back then, Cruz said the Hong
measure enforced by the bank. Kong office immediately reported the
Philippine National Bank officials
The measure, which the e-mail said matter to head office which in turn
have taken urgent measures to
was meant to “make their accounts sent out warnings to account holders
protect customers after an apparent
safer,” is apparently a ploy to gain and the public.
e-mail scam targeting clients
access to the clients’ internet banking Cruz said he was not aware of
A Main 1 Easymaid 27. 37
using its internet banking system
accounts, bank officials warned. anyone who had lost money or had
B The City 2-8 Duty Free 7,17
resurfaced yesterday.
Rolly Cruz, general manager of been victimized by the scam. C National 9-12
GenEx Cargo 9
E-mails (left) sent to PNB online
the PNB Remittance Center in Hong “The e-mail looked authentic and
D World 13-16
Globe Telecom 11
E Focus 19-22
HBC 12
clients advised them to create
Kong, said the bank has issued no would convince anyone to comply,
F Life 23-39
Health Comes First 5
emergency passwords for their
such e-mail. He said the scam first
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