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me wonder why they waited so long, especially Most of the songs, like Jack, are firmly rooted
since profits are to go to fund their new HQ in the English tradition and drawn from a wide
next door to Willie Clancy’s old home. I hope range of oral and printed sources. Highlights
they can carry on as they started; we’re in for for me were: a spirited Brisk Young Widow,
a feast if they do. Definitely my best album of a delightful When Fishes Fly and a fine Suit
2008. It impressed me so much that I even of Grey a lesser known song written by Cyril
The Living Tradition magazine
sent the suggested retail price as a donation Tawney in 1960. Jack has included a song
to the building fund. Who says Ulster folk are from Newfoundland, Scotland and Ireland is published every 2 months.
mean? respectively. From the pen of Robert Burns we
have The Slave’s Lament frankly the song itself
Subscribing is the best way
Mick Furey
is not a favourite of mine, nevertheless Jack
to make sure that you get a
makes as good a job of it as anyone I’ve heard.
His The Deluded Lover from Brigid Tunney
regular copy of this magazine
of Co. Fermanagh is quite brilliant. This is a
with the advantage of
quality album from an uncompromising singer
Thirty Years On
of substance. getting it “hot off the press”.
BFMCD010 (2 CDs)
Geordie McIntyre Subscriptions are of 12 issues
(2 years).
Good grief – is it really 30 years since “Nowt
so Good’ll Pass”? I didn’t hear that album ‘til
the mid 1980s, loved it dearly on vinyl and was Border Skies
UK Subscriptions are £36
monumentally cheesed off when it failed to
Big Sky Music BS129
make it on to CD. Record label issues got in the
Europe £42/60Euros
way. Never mind – Bob and Stu re-recorded
It’s always good to hear from this acclaimed
some of it again in 1998 as “Box of Gold”. Now
Rest of the World £48
cross-Borders trio, and each successive
… even better … they’ve sung the whole lot
release has moved their accomplishment on
again and added a whole lot more, making
into new realms of creativity, either in bringing
it worth having this CD as well as the 1998
fresh perspectives to better-known material
or in communicating the thrill of discovery of Surname:
unfamiliar repertoire. And it’s a pleasure to be
Happily, they sound as good as ever and as
able to report that, like its predecessor Home
also as if they are having a ball. Hair is less
Thoughts, Border Skies ticks both boxes with
plentiful and the winter plumage is in evidence,
distinction, due in no small measure to the skill
but they sound unaged and unchanged
and musicianship of the participants (Judy
on beauties like Heart Like a Wheel, Sally
Dinning, Tom Roseburgh and Kenny Speirs),
Wheatley and The Shores of Old Blighty.
who are on splendid form once again. Old
There’s also a lavish booklet with affectionate
favourites which are given a gently invigorating
tributes from the likes of Mike Harding, Archie
Real Time makeover this time round include
Fisher, Dave Pegg and Ralph McTell – as well
Bonny At Morn, Water Of Tyne and Red Is The
Post Code:
as thoughtful retrospectives and song notes
Rose (which I was surprised to learn was a
from Bob and Stu themselves.
recent discovery for the trio), while Judy turns Tel No:
in a particularly persuasive rendition of Once
So – if you remember the originals from the
I Loved (aka. Go And Leave Me) and Kenny’s
70s, this will tickle your nostalgia-buds and
well-matured take on Richard Thompson’s
make up for the lack of a “Nowt so Good” CD.
Is this a: New Subscription q
Waltzing’s For Dreamers was indeed worth
If you have never heard the originals, this will
Re-Subscription q Gift Subscription q
waiting for. RT’s Wall Of Death also receives
sound as fresh as a daisy and you will add
a very attractive performance (Fiona Cuthill
To give a subscription to a friend as a
some cracking songs to your repertoire. Just
guesting on fiddle here). Elsewhere, there’s a
gift, fill the recipients name and address
don’t try the accent unless you’re a Geordie. I
revisit (with new arrangement) of Judy’s own
above and enter the givers name here.
love it.
composition Sail Fair, which Real Time had
Gift From
previously recorded on their debut CD.
Alan Murray
The disc’s biggest successes, however, I enclose cheque for ______________
arguably lie in the less familiar items. One
special highlight is the stirring Chuck Fleming/
or please debit my Visa/Mastercard/
Pride of the Season
Gerry Kaley composition Shake Loose The
American Express/Switch
Wildgoose WGS357CD
Border (which is inventively preceded by an

atmospheric Billy Pigg tune played by guest
Jack Crawford is a veteran and valued resident
musician Stevie Lawrence on the Scottish small
of the long established Traditions at the Tiger
pipes), another is Kenny’s heartfelt version of
John Munro’s The Border. And it’s no wonder
__________ Exp: __________________
Club, Long Eaton, Derbyshire. His long
experience is mirrored in his: no nonsense,
that Judy’s sensitive interpretation of Burns’
Security Code (The last 3 digits
Elibanks And Elibraes is already a hit at Real
of number on back of card)
solid, intimate and confident delivery. He
is immersed in what he does with a total
Time’s live performances, as is her emotional
respect for the essence of a song. He is a
delivery of Charlie Dore’s I’m Looking For My
low-key, highly effective story-teller-singer.
Own Lone Ranger (this last-mentioned song

Jack normally sings solo and unaccompanied
only serves to emphasise Judy’s tremendous
If possible please pay sterling cheques, or
– which, until now, is what I was familiar
knack for finding songs which really suit her
postal orders, IMOs payable to The Living
with. However, here he is joined on certain
voice and singing style). In its totality, this
Tradition. Send your application to:
tracks by Mary Humphries and Anahata who
genuinely inspired and well-balanced disc is
provide sensitive and enhancing support on,
another triumph for Real Time, in terms both of
The Living Tradition,
as deemed appropriate, concertina, banjo,
performance standard and ever-canny choice
P.O. Box 1026, Kilmarnock,
melodeon and cello. This creative dynamic,
of material, and will further consolidate their
Ayrshire, Scotland KA2 0LG.
and collaboration, has proved to be a wise and
reputation I’m sure.
tel: 01563-571220
fruitful choice, which Jack acknowledges in his
fax: 01563-544855
detailed and scholarly liner notes.
David Kidman
e: 82
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