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...Heard it on the Grapevine News
years ago. Roger is not sure yet “The new guitar, the Leonardo,
how to approach that, but will post has been a long time coming
news of it as soon as he can. and incorporates lots of ideas
that eventually I have managed
In addition to the book, Fylde to put together. The size is half
Guitars also have a brand new way between the Magician and
website with full information Alchemist, with a fairly shallow
about Fylde and details on every body for a little extra comfort in
instrument they make. Roger is playing.”
keen to explain that Fylde is not a
mass production concern. “It is “The timbers are a big change for
easy to get the wrong impression me as well - I have not used Maple
about Fylde. This is a very small on a production model since the
business. Basically myself with five Lysander in the 1970’s, as it is
other people helping. We make a so clinical in appearance and
very small number of instruments can look rather amateur unless
each year, with as much skill, the timber is boldy figured and
care and love as we possibly can. framed with strong dark colours.
When working with beautiful, rare A laminated maple neck with
timbers it simply is not right to work a broad heel to fit the cutaway
them with nothing but industrial matches the colours and the
machinery. With my background, curves. I have used Sitka spruce
it is inevitable that I like tools and for the soundboard, as most
machines, but as long as my hands Fylde guitars with Englemann
and eyes will allow, most of the soundboards have suited gentle
work, and certainly every important styles of music, and I thought
part of a Fylde instrument will still it was about time we offered
be made by hand.” something a bit stronger in tone.
I have made several prototypes
“We produce, what some have in both quilted and curly maple,
been kind enough to say, are but I think curly has won. It is not
among the finest guitars in world, an easy guitar to make, but a real
and I want to be able to tell beauty.”
people about them, how they are
made and what makes a Fylde The new mandolin, the
different. Of the 100 guitars or so Touchstone Walnut Mandolin,
we make every year, many of them was inspired by the wood. “Over
are custom built for individual years of cutting English Walnut
musicians. The experience, for the Alchemist and Magician,
designs, facilities, material stocks I have a lot of undersize sets
and skills here are unrivalled for of lovely timber, and I have not
such a small workshop.” made mandolins with cedar
soundboards for a long time,
The launch of the new website so here we are, a new mandolin
coincides with the launch of a model. Very sweet and warm
couple of new instruments, a new sounding, charming in every way.”
guitar, the Leonardo, and a new
mandolin, a Walnut Touchstone.
Allan Taylor Documentary Film
Two films of Allan Taylor are screening. Allan’s twentieth album
scheduled for release in May/ ‘Leaving at Dawn’ is scheduled
June. The first is of a concert in for release early in March. The
Belgium in 2007 and the second songs that Allan has written for
is a documentary of his life on this CD show a return to a more
the road, called ‘The Endless ‘folky’ style. One song on the
Highway’. Both films will be album, ‘Firefly’, has already been
shown at the Munich High End recorded by Tom McConville. The
(HiFi) Exposition at the end of films will be released on BluRay
May and then at Muziekpublique and normal DVD format and will
in Brussels on June 6th where be available from Allan’s web-site;
Allan will play a concert after the
q Love it or hate it, if you are ‘lost’ our previous page and are
involved in the music scene or just starting again. So if you want to
want to discover some new, or old, be our myspace friend go to, www.
music, myspace can be a useful
tool. The Living Tradition has and send us a friend request.
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