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Smoky Korma
(serves 2)
sniff out
Basmati rice (cookaccor
ding to
instructions onpacket)1 large r
ed onion
1 tbs olive oil1 pack smoked tofu2 tsp curry powder
2 tsp tomato pur
tsp white sugar
140 ml warm vegetable stock (r
ead instructions on packet)
1 tbs gr
ound almonds
6 tbs Soya Dr
eam (soya version of single cr
follow the paws
Start cooking the rice.
Chop the onion into chunks and fry with the oil for about2-3 minutes or until soft.
Chop the tofu into 2 cm chunks and fry with the onion forabout 2-3 minutes.
Stir in the curry powder
, tomato puree and
stock. Bring to the boil.Then stir and simmer forabout 5 minutes.
With the heat down low
, stir in
the ground almonds. Then stir inthe Soya Dream.
Serve with basmati rice.
Charlotte England 11 East Sussex
Hot Sun Soup
(serves 4)
sniff out
200g r
ed lentils
1 onion, chopped2 bay leaves2 (or mor
e!) garlic cloves, crushed
and chopped
1 tbs fr
esh thyme, chopped
A sprinkling of black pepper1250 ml vegetable
stock (r
instructions onthe packet)
230g tin chopped
Pinch of sugarT
ouch of sea salt
follow thepaws
Put lentils,onion, bayleaves,garlic, thymeand blackpepper in a pan.
Add the stock andtomatoes. Bring to theboil and boil for 5minutes.
Reduce the heat and simmerfor 20 minutes untilthickened and tender
Add sugar and salt.
Gemma Chambers 15 W
canineWhy veggieCharlotte?“I have been almostvegetarian since I was five but Idecided to become a properveggie about a year ago. I gotinto animal rights and realisedthat it was murder to take awaythe life of any animal, whether
it looked cute or not”.
I simply can’
t resist these
, creamy morsels. Don’
be tempted to add morecurry powder - despite thesemodern times, bottom-belching is still notconsidered good
curious canine
Why veggie Gemma?“I used to feel really guilty when I
thought about what was on my
plate, be it a ‘Babe’
sausage, a fluf
fy little
lamb chop or a cute littlechicky
. But I decided to
do something about it
and so should you”.
Due to several ‘incidents’
with soup cans - oh, howI wish I too had anopposable thumb - home-made soups are a must. Thisenchanting number takes arelaxed country dance around yourmouth, especially when partnered
with some crusty bread.
33 11
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