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Carol Alt
Greening Your Cleaning
By Mike Bundrant
While a good scrubbing of the home creates a
healthy environment, it’s crucial to know how certain
Since her days as one of the world’s
most renowned Supermodels, Carol
cleaning products can actually be harmful to your
Alt has gone on to be author, actress
family’s health. It’s also equally important to explore
and entrepreneur. Carol has enjoyed
safer, earth-friendly alternatives.
success in all her endeavors such as:
Healthy Home
Read more on page 3. USA Today’s Best-Selling Author for
her book on raw food, multi- award
winning actress, the face of her
own line of cosmetics, a number
one hit in Europe in the music industry,
5 Simple Ways to Stay in The Green voiceovers for such hits as King of the Hill, and as the host of various TV
Everyone is talking about "going green", but what are some easy things and radio morning shows and newscasts - including Fox’s Good Day Live.
you can do to get started? These five ideas will start you on your
green path to sustainability and will also save you money along the
Gracing the covers of over 700 magazines, several posters, two workout videos and
Read more on page 11.
numerous calendars, she is touted as ”The model that started the Supermodel trend”
by John Casablanca, the owner of Elite Models.
Recently Carol published her book, The Raw 50: 10 Amazing Breakfasts,
Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, and Drinks for Your Raw Food Lifestyle.
Education for Wheat &
Gluten Health Conditions
It was my pleasure to speak with Carol about her books and what motivat-
Food allergies and intolerances affect about 2 to 4%
ed her to get involved in the raw food lifestyle.
of adults and 6 to 8% of children. Most alarming is the
HT: What motivated you to write books on the raw food lifestyle?
growing population of individuals with reactions to
the consumption of wheat and/or gluten containing
Carol Alt: The intent of my first book, Eating in the Raw, was to be an introduc-
Spiritual Health
foods. Read more on page 9.
tion to the raw food lifestyle for mainstream people interested in improving their
health. Even though I’m “raw”, I also understand that many people can’t do that
right out of the box. Also, people tend to be skeptical or get panicky because they
don’t understand what it is. I’ve learned that human nature is such that it is wise to
Spiritually Responsible Living
do a lightweight introduction and then start feeding more advanced concepts in once
people become familiar with the basics.
Many of us assume the posture that we are spiritual beings having
human experiences. We may have made the choice to live and oper- Ultimately the body speaks for itself over time. When you eat more raw food, you
ate from that place. In my life, and in my work, I call it being spiritually
begin to feel better quickly – so all you really need to do is listen to your body and
responsible. It feels very much to me like the ancient teaching to be in
continue to make the transition at your own pace. If you do 70-80% raw, you can
the world, not of it. Read more on page 17.
probably cure yourself of just about anything.
Beauty & Wellness
HT: When did you go raw?
Carol: Twelve years ago. At that time there were no raw restaurants or many of the
The Sun & Your Skin
resources we have at our disposal today. We were left on our own to figure out recipes
As we are now entering the summer season, this is a
and many of the practical issues that make the raw food lifestyle possible. Now, all
good time to re-visit the sun’s effects on your skin
you have to do is go online and there are a ton of resources available. It’s a much eas-
ier transition these days; you can find a raw alternative to almost anything cooked.
and what we can do to minimize those effects.
Read more on page 4.
All I could think of at the time I made the transition was the fact that everyone I
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Finding Your Ground:
thoughts about the future or the past. When you happening in the present moment, in your body.
are ungrounded, your energy can plummet or rev Here is a little taste: Take a moment to notice
Being Here Now
up and spin out of control, like an engine idling what is happening in your body at this moment.
too high. People and events can easily knock How do you feel? Is your breathing shallow? Are
by Miriam Lelah Moussaioff
you off your feet. Being ungrounded often you feeling any tension or pain? Can you feel
makes people feel easily overwhelmed, confused your feet….your belly….your chest rise and fall as
Grounding is about being Here. Now. Really
and/or drained. Sound familiar? you breathe….? Try taking a deep breath in and
being here fully, in this moment. Just as you are.
slowly let it go….Do you feel present as you read
For most of us, this is no small task and takes prac-
These days when so many of us rush around trying or is your mind racing all over the place planning,
tice. But I can tell you after practicing and teach-
to do 10,000 things at once and stress runs high, thinking, analyzing or problem-solving?
ing grounding for many years that the rewards
grounding can calm you down, help you land
are well worth the effort.
and return to sanity. Grounding gets you back on Everyone has a their own way to ground. You can
your feet. Which helps you make better decisions ground through meditation using imagery, inten-
Grounding helps you connect with your inner
instead of flying by the seat of your pants. tion or sensation or just by bringing mindfulness or
strength; it helps you plug in so that you can listen
presence to what you are doing each moment.
to and follow your intuition. A strong grounding
Like a tree rooting deeply in the earth, strengthen- Some people ground by dancing or singing; oth-
system also helps keep you healthy, balanced,
ing your ground helps plant your feet on earth so ers by writing, listening to music or hiking in the
clear and present.
you can live life more fully. The grounding prac- woods. Even washing dishes can be grounding if
tice I teach is a guided meditation that, like all you practice being present and connected with
Grounding is a tool for not getting lost in your
forms of meditation, brings awareness to what is your body.
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