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An Exclusive
HT: So you’re showing people that a healthy lifestyle is fun –
and it’s do-able?
Interview with
Marilu: Yeah. You know, health is yours. It’s just that
we’ve been so influenced by big business and all the crap
that they put out there…just because something is on the
Marilu Henner
shelf at the grocery store does not mean it is safe.
By Mike Bundrant
HT: One of the Ten Steps in your Total Health Makeover (see suggests avoiding chemicals in food. I still con-
sume diet soda, chewing gum with chemicals in it – I know I
probably shouldn’t, but I have a certain mindset that says,
HT: Will you explain your perspec- “The FDA approved it. Everybody’s eating this stuff. I don’t see people drop-
tive on the role of small business in the ping dead all around me….it can’t be all that bad….”
wellness industry?
Marilu: But you know what – your body is making new cells con-
Marilu: There is no big business movement stantly. Do you want to build your house with crappy materials?
– when you really think about it – that is behind That’s what you’re doing. And sure enough people aren’t dropping
health. There really isn’t. There are a lot of little special interest dead before your eyes but every day as you make new cells, that is
groups and small companies that don’t have big advertising budgets, what you’re making it from. Is that what you want?
HT: You also advocate giving up nicotine, caffeine, red meat, and dairy prod-
I was shocked when I first saw a commercial for Silk (soy milk) on tel- ucts….
evision. It was the first time I’d ever seen anything like that. You
don’t see Muir Glenn on TV…you don’t even see commercials for
Marilu: Most people can’t do it all at once. I work with people on
Whole Foods, which is probably the biggest health movement ever.
my website at….They might do it for 3 weeks and see
which steps they want to take and what they want to incorporate into
I feel like my role is to try to get all these small businesses together their life. I keep saying there are two types of people. There are the
and create one big voice. Right now we don’t have anyone who is “turkeys” and the “weaners”. The turkeys can go “cold turkey” on
doing that. When I went to Congress last September, everyone had something and the weaners have to sort of wean themselves off grad-
an opportunity to discuss the dietary guidelines. Of course, the Dairy ually.
Industry was there, as was the Salt Institute, the Lard Institute – but
there wasn’t a lot of representation for the health industry. Whoever
The way I did it was discovering the ten steps one at a time. I would
was there for health was very small! PCRM was there – the Physicians
follow one step for 3 weeks or so and then go back to it for a day to
Council for Responsible Medicine was there – Dr. Neil Barnard. He’s
see how it made me feel. If it made me feel poorly I never went back
to it again. I think you need to learn how to flex that discipline mus-
cle and the more you feel successful at doing any of these steps, the
It’s like the real purists – the people concerned with pure health – more you want to do them.
don’t have financial backing. There is a lot of money behind the meat
industry, the dairy industry, the sugar industry. But there’s not a lot
I think that people should be getting rid of most of the chemicals in
of money behind the smaller health products and businesses. They
their diet. I tell people that if it takes a paragraph to describe what
don’t have huge advertising budgets – so you’ll see them in local pub-
something is or if the ingredient list says “continued on the next can”
lications and in some smaller circulation national magazines, typical-
then you probably shouldn’t be eating it! If it gets you 15 points in
Scrabble, forget it!
To me, health is the new frontier. We’ve tried everything else. Why
I think that we shouldn’t be eating chemicals because – well, you’re a
don’t we just go to health? Why don’t we just do what we should
real person, so eat real food! That doesn’t mean I don’t eat on an air-
have been doing all along? Instead of looking for a magic pill, or a
plane occasionally or have some kind of snack that has chemicals in
magic product, magic diet – or a magic protein bar that keeps all day
it…but most of my diet is whole foods. And I feel better as a result.
in your car…..someone needs to bring all this together and that’s my
So do my kids. My kids are so strong. They don’t get sick like other
goal – that is my mission.
kids do – and they’ve been raised mostly on a natural foods diet. And
they’re not weirdos – they’re funny, fun, intelligent, cool kids. It’s not
HT: It’s very validating to hear your take on the role of small that they won’t eat a piece of cake at a birthday party or whatever, but
businesses….that’s the world I live in – working with small health business- their basic palate has been trained to like the taste of whole food.
es and practitioners who work their guts out trying to make it happen and
contribute something of genuine value.
See, that’s the biggest problem with people. Their palates have been
destroyed from so many years of abuse – eating the wrong foods – that
Marilu: With all the people that I deal with, nobody is in it for the they can only taste the extremes – extreme salt and extreme sugar.
money – or to pull out the snake oil and fool people. People in the The chemical taste of chemical foods becomes appealing to them and
health industry are the real deal, and want to make things better for the taste of real foods doesn’t even taste right. So, what you have to
you – that’s it. But people don’t always think what’s good for you is do is “sensitize” your palate again because it has become desensitized
fun – so that’s also what I’m trying to do – to make healthy things from years of bad food.
sexy and funny and interesting and accessible. I’m doing a show
called “Shape Up Your Life” that begins October 14 on Fit TV and the
If you gave up your diet soda for 3 weeks you wouldn’t believe…your
Discovery Channel. Every episode starts out with me doing some-
tongue would be a different size, first of all – it actually changes the
thing fun and funny. For example, I’m at an Angels baseball game
size and texture of your tongue and the taste buds when you give up
doing 7th Inning “Yoga” and I sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”
bad food.
while I have people do yoga moves with me. And I also give out
bananas and edamame and wheat grass. It’s a joke, you know, but I
Marilu Henner is an actress with a long list of television, movie and
want to show people that health can be fun and we have sense of humor.
Broadway credits. She is the author of 7 books as well as the founder of
Another time we went to the zoo. There was a sign that says, “Please
do not feed the animals. The animals need a special diet to stay
healthy”. So I say “OK wait a minute. This is the food that the ani-
mals eat – it’s all like vegetables, roots, nuts and fruit. Then, this is the
diet of most people at the park today. It is hot dogs, chips, soft drinks
This could be your ad.
and cotton candy. This diet keeps them healthy and this diet makes
them sick. Shouldn’t we come with signs, too? We’re as close to chim-
panzees as you can get. 98% of our chromosomal make-up is the
Target the Right Audience
same. Our teeth and digestive systems are very similar. Why don’t
humans have signs that warn us not to eat food that will make us sick?
I’m trying to show people that health is your birthright and you are a
lot closer to it than you think. Most people have an image of where
Healthy Times Newspaper
and Get the Right Results
they are compared to where they’d like to be and they think they have
so far to go – that they’ll never get out of the rut they’re in. So they
never get started. I’m saying, “No, you just have to take your life,
Call Today
tweak it a little, and you are closer than you think”. I’m here to show
you how to tweak it. And that is what the show is about.
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