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an exclusive interview
ck LaLanne
by Mike Bundrant
If you’re going to speak with Jack Lalanne, be pre-
Crossfit: The CURE for the Common Workout
pared to take a hard look at your nutrition and fit-
If you’re tired of the same old workout, you may be
ness habits. If those habits aren’t what they
interested in learning about Crossfit. Crossfit, direct-
should be, then get ready to be coached, as
ed by Ray and Linda Anderson of Murrieta, is a local
Jack seems to be an unparalleled master
outdoor exercise group which offers a workout that
of personal discipline and is still, at age
is anything but common. Read more on page 30.
93, a man on a mission.
Healthy Spaces
When he was 15 years old, his mother
dragged him to listen to a lecture on
health (given by the late Paul Bragg).
Jack, a sickly sugar addict at the time,
Harmony is Key: Feng Shui and Your Symbols was promised on that day that if he
In this new series of articles we will explore how applying the 3000 year
were to exercise and eat natural, nutri-
old Chinese study of feng shui (füng sch’way) can energetically re-
tious foods, he would be reborn. “I
shape your home to support you in all areas of your life.
wanted to be reborn,” Jack told me.
Read more on page 27.
“So I did exactly what the man told me
to do.”
Never once deviating from his new course, Jack Lalanne
became the Godfather of Fitness. His pioneering television show, which you can
What Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health
still watch on ESPN, still holds as the longest running television show in history
– 34 years. Jack is also credited with opening America’s first gym in Oakland in
Most of us are familiar with lab tests using urine and
blood samples, but do you know that hair is a not only
an excellent sampling for DNA, but also a reliable Enlisting the help of a blacksmith, Jack began to design and build the first exer-
method of determining the toxic metals you’ve cise machines. He invented the first cable-pulley machine, the first leg-extension
accumulated through the years?
machine, the safety system for doing squats that became the Smith machine, and
Read more on page 2.
an elegant weight-stack selection system.
Reaching millions through the Jack Lalanne Show, he was decades ahead of his
time in declaring that there was a specific relationship between diet and health.
He preached the value of preventive medicine a half-century before the medical
Don’t Fix Your Kids; Let the Goodness Come Out
establishment came to agree. It was Jack who boldly stated that women and sen-
Shannon, 16, called her mother asking for help. This was her fourth
iors should exercise, too - he even went so far as to suggest it was all right for men
and women to exercise in the same room.
arrest in four months for public intoxication. Given a choice between
jail and entering a therapeutic wilderness program, Shannon chose
Long before the current trends in water-based exercise, Jack introduced a regimen
the wilderness. Read more on page 19.
he called hydronastics. He also invented protocols that would later be called aero-
Health Care
bics and resistance training, and he was the first fitness trainer to instruct athletes
that they should work their muscles to complete failure in order to experience
significant gains in strength.
Relief for Migraine & Headache Sufferers
He is a multi-millionaire, though most insiders acknowledge that in light of his
singular contribution to the world-wide phenomenon that is the fitness industry
The pain that headache and migraine sufferers endure
today, he should be one of the richest men alive.
can impact every aspect of their lives. Acupuncture
can offer powerful relief without the side effects that
For many years, I’ve had some burning questions that I’ve wanted to ask him. I
prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause. hope you enjoy part of our conversation.
Read more on page 9.
HT: What makes the difference between you and the average person? This is
Continued on page 10
bles, no matter what rarity or what form etables and raw fruit are rich sources of
they come in, carry natural organic enzymes. Fifty percent of all enzymes
Unleashing Mother
enzymes. Whether it is as rare as a burned by the body are used in digesting
Coriander plant from southwestern Asia or our food. For example, when we eat a
Nature’s Cleaning
the plump red tomatoes you have grow- sandwich for lunch with a juicy apple or
Power in your Home
ing out on the vine in your backyard, they plum, then after we eat that fruit those
are all loaded and concealed with these enzymes are released and extract into our
By Jared McBride
natural, miracle working enzymes. In this stomach by gastric acid and carry on in
article we’ll explore the role of enzymes in helping with the digestion of the meal.
VEGETABLES.... A word that brings health
the human body, as well as a use for Furthermore, plant enzymes play the role
and the tastefulness of delight to many. To
enzymes that you may not be familiar of enhancing the body's vitality and
others it brings an uneasy feeling to the
with – the amazing cleaning power of enhancing the efficiency of digestion.
stomach reminding them of their mother
enzymes for your home.
saying "You better finish all of those veg-
Without enzymes there is no life. Enzymes
etables on your plate!" Whether you love
Enzymes are the key component in our
run the body. Every day, our body burns
zucchini or you hate spinach, there is one
digestion system. The human body makes
enzymes to run our organs like the heart,
fact you cannot deny about our little veg-
approximately 22 different digestive
liver, kidneys, pancreas, right on down to
gie friends; the power they hold within
enzymes, which are capable of digesting
the trillions of individual cells to carry on
themselves called ENZYMES! All vegeta-
carbohydrates, protein and fat. Raw veg-
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