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36 Jan. 24 - Feb. 6, 2009
Commentary from Page 35
National League of Cities (NLC) Economic Development (CED), there the purchase of homes that have been civic engagement. Part of the focus
is an organization that represents was discussion on ways to recover foreclosed or abandoned. Chandler was on enhancing leadership
municipal governments throughout from the high number of foreclosures, has applied for this grant. If awarded, opportunities that empower youth to
the country with a mission to while providing affordable housing one of the benefi ts will be to provide participate in city government. It was
strengthen and promote cities options. Many cities are struggling a down payment assistance program nice to share our successes with the
through opportunity, leadership, and with an increase in homelessness as for fi rst time homebuyers, with the YEF Committee and I look forward
governance. My recent attendance individuals have been displaced by goal of bringing stability back to to seeing future successes for the
at the annual conference in Florida home foreclosure. And, as the supply neighborhoods. An added advantage Mayor’s Youth Commission.
provided me an opportunity to of affordable housing continues to is the potential for improved property In these tough times Chandler is in a
represent Chandler and discuss trends decrease, this issue becomes more values through pride in ownership. strong position to move forward. While
common to many communities today. challenging. This is why it’s key for Chandler’s fortunate to have it’s an honor to represent Chandler
The Conference included a number of cities to stay informed about funding the involvement of dedicated on a national level as a member of
interesting seminars, workshops and opportunities through grants and teens through our Mayor’s Youth both the CED and YEF Committees,
special events with topics ranging from other programs, particularly during Commission. Through my work with one of the most valuable things about
economic issues to sustainability. these turbulent times. The U.S. the Council on Youth, Education, the Conference was sharing ideas on
While representing Chandler Housing and Urban Development and Families (YEF), the conference the challenges that local governments
on NLC’s Policy and Advocacy (HUD) Neighborhood Stabilization also provided me an opportunity to face and the opportunities to best
Committee of Community and Program provides grants to states for participate in a dialogue on youth serve our residents.
to the
Airport myths dispelled
and many others. The revenue council and Mayor –– with the strong immediately take action. Many hate
Concerned Chandler Citizens,
generated from the thousands of exception of Jeff Weninger – have been crimes based on someone’s sexual
an association of residents from
high paying jobs of such companies a little reckless lately with taxpayers’ orientation are unreported. Also,
various Chandler communities,
dwarfs any so-called “economic dollars. Take note city leadership, the many of the members of the GLBT
writes in response to Miriam Van
engine” derived from the airport. In following are not acceptable to the community commit suicide, because
Scott’s comprehensive article of
fact, the only “engine” heard coming people of Chandler. Public service they are always put down. Sadly GLBT
January 10, 2009 regarding the many
from the Chandler Airport is the means “service.” youth are up to four times more
unresolved challenges faced by the
constant drone of low fl ying Cessnas Councilmember X racked up a huge likely to attempt suicide than their
Chandler Airport, and to dispel the
buzzing the rooftops of Chandler cell bill on taxpayers dime. heterosexual peers.
misinformation that has been put
neighborhoods. Councilmember Y had his Our gay community should be
forth by City offi cials quoted in her
We do not object to the land girlfriend take a $30,000 bribe from a classifi ed as Americans, whether
occupied by the Chandler Airport developer. African-American, Christian, gay,
One statement appearing in the
remaining zoned for business. Quite to Clothing allowances and car straight, disabled. We are all citizens,
article that is beyond reproach is that
the contrary, we urge the City Council allowances are not acceptable at all, better yet, human. As citizens of the
“our problems are not being taken
to take prudent steps that may attract use your own car. On top of this they U.S. we all are guaranteed freedom
seriously by City offi cials.” Judging by
more high-tech, community-friendly spend taxpayer money on useless and the right to express ourselves.
some of the comments made by City
businesses of the type found along things. $100,000 on a tumbleweed Rights should not be taken away from
offi cials and their hired consultants,
the Price Corridor. We do object to sculpture. $59,000 for a useless any individual because of their race,
that certainly is the case.
the continued use of this valuable parking study. How many widows’ gender, sexual orientation, religion,
Let us be clear about one thing.
property as an airport to the benefi t homes would that paint in the old etc.
Despite the letters written by
of a handful of small operators and to part of Chandler? Not too long ago the Caucasian race
recreational pilots and airport
the detriment of the many who reside At the Jan. 9 council meeting Jeff was treated better then the African-
business owners with a vested
in Chandler. Weninger proposed a plan to eliminate American race. Is that honestly the
interest, it is inexcusable for the City
We ask that the City Council the new council chambers saving the defi nition of freedom and equality?
to continue to operate an airport
revisit the General Plan at its earliest people of Chandler $10 million. Now with the GLBT community we
that is surrounded by a residential
opportunity and begin making If you truly care for the people of are repeating history and facing
community and serves no compelling
plans to relocate air operations to a Chandler, then you would not take some of those habits and problems
interest. Not only does the incessant
suitable remote site such as Williams a salary. Give the $15,000 a year to once again. It’s discriminating on
noise generated by the airport detract
Gateway when leases expire. To Chandler based charities like the someone’s sexual orientation, rather
from the community’s quality of life,
those newly elected Councilmembers Compadres, ICAN, Rotary, Kiwanis, than their race.
but there is a bona fi de safety issue
not encumbered by a legacy of 100 Club, Sunbird Care Bears, or the Caleb Laieski, director of
resulting from the real possibility
questionable judgments concerning Chandler Historical society that do administration, Gay & Lesbians
that an aircraft will lose control and
the airport, we ask you to give this so much for the people of Chandler. United Against Discrimination
crash into a nearby residence, store or
issue a fresh look and not accept Shun the car allowances and the
school causing severe loss of life and
the misconceptions put forth by the wasteful spending. This is not your
property damage.
special interests. We will be watching. money. It belongs to the people of
Letters to the Editor
One myth propagated by Ms.
Alex Hamilton on behalf of Chandler. Let’s be a little more of the
We know you have an opinion! Share it
Chelle Daly of the Chandler Airport
Concerned Chandler Citizens fi scal conservatives we should be. with the SanTan Sun News. Unless you’re the
Commission that must be put to
Scott Taylor, Clemens Place
Mayor, however, please keep your Letters to
the editor around 200-300 words, or they may
rest is that “the airport serves as a be edited for length. Include your fi rst and
major economic engine for Chandler.”
Councilmembers should last name, community or development name
There is no empirical support for this
be servants, not spenders GLBT community latest
in Southern Chandler (Cooper Commons,
statement by Ms. Daly other than
Whatever happened to using your discrimination victims
Ocotillo, Sun Groves, etc.) or ZIP code and
daytime phone number for verifi cation.
the comment that the “Airpark is
own vehicle? Don’t you make enough According to FBI’s statistics, in 2007, Anonymous letters are not typically accepted.
three times the size of Price Corridor.”
money in the private sector? In these more than 1,000 reported hate crime
Email is the preferred submission method, to
We would point out that the Price
lean times city leadership needs offenses were committed based on
Opinions expressed in Community
Corridor is home to companies like
to lead by example and be frugal. I sexual orientation. That number will
Commentaries, Letters to the editor or
Intel, Motorola, Orbital, AmeriCredit
respect Mayor Dunn, but I think the only continue to rise if we do not
cartoons are those of the author, and not that
of the SanTan Sun News.
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