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An alternative night out -
from raving to theatre
By Taneeka
So you hear about the latest rave - ladies
boring which is in my opinion way too paid. The theatre is also a good place to
you call your girls and boys you round
young. Because I was doing it all the time watch dance, live bands or even poetry
up the ‘mans’. Its official, you’re going
it became negative - I started to focus readings, the variety is limitless. For those
out to rave tonight and obviously you’re
on why I didn’t want to go out (too cold, still in doubt I ask you this, would you go
looking forward to it. As you prepare for
money and plain and simple can’t be to a rave that played music you weren’t
your night out, new clothes, fresh perms,
bothered!) instead of why I should. That’s interested in? NO! It’s the same with the
and clean cut trims there’s something
when I discovered the theatre, the hype of theatre - you see what appeals to you.
about this excitement that just grabs you.
live performance. I understand that when
But what if you did all that and didn’t
the word theatre is thrown at our youth As I write this fellow Teen Biz writer
go raving? What if you got all suited and
culture, memories of boring plays that Luke and I are looking forward to seeing
went elsewhere.
school forced us to go to comes to mind or These Four Streets, a play based on the
the stereotype that the theatre is only for Handsworth and Lozells Riots being shown
I admit (and I am truly one to talk)
old, well off individuals. But this is not the at the REP throughout February (see page
that raving with your friends is a good
case. The first play I went to see was with 21) and I hope it is the first play of many.
occasion, music, laughs and pictures for
the girls to watch a hilarious comedy that So after the hustle and bustle of the
Facebook, but recently I’ve noticed that
had me in complete stitches from start festive season and non-stop partying,
it is time to change things up a bit. In
to finish. It was relatable and certainly follow me; try something new for 09. Go to
fact I was 19 when raving quickly became
worth the five (yes five) pound that we the theatre as an alternative night out.
“I wanna play ball, B!”“I enjoyed been away
from home- and other
by Vicky Gayle
people might not
think it, but you
It’s every little boy’s dream to become a
learn a lot about
pro footballer, but when the fairy dust
yourself, but when
disappears, how many of you actually realise
you come back you
what it entails? Well, someone who knows this
learn about the people
first hand is my friend, Nick Farquharson, 20,
that you classed as
ex-Crewe Alexandra player (by choice) who was
friends. Moving away
scouted at thirteen and moved away at just
was definitely what I needed, because it’s made me
sixteen to live and train in Crewe. Here’s
who I am today.
his story, in his own words…

“Typical days’ training, we’d come in at half-nine
“I started off playing when I was a youth, I
and then go through the previous game from say
got scouted through a team (Crewe Alexandra)
the Saturday night- probably get some weights in,
and it went on from there. I then went
swimming, do some football training, some running
on loan to a couple of teams: Northwich
and then go in for lunch and go back out again for
Victoria, Nuneaton, Nuneaton Borough,
the second part of the day- it’s very physical.
Nantwich Town. “My parents used to take me
back and forth to Crewe, back in the day
“On the pitch it doesn’t matter what you are, it
there was lots of travelling to and from
doesn’t matter at all, as long as you can play the
games on a Saturday morning, Sunday morning,
sport or give it your all. It’s all about getting
some games the whole weekend.
the ball in the back of the net at the end of the
day and doing it with your team mates, no matter
“I had to go straight to training from school
what he looks like, where he’s from or what colour
and I wasn’t getting home until half eleven,
he is.“Other aspiring footballers- keep your head
sometimes twelve o’ clock at night and then
down, anything is possible if you want anything
up for school the next morning, but I still
bad enough- just keep working at it and you’ll
managed to get eleven GCSEs- three A’s, four
get it.”
B’s and four C’s.

24 theVINE February 2009
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