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Sharon ConFESSES
If you have ’Yan ang magiging
Miss ng megastar ang love
syphilis, be honest hatian ng premyo
sa laban nina
team nila ni Gabby
with your doctor
about your Pacquiao at
sexual history 28 Hatton sa Mayo 37
hong kong / manila edition
A, B
filipino globe
Volume 3 Issue 3 January 2009
Make it a habit
to look gorgeous,
smell great and
feel beautiful
Devotees climb to touch the image of the Black Nazarene during the annual procession in Quiapo. It was the 402nd anniversary of the
veneration of the black statue of Jesus Christ, which this year attracted more than 3.5 million faithful, according to estimates by the
Manila police. It was described as the most orderly with no deaths reported although more than 200 people were injured.
OFW’s tragic holiday
Husband sought after Hong Kong domestic helper is found brutally murdered
Jose Marcelo in Hong Kong
DH accuses cop employer of rape
A Hong Kong domestic helper was kaming lahat at
found brutally murdered in her sis-
A high-ranking officer of the Hong flat in Tai Tam, from her first few
ter’s home in Quezon City four days
sabi nga uuwi na
Kong police has been accused days on the job in August up until
after returning home following her
of rape by his Filipina domestic early this year.
acquittal by a Hong Kong court on
s’ya. Pero babalik helper. Her story only emerged on
bank fraud charges.
din daw kaagad
The 30-year-old helper claimed January 7 after the helper confided
in her complaint that she had in a fellow member of a Christian
Her husband is being sought by the
police in connection with the killing, siya
been repeatedly raped by the
police chief inspector in his luxury
ConTInUED on PaGE 5
Philippine authorities said.
Hilda Motilla Maala was found na-
ked in a pool of blood in the bathroom
OWWA welfare officer
sala s’ya, pero hindi po s’ya masay- Maala was last seen alive by her
of her sister’s home in Culiat, Quezon ang umuwi dahil gusto na n’yang hi- brother-in-law, Alexander Sison,
City by her brother-in-law. with Maala for more than two months walayan ang mister n’ya,” the friend on the afternoon of January 9. That
A Main 1 Easymaid 27
Her head had been bashed in, pos- at the consulate-run Foreign Workers said without elaborating. was also the day her husband Arnold B The City 2-8 Duty Free 7, 17
sibly smashed against the toilet bowl, Evacuation Center in Hong Kong said That could have been the reason dropped by, Sison told police.
C National 9-12 GenEx Cargo 9
D World 13-16
HBC 12,29
police said. Witnesses said the body Maala had apprehensions about going Maala decided to live with her sister Neighbors said they heard the cou-
E Focus 19-22
Health Comes First 5
bore stab wounds. home to her husband. while waiting for her new Hong Kong ple quarrelling after Sison had left the
F Life 23-39
HK Jumbo Tours 14
A friend who had shared quarters “Masaya po s’ya dahil napawalang- visa.
G Back Page 40
iTwins 32
ConTInUED on PaGE 2
LBC 15
Classifieds 34-35
Mahmood Trans 10
Inquiries 2918 8248
New Mile Travel 16
Fax 2982 0384
Philippine Airlines 8
Editorial What’s tradition got to do with it? Page 20
Bianca 1,31,40 Yatka 37
Covergence 10 Wow Philippines
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