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6 The Official Newsletter of the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association Winter 2008

Maine Takes the Lead in This will be such that professionals can copyit as a handout to their clients, explaining
Certification how and what they do to be sustainable and
deserve that title. In this way, clients willExciting things are happening in MeLNA’s
have a standard by which to judge. certification program. A few months ago,
Certification Sub Committee members, Wow, we did a lot of planning! Still to be
Edith Ellis and Roger Roberge sat down determined is a time table for all this to
with Tori Jackson of the Androscoggin come together. When it does, there will be
County Extension office to see how we training sessions organized for those
could cooperate to create a study course for wishing to attain this designation/title.
the certified professional candidate. At that Those training sessions will also be credits
time, we also asked Tori’s help in adding toward current certification requirements.
some vital and missing elements to our Additionally, a training course covering the
manual: a chapter on marketing and (close manual will be offered by the Extension,
to Tori’s heart) a chapter on sustainable with the Androscoggin office the testing
landscaping. ground. It may take some time to get this all
together, but we want to do it right. We willLater on in the year, MeLNA was
be leading the way in New England for aapproached by Gary Fish to see if we could
more green way to be green.cooperate further to develop a certification
Edith Ellis, MCN, MCL category for the professional who wants to
practice sustainable landscaping. This
desire has surfaced both at the February
2008 re-certification workship and at the
GO GREEN conference. A meeting was
held with representative of MeLNA, the Newsletter Advertising Rates
Extention, Yardscape, and otheres. As
reported at the sub-committee meeting, Tori
Jackson, Gary Fish and Jami Fitch, the 1/6 page $36.00 $125.00
Project Manager for the Cumberland County ¼ page $54.00 $185.00
Soil & Water Conservation District agreed
to work on creating a new section for the ½ page $90.00 $305.00
certification manual. Another meeting with
interested parties is scheduled for December Full $150.00 $510.00
th18 . A name for this new designation is still Business $30.00 $100.00
under discussion. The first meeting with card
Gary Fish thought it wise to use the coined
word, Yardscape, in the title for recognition Ad Size One time Full Year (4
purposes. The MeLNA Executive issues)
Committee is in favor of Maine Certified Advertising in the Annual Directory can be
Sustainable Landcare Professional endorsed included in discounted rates as well. Call
by Yardscape (MCSL). Other endorsements for complete ad rate sheet.
will be sought. It’s possible that this
classification will supplant the MCL testing
sometime in the future.
Additionally, a homeowner brochure is to
become part of the certification manual.
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