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10 The Official Newsletter of the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association Winter 2008

Fish Named 2008 Friend of Ornamental Horticulture
Casco Bay Research Endowment Fund
Gary Fish, coordinator of the Maine Check Box Added to MeLNA
YardScaping Partnership, and manager of Dues Invoice
pesticide programs at the Maine Board of
Pesticides Control, is the recipient of the By now, many of you have received your dues
Friends of Casco Bay2008 Friend of Casco renewal form and noticed the space for the
Bay Award. The award is given to a person or voluntary donation to the OHC Endowment
organization that has made a significant Fund. Hopefully you know what OHC is and
contribution to improving and protecting the how important it is to our industry, but there’s
environmental health of Casco Bay. a good chance you don’t know that there is an
Award Citation: OHC Endowment Fund, and you may be
asking yourself “what’s that for?” Here’s a"For more than a decade, Gary Fish of Wayne,
brief description:Maine, has worked to make Casco Bay a
healthier place for marine life and the people Responding to a request of need from the
who live around it by teaching homeowners, University of Maine, the Ornamental
gardeners, and landscapers how to 'grow green Horticulture Council has developed the
lawns that keep Casco Bay blue.' Fish, who is Ornamental Horticulture Endowment Fund,
the manager of pesticide certification and with a mission to provide a solid financial
reduction programs for the Maine Board of funding base to aid current or new research
Pesticides Control, helped launch the pertinent to the horticultural industry in Maine.
BayScaping program to reduce dependence on
fertilizers and pesticides." This fund, established with the University of
Maine Foundation, would spend only theThe award was presented to Fish at the 2008
interest generated by the principal. ThisFriends of Casco Bay Annual Meeting and
research would be performed through theVolunteer Appreciation Event, held at Cole
Maine Agricultural Research Center, inHaan Headquarters in Yarmouth, on October
affiliation with the University of Maine and its29.
Cooperative Extension Service.
A combined group of University of Maine
personnel and representatives of the
Ornamental Horticulture Council will
administer the fund.
The fund was launched publicly in Spring
2003, and has a goal of $2,000,000.00 for the
fund endowment. Funds will be generated
through donations from the horticulture
industry and the public sector.
So far, the OHC Endowment Fund has helped
finance two industry research projects, but the
hope is to really build the fund so that we can
continue to expand research specifically
Gary Fish (center), being presented with the 2008 Friend of directed at solving Maine horticulture issues.
Casco Bay Award, by FOCB Executive Director Cathy
Ramsdell and Casco BAYKEEPER Joe Payne. Mark Faunce, MCN, MCL, Vice President, MeLNA
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