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Andalusian Andalusi n Andalusian


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CAUDILLOJTD PRD, PRE Anda- lusian Colt DOB 3/14/16, bllusianusian Col Bravez ECo E X Que Victoriactor CT. This Co haolt h s ex. This Colt has e cellenxcellenllent conformati n

OB 3/14/ 6,/16 by ria

conformation. Hewil bei l b 16 hands plus. Clips ties,

conformation. He will be 16 hand plus Cl ps, ers. $10 000 Fo

# 0985 #909853 a ia 951/9 8-09

A abianArab an MON DA

951/928-0992 1/928-0992

MONEDA DE PLA A Purebred Arabiian Colt AHARegisteist red DOB 5/1/16 b Fanci Exp esso Bin Iberia De Plata Incred apely colt! Clips ties

MONED DE PL TA, P A ab a Colt DO 5/ /16

P ATA, urebr eb ed

abian Colt AHA Regis ere DOB 5/1/16 by Fanc Expreanci Expr sso X Bint ber De

ibly shapely colt! Cliplips, ties,s, ties, &st nds or arrier $6 000 F rmore inf

& stands for farrier. $6,000 Fo mor co, FastAd #909850 951/9 8-0992

com, F 951/928-0992 1/928-099 ArabianArabia abian

HD ES OKADA Regist rab anmare, OB

olish Arabian mar DOBare, DOB 4/23/08. De

farrier. $6,500 F. $6 50 Fo more nf visit duffyranch com FastAd #909851

6,500 Formore info FastAd

s, & stands f F

or more inf tAd #909 51

951/9951/928-0992 Arabian


ECAHOS BLAZING STARAR, Purebred Polish Arabian Gr f


Colt. In-your-pocket kind of . DOB 5/13/15 by Ecaho oda. Th sT is

horse. DOB 5/13/15 b E X HDC Est

been saddled and work the round pen, woul mak great prospect in any disci-d s pline. $6,000 F tAd #909 52

X HDC Estokoda. This colt ha been saddled andwor


pline. $6,000 FastAd #909 951/9951/928-0992

ould mak t

s colt has rked in

ound pen, wouldm e a eat prospect in any disci- 90

09852 h

olish ArabianGrayGray -pocket kind of y Ecaho

HDC ESTOK DA, Regis ered Poliish Arabian 4/23/08. In f al t

HDC ESTOKADA, Registered Pol sh

De Plata for the summer of 2017 This

2017. This mare is broke t ride, swee an gent e Clips, ties, trai ers

/23/08. In foalfoal to Cac quCaciique e Plata or he umme of are isis brokeroke to t and gentle. Clip stands for


ata for the summer of 7. Thismar

, sweet and gentlle. Clips ailerilers, &stands or




MINIATUREHORSE &well o e p us t

pllus the blood n To qu

uest ontions we co

op Banana&nana &Bu k que tions H Ranc

INIATURE HORSESRS S - all are hea th &we & well loved. 25 yrs. of experience plus the bloodlines of Sids Rebel, Top Banana & Buckaroo. Visitors & questions welcome anytime. Rocking H RancHRan h, Saugu H Ranch, Saugus. 661/268-12771277

elll lloved..2ed. 25 y25yrs of experien plul sthe bloodl nedliines ofSids op Bana

oodlines of S ds

nswelcomeany me Ro nch, Sa gus 6u .661/26 -1

ana&Buckaro ..Vis augus. 66 /




Ca forn California. For more information, call or text: 951/275-4827, or please email:ease emae ema dot

MHA &AMHR registered Minia horses. Located in Riverside, Calif rni or te


hor es.. L cLocated n R ve side Cal

orses.Loca e alifornia. For

n a. Fo mor

or text: 951/2 5-4 do

text: 951/275-2 54 otaloosa@aol.


MORGAN HORSESfor sal 0/8

gelds. All stages of trng. High Desert area. $2000 up. 760/868-9911

GAN HORSES oS for sa e Maalele.. Mar of trn

0/8 8-99 0/868 991

Fancy-moving elding Festival Fandango “Dannal Fandango “Da

gan geld He s workiing as

y-moving gelding dango “Danny” isa eld. He iisworking a

ng. High D s

Fancy moving gelding Morgan geld. He is working as a

“Danny” is a 6-

ghDeser 91

s a 6-yr ares ares & High Desert -48 , or plle otaloo @o a@aol.c m

ormore iinf rnformation call 5-482 , or p e

ed iin Riiversiide, in

egisisteredMnid Miiniature n ormation,, call

niature em illmaiil:



15 yo bucksk goodood hom

him up. He h an

and is goo


g d look us


15 o buckskin quar me ll yo

UARTER H RSE ksk n qua


good home. All you have to do is pick him up. He has only had ground work and is spirited. He is a very large, good looking horse who came to us as a PMU foal. Please call or text (949) 212-6078. Online photo: FastAd #908772

e has only h

uarter gelldingeldldining need ou have to do s p c only had gr

ground -60 8.6078 Onllinepho 8.Onliiine phot

Plel ase calll or te ne pht

tex hoto: Fa tA pici k s spir te He

ed..He iisa v ry lalar earge, kining horshorse who cam

riited. Heis a ve

us as a PMUfoal. P e (9

MUfoal. Plle se ca l or tex -6

oto: Fastd tAd Ad

skiin qua ter gelding needs me. All you ha ehas on


qu rter ge

ng needs do iis piic


nlyhadgounroundwork sewho cameocametome t

nd work ds

RE HORSES- alla e e thealthy perie ceenc ds Rebel

SES - all are health yrs. of experien f Siid R be

l bel, kar o. VisiVis to s& siitors& come an time. Rockinockiing





Visi the iint

Visit th ra in

#9 PE

ranch in the So. Cal. area. We enjoy it

anch n he So. Cal.Cal. area W enjo introducing this horse to new nthusia ts.

ntroduc ng thi en hus a vaiilabl

51/9 6- 9066


anch iin the So..Call. ar a. ntroduc

s. Fill -7929.Onli

s. Filllieslilies, Collt 29. Onlline Lin

the argest Pe uveruvieruvian Ho th s hor e to new

enthu iasts enthusiasts. Fillies, Colts, & Geldings ava available. Hacienda Sosegado. 951/ 951/926-7929. Online Link: FastAd #90661 #906618

he llargest Peruvian Hor ciing this h rse t n blele. Hac endacien aS s 618

hishorsetone cienda Sosega


ERUVIANP SOS All a show, trail,il, lol wpriw pric 310/4 310/418-3270

lages,t , t

s, Colts &ts,,& Gelld nda Sosegadoado.

.Online Link: Fa tAd Ad owpr es,s Must se sel elll. .

PERUVIAN PASOS. All ages, trained,trained, show, trail, low prices, Must sell.ust sel 310/418-3418-3 70327

vian Hor a.Weenjo Horseorse oy

ts, & Geldi gsdingdings Liink: FastA

com. See mor. Seemor on orsetrad FastAd 909850

X Bint Iberia De Plata. Incred- iiblybly shape y olt!

lata. Incred-

or more info visit duffyranch. com. e

stands for farrier. $6,000 nfo v si duffyranch e on hor

viisit duffyranch. ore on horsetrad- tAd #909




951/52 -7 66 Loca See ee online: FastA

ction, , championof h ertil t cons 51/5

orld/Nation tiiliity consi

First Premium FP Wo ld/ a io ac oction cha fe til ty


World/National Champion. Extreme action, champion of his kuering, high fertility consistently in 90’s. AI only. 951/529-7766 Located in So. Calif. Booking fee is 250.00, 850.00 for non fries a non friesian, 1250.00 for purebreds. See online: FastAd #894898

remiium FPS St r s a lion 17.2 d/National Ch

PremiumF S Ster s al ion 17 Champ on.

5 9- 766 Located in So.

Bo k nookiing fee iis 250.00 850 on frie ian 1 50 0 Se onlliinine: Fa tAd

o. Calif

Booking fee s 25 050..00, 850 00 no

Ad #894 98

ampiion of his kuering, hiig ns st nt

hampion. Ex rem tllyin90’’s. . AIonlly 00,,850.00 fo

I only f

esian,, 125 .0050..00 for p rer purebreds. Ad #8 48

00 forpur br ds ds

mFPS Sterstallion172h onal Champi npion. Extreme hampion ofhis ku rinueriing, high siistent y in 9ntly in 90s AI onl a ed in So Ca if

ter stallion 17.2h

hunter pleas remount a great trai h rse w t un

r und #9

under hiiis bellt. co

nde h s belt om g

83 7 S357Se on nenlline viideo #907786

ome giive th s bo 90 78

AIN HO AINT HORSEORSE k/wh blue e edme

hat fi lly. Leads, ties, bathes and great with fw thfeet with feet.

Stockyc y blk/wh blue t fi y.Leads, ti h ee .

Stock blk/ h blu at

/whblue eyedmedicedicinciine eads, tes, bat es

tieities,bthe and gread gre

ue eyed medicine bathes andgrea

See on nonliine v de 7

PAINT HOR PA hiis boy

hunter plea ure mount. He is also a great trail horse with lots of milesmile under his belt. Danny is a special fi nd, come give this boy a try! 909/593- 8357 See online video: FastAdstAd #9

pleasuremoun . He i t tra ll hor ewiith t.. Danny s

eo: Fas

ailhorsewith ots of mi t Dann

oy a tr ! 909 deo Fast

ny iis a spe try! 909/

unt. Heis also th llots of mililes sp cia fi

nt.He is als so speciialfind ry!909/5939/59 pecial find,

hands plus. Clips, ties, & tries &trail- ers.s. $10,000. For more inf viisi du

visit duffyrit d FastAd #9

10,,000. For more info com. FastAd

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