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ingate the Fall’s here—and so are great horse events! W from horsetrader sales staff

hether you compete on your horse or not, you’ll fi nd excellent events to at end in fall, and this month is

proof! In Norco, a new event for the equine

industry presented by Thriſt y Horse Consignment Shoppe will enliven the George Ingalls Equestrian Center Oct. 6-8, as the inaugural Norco Horse Aff air comes to Horsetown USA. The entire venue will be teeming with demon- strations, clinics, entertainment, shop- ping, and an educa- tional equine sympo- sium. (See event pro- gram in this issue of the Horsetrader, pages 37-51!) Admission is only $15 per carload, or $5 per walk-in. Much of these proceeds with go to benefi t several local area non-profi t organizations. Purina Animal Nutrition will also be inviting Norco Horse Aff air at endees to enter its drawing for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two to the Purina Nutrition Center as a 2018 Professional Horse VIP. This high-tech research facility located in Gray Summit, Mo., is a 1,200-acre working farm with separate units devoted to equine, dairy, swine, cat le and companion animal research. Caring for over 1,000 ani- mals in every stage of development, Purina researchers seek vital new data in areas like digestive physiology, animal metabo- lism, and growth and development. Stop by the Purina Animal Nutrition booth in the California Horsetrader Breed Pavilion to register. Don’t forget—you can fi nd the Norco Horse Aff air Program on page 37 with the map, vendor list, daily schedules, clinician bios, and more! You won’t want to miss the All American Horse Challenge with Mary Rose Anderson (see schedule). You can also visit NorcoHorseAff for more details. The following weekend on Oct. 15 will

Horse Affair


be the Ride and Stride Heritage Horse Festival at Walnut Grove Park in San Marcos. This popular annual event put on by the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Association is a model for how local eqeus- trians can—and should—engage with the non-horsey neighbors in their communities and share the wonderful world of horses. Participants can saddle up their horse, lace up their sneakers, leash their pup and enter the 3-mile Ride and Stride to benefi t Walnut

Grove Equestrian Park. Check-in is 8:30 at the event, and registrants at the $100 level have a chance to win two tickets and pre- ferred parking for the Luke Bryan “Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour” with spe- cial guest Granger Smith on Oct. 27 at the Mat ress Firm Ampitheatre. For more info, go to Another October event may be sold out—

Sylvia Zerbini’s “Beyond the Stick” Liberte Clinic at Horse Spirit Ranch on Oct. 21-22— but you can still sign up to audit or be placed on a wait list. Zerbini, is the former captivat- ing star of the acclaimed Cavalia show, and a world-famous horse trainer known for her mesmerizing theatrical performances where she orchestrates each movement of up to 10 gorgeous white Arabians at liberty through body language and voice commands. In “Beyond the Stick” Liberte Clinic, you will learn to identify your horse’s communication style and be able to speak a language that your horse understands through their ener- gy, your body postures and use of eye contact with voice cues. As a master teacher, Sylvia works with you and your horse, to achieve the direct response that will transform your relationship and connect the two of you in a way that you never imagined was possible. You will also witness the lessons of the other participants which will increase your knowl- edge beyond what you learn with your horse. The clinic is two full days of instruction and is limited to seven participants (each person participating with one horse). Each partic- ipant receives four single-lesson sessions with Sylvia: a half-hour lesson in the morn- ing and a half-hour private lesson in the aſt ernoon, each day. Each lesson builds on the prior lesson. Audits are $65 one day, $125 two days. Clinic includes two meals (light breakfast, catered lunch), snacks, beverages and seating. Audit Registration and payment are due by Oct. 13. Contact Lynne Hayes at (760) 822-3579 or at lynne@horsespiri- Horse Spirit Ranch is located at 3712 Valle Del Sol in Bonsall.

SoCal Equine Hospital at 875 6th St. in

Norco is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility in Horsetown USA—a new 16,000 square- foot hospital with two surgery suites, two recovery rooms, standing surgery room, state-of-the-art imaging room, comprehen- sive lab, treatment areas, 14 intensive care stalls, specialized lameness area and a full array of surgical, medical, diagnostic and treatment capabilities. The talented, experienced team at SoCal

Equine Hospital provides specialized care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services include advanced imaging and diagnostics such as digital x-ray, video endoscopic capabilities, and coming soon Robotic CT. Emergency services such as colic support, fl uid therapy, wound treatment and emer- gency surgery for colics, fractures and any medical condition that requires surgical intervention. SCEH also off er sports med- icine expertise and advanced lameness diagnosis and treatment. Rehabilitation and recovery services such as acupuncture, cold spot laser therapy, functional movement taping (as seen during the Olympics), and physical therapy to aid in faster recovery and harder training of the patient. See the ad in the Norco Horse Aff air program in this issue, page 43, or call (951) 737-1615. The web- site is Bump N’ Drive™: The gate revolution.

Turn your existing gate into a drive-through gate without replacing it. Bump N’ Drive is a revolutionary new design that opens and closes gates automatically, so you don’t have to leave your vehicle. Kits are engineered to fi t any farm or ranch pipe rail gate, as well as many other types. You can install everything in fi ve do-it-yourself steps, including those with disabilities. No electricity of any kind is necessary. Just gently push open the gate with your car, truck, ATV, tractor, or any vehicle, and it will lock securely behind you. Don’t be bothered by snow, rain, ice, or mud ever again! See the ad on page 19, or call (800) 479-

4941 to order. More info is available on the website:

The In Gate column is composed by the sales staff at the California Horsetrader. If you would like to put the California Horsetrader and to work for you, please call the display sales staff at 760/546-1184, or e-mail to:

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