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ingate the Pat Parelli clinic in Norco coming May 12–14 P from horsetrader sales staff

at Parelli will be teaching a natural horsemanship clinic in Southern California May 12-14 at the Ingalls

Park Arena in Norco. This year celebrates 35 years of the Parelli Program, which teach- es riders how to gain leadership with their horses, how to bet er communicate, and how to get the best results. Pat’s coaching focuses on safety, ethical treatment and eff ectiveness. The Parelli program is for horses of all

breeds—western, English, gaited horses or other types of riding. Pat is a master teacher who helps riders correctly develop a foundation so that horses accept additional training that leads toward specialization in a particular discipline. It’s the foundation to all disciplines and recreational riding. Pat helps people solve problems so that they can

page 41 for more information. “Art of the Horse” presented at the 19th

annual Western States Horse Expo, June 9-11 in Sacramento will be a juried art show and sale that features the magnifi cent world of horses in various art mediums. You could walk through 15 art galleries in San Francisco or Los Angeles and not see one work of art that features horses. But at the

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to the West Coast. When you’re shopping for horse gear, you don’t want to wait and neither does your horse. Riders in the West have expressed how they love shopping with SmartPak, and want their gear quickly too. As a company focused on happy rid- ers, SmartPak is here to deliver. Literally. SmartPak’s shipping to the West just got faster - riders can now get the products they want with fast and free shipping. “We’re so excited to have a warehouse

gain more enjoyment with their horses— and reduce accidents. The Parelli clinic in Norco begins Friday

evening, May 12, from 6 to 8 p.m., then on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A special promotion to at end just the Friday evening event is $35 per ticket. Each person at the clinic will receive a Parelli workbook, and the sessions are very interactive—every- one can be involved and ask questions. There are rider positions available and tick- ets for the event are available on his website, See the ad on

Western States Horse Expo, an entire build- ing area is dedicated to beautiful pieces of art, all focused on the horse. Horse people embrace the horse in so many ways—hav- ing horses is truly a lifestyle, refl ected by clothing, footwear, vehicles, barns, fenc- ing—and artwork that adorns our homes. At the Western States Horse Expo, visitors can stroll through the art show and fi nd a fascinating array of artwork—and it’s all for sale! This year, in an ongoing eff ort to draw the fi nest artists in the country, the Western States Horse Expo is off ering a $1,000 cash prize to the winner of Best in Show, and a $250 cash prize to fi rst places in each divi- sion. Categories for the show include acrylic, colored pencil, mixed media, sculpture, wearable art, oil, pastel, pencil/charcoal, photography, and watercolor. To encourage young people to participate in expressing their love of horses, there are junior art cate- gories. Each division is judged by profession- als, with top honor going to Best of Show. Expo at endees are encouraged to vote for their favorite piece of art, and the most pop- ular vote will be presented with the “People’s Choice Award.” Horses have been the icons of civilization throughout history, with mankind depending upon them for farming, transportation, war, and exploration. Horses have been depicted in art throughout the ages, too, oſt en seen in larger-than-life stat- ues. In fact, there is urban legend that sol- diers seen astride in statues are thought to have died during bat le if the horse is rear- ing. The soldier was wounded in bat le if one of the horse’s front legs is liſt ed up, and if all four hooves are on the ground, the soldier died outside of bat le. More information can be found on the Western States Horse Expo website, For more

in the area of our West Coast riders,” said Sarah Mann, Vice President of Equine Health and Brand at SmartPak. “Now our customers will be able to get the gear they want, fast and free. We’ve created our ship- ping policies with happy riders in mind, and we’re excited to expand on these policies even more.” SmartPak off ers fast shipping in as

quickly as two days for California. The warehouse in the West is stocked with customer favorites, including best-selling tack, equipment, and supply items. Stocking these products in an additional warehouse allows SmartPak to get in-stock items into the hands of the riders that want them fast- er than ever before. Everyday free shipping is still applicable to all orders over $75, and riders will continue to get the added benefi t of free return shipping on all sized items. SmartPaks over $40 will also still ship free every day. Additional restrictions apply to items drop shipped from manufacturers and customized items as these vary on estimated shipping times. For more info, see the ad on page 9, and call 800-461-8898.

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