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Norco Horse Affair Program

Horse Affair


Mark Matson Master of Ceremonies Midwest native Mark Matson became a horse

trainer after attending college in Ohio, starting out as a horse trainer’s assistant and eventually working for some of the world’s top trainers. After eight years of assistant trainer experience, Mark went out on his own in 2001, competing in the National Reined Cow Horse Association

and Working Cow Horse of the AQHA. He is a founding member of the Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association and served as President of the Valley Cow Horse Association for four years. Mark trained multiple National Champions in the NRCHA and was the 2005 NRCHA Open Hackamore World Champion. Today, he owns the Temecula Carriage Com- pany with his lovely wife, Marika, and their 3-year-old daughter, Annabel. They off er horse drawn tours through the Temecula Valley Wine Country and conduct special events through- out Southern California.

Sunni Mccormick Working Cow Horse 101 In one form or another, Sunni has been in

the equine industry for more than 20 years. Regardless of the discipline—from western plea- sure to cutting with some timed events in between—Sunni found her passion in reined cow horse. She spent nine years working for a professional in the reined cow horse industry as their assistant.

However, like many top trainers before her, she recently “Cowgirl-Up”ed and established her own business in Temecula. In addition to her desire to coach both experienced and new riders, she also competes in NRCHA and AQHA events. Sunni holds her NRCHA judges card, enhancing her perspective on the sport of reined cow horse.

Jerry Lunde Competition and your Farrier Jerry Lunde has been in the Farrier busi-

ness 38 years. A Master Farrier, Jerry has been fl own all over the United States with his practice, shoeing some of the best show horses in the world including more than 4,000 World and NRHA Champions. He works with many veterinarians nationally to come up with solutions for lameness issues. Standing by his side, his wife, Shelley Lunde, has assisted Jerry

Meet the Clinicians

in producing over 150 World Champions in multiple disciplines in the show horse industry. Jerry and Shelley have been inducted to the Norco Hall of Fame for his achievements in the equine industry. Jerry says much of his successes in business

has come to him because he also rides and trains horses for all the disciplines in which he also shoes. This provides him that extra insight that maybe some farriers may not have. He will demonstrate this philosophy and how he imple- ments it in his daily training/farrier program.

Megan Gastel 3 Day Eventing Megan Gastel began riding at the young age

of three and began competing at the age of fi ve in hunters under the tutelage of John Bragg of Bridgeport Farms. At age 11, she made the switch to the sport of three-day eventing. Upon her graduation Megan

made the decision to move to Europe to further her equestrian

education. While abroad she studied with the British Horse Society to receive her trainers certifi cation where she “worked for 4* riders Aidan Keough and Melanie Wrynn, also trained with world renowned William Micklem. In 2013 she opened her own training barn

in Norco called Telesis Equestrian. She chose the name Telesis for her business because it means “progress intelligently planned”—her business moto. Megan has competed to the Advanced level in three-day eventing aboard her longtime partner, DeMello. From beginners through more advanced levels, with patience, persistence, and a plan, Megan has a thorough approach which is tailored to each rider and their aspirations.

Sheryl Lynde Building Confi dence in the Fearful Horse Sheryl’s passion is working with horses. She

starts colts and builds a strong foundation from the ground up to the saddle, desensitizing them to tarps, dragging ropes, fl ags, etc. and exposing them to trail and cow work. She also specializes in working with with problem horses, resolving issues once she determines the cause. Is the horse

fearful, aggressive, disrespectful, or a little of all of them? Once she addresses the cause, she can successfully address the issues of bucking, bolting, charging, etc. Another part of her pro-

gram is teaching the rider how to be the leader that their horse is looking for by looking at what caused the issues with the horse, and how to resolve them and build that trust between horse and rider.

Mat Sheridan Developing the Horse Part 1 & 2 Snaffl e Bit & Hackamore Matt Sheridan is a fi fth generation horse-

man who for the past 23 years has success- fully trained and shown horses in a variety of breeds and events. Matt is keenly interested in advancing others’ knowledge of horses and horse- manship through clinics, training and lessons. His focus is teaching others to have responsive horses

that move well beyond the basics of the present horsemanship movement. Matt uses his horses to help others see what they can achieve through practical applications to riding.

Linda Laird Coon Jumping (Mules) & Extreme Trail Linda Laird coached at many notable riding

schools in Southern California, and that led to her starting her own school. At its peak, “Ride America” had 25 lesson horses and over 200 students. In 1998 she moved to Bishop,

where she continued to learn about mules working for Rock Creek Pack Station. Wanting to

get back to teaching, she opened the Double L Ranch training and riding facility in Bishop. Her focus is on complete horsemanship built upon respect and responsibility. She believes that mules have so much to teach us. Mules have been a big infl uence in her career. Today, the Double L Ranch riding school and training facility boasts numerous world titles with both her students and mules.

Pippa Ariss What to Expect from your First Lesson Putting Your Horse on the Aids Taking it to the Next Level Co-owner of StarBrite Riding Academy in

Norco, Pippa has developed her own equestri- an skills over 30 years. Formally educated in equine science at Mt. San Antonio College and Cal-Poly, Pomona, Pippa has achieved multiple championships in halter, driving and under saddle. She also has trained and qualifi ed two

See Clinicians, page 50

October 6-8, 2017

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