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beautiful and natural places in our lives for our health and wellbeing” THE NATIONAL TRUST’S SUE WILKINSON, P36

Come and visit us at the TTG Media stand EU275 and find out more about our 360˚ media business connecting travel sellers with buyers across digital, print and events.

more important is that it’s expressed by new values and behaviours by our people.” Mueller said the company would look to finalise its product offering before launching the full rebrand and said he did not “want to disclose more at this point in time”. During WTM London, Malaysia Airlines also took the opportunity to reveal details of its new Airbus A330 business-class seats. The aircraft will be used across the carrier’s Asia route network, on which Mueller said the company was looking to place a greater emphasis. It follows cutbacks on some of its

European routes, however Mueller insisted the airline would continue to use the majority of its A380s for its “bread and butter” London-Kuala Lumpur service.

Research and Marketing (TRAM). The winners were: Best Stand: Japan National Tourism Organization (AS370) Best Stand for Doing Business: Canary Islands (EU1600/EU1650) Best Stand Personnel: Etihad Airways (ME350) Best Stand Feature: Egyptian Tourist Authority (AF500/AF550) Most Innovative Stand Within the Travel Tech Show @ WTM: eRevMax (TT550) WTM head of sales Deborah Dewe

said: “Every year, exhibitors pull out all the stops to ensure their stands achieve maximum exposure. As always the judges had a difficult task choosing between all the exhibitors.”

Huge potential for travel to target LGBT market

Sophie Griffiths

A NEW study of the travel industry has revealed that there is huge potential for the sector to target LGBT customers, with 42% of respondents admitting spending less than $5,000 on targeting the market. Unveiling the results during an LGBT

Tourism Masterclass, Ian Johnson, chief executive of Out Now Consulting, said that although two out of three (65.7%) of the 743 respondents said they had considered appealing to the LGBT market, 42.5% said they hadn’t allocated resources to target LGBT customers. “This is despite findings showing that

$202 billion is spent annually by the LGBT market in countries such as the US, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, France and the UK among others,” he said. “It shows there is a big disconnect

between the true potential, and active investment in attracting people that actually want to spend this money.” Meanwhile of those surveyed – which included a mix of travel agents and tour operators – only one in 10 said they had experienced a negative outcome to their LGBT marketing, which Johnson said was “reassuring for people thinking about entering the market”. One in five, however, admitted making

a mistake when entering this market, with anecdotal examples including

“The National Trust was founded on the simple idea that we need

initially focusing too much on partying and sexuality, or too much on gay men rather than lesbians. Respondents also said they made

mistakes in simply putting rainbow colours on their website and labelling it LGBT. “Just rainbow-washing something is not going to sway LGBT consumers into buying your product; it’s just not going to cut it,” Johnson said. “If your product is gay then [a rainbow is] fabulous, but if you’re a non-gay company [marketing to the LGBT sector] then be careful.” Elsewhere, Andrew Stoke, chief

executive of Marketing Manchester, warned delegates to ensure they were honest about their product. “First and foremost, the product must be there, and you have to be honest about that, because you will soon be found out if you’re not.” Attendees were also told to keep

innovating. Gary Henshaw, owner of Ku Group, which operates a number of gay venues, used his business as an example of this. “Venues that are successful are those that aren’t just special to LGBT people, but to their [straight] friends as well. You have to keep moving on,” he added.

From left: Japan National Tourism Organization’s Masanobu Mikami and Mamoru Kobori with WTM’s Oliver Pensulo and Vincent Lhoste

MOTOWN ENCORE: Motown, the high-energy show about the music that took its name from the legendary recording label, is hitting London’s Shaftesbury Theatre in February. But for guests at Encore Tickets’ World Travel Market party, it hit town on Tuesday night when they got a sneak preview as stars of the show performed for them at Cafe de Paris in the West End. Encore chief executive John Wales (centre) also became an honorary member of Martha and the Vandellas for the evening, after a little coaching from Aisha, who plays the role of Martha in the show. Encore celebrated 15 years at WTM this year.

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