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IVERSON GAMING The best part is that it’s a white label product, so it

works to complement the casino’s existing slot and player tracking system.

CI: In terms of the app’s functionality, if I’m the

player and have the app on my phone, I walk into the casino and sit at my favourite slot, what’s happening with my phone at this point? Is it functioning from when I walk into the casino, communicating both ways? Do I have to do something to it? MR: It actually works in a dual mode. First off,

nobody wants an app that’s going to be screaming at them constantly so we will allow players to opt out of certain types of communication. The other thing is, we are very much going to take advantage of the location of a player either through GPS, Wifi, or Bluetooth communication to identify where they are so that when we do communicate with them, they are getting something meaningful. So yes, a player may be greeted as they enter the

casino, or perhaps as they enter the slot floor, ‘hey, welcome back, your favourite game is available, here is a map to that game’.

CI: The exciting thing about this is the

potential for use in player retention, though. MR: This is where our thoughts really first started,

in marketing to the player using the player’s mobile device as a player card it means you can very accurately market to them. If they have been playing for a period of time and have gambled a certain amount of money but then move away from the machine, we can detect that and rather than accepting they are walking away, we can offer them 50% off dinner for two at the restaurant right now; if they were using just a physical player card you may know they are at the casino in front of a specific slot, and that they were playing but have now removed their card – but at that point you don’t know where they are or what they are doing. Now we do. If they opt in to that, they can receive far more targeted interaction with the casino.

CI: So it’s potentially a very powerful

communication tool, but like most things installed on a phone it requires the user to start it up to see what’s going on today… If I were a casino, would I still have to incentivise people to remind them that our app is there? MR: In a way you do, in the same way as you might with a frequent flyer card when you book a flight. When you book it, if you don’t fill out on the form that you have a frequent flyer card, or tell someone at the airport when you are checking in, you won’t be credited those miles. Same thing with the casino, they need to let a person know periodically even if it’s ‘let us know next time you are going to visit’, which can be sent in an email, or ask them while they are using the app, ‘If you might be coming back in four months, we would like to send you a reminder to turn the app on, is that ok?’ It is all about communication, there is

going to be a big learning curve in the industry for people to understand how best to communicate with their players. When you can target to the point of knowing they have moved from one machine to another, versus they have left the machine and are walking toward the restaurant or the gift shop, your marketing campaign has to understand how to react to those different types of movements. We have great experience with account based gaming on cruise ships for over 12 years now, with all of the Carnival Brands, where a guest is required to use their on-board room key to make purchases on the ship. We have been using the guest’s room key as their player card on the ships, allowing them, with that same card, to transfer funds on and off the slot machine. We are just taking that technology we have been using for so long, with the technology that is used to transfer funds from a bank to an ATM machine, interfacing to a slot player tracking system – these are all systems that exist and without recreating a new system, we are just putting these pieces together to make this product work.

CI: In data-mining terms, if someone has location services on, the information the casino could acquire is mind-blowing. You could learn how a player moves around the resort, not just the gaming floor. MR: You can look at static data that shows machine use, and you can make assumptions but you don’t know how somebody moves, what attracts them to that game. Can you analyse that data and maximise the layout of the floor? You can now. We are very excited by this. We have shared the idea with people in the industry, we have a casino that has agreed to work with us in customizing the idea into something that will meet their needs; we have worked with regulatory agencies and they are all for it, they like the idea, they know it’s coming. I don’t think you will find anyone in the industry that will say in ten years, this kind of technology won’t be around. Everyone knows it will be around and everyone will have to have it then. This is new right now, so there is risk and nobody wants to be the first to fail – but also, nobody wants to be second to be successful.


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