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transport program of the University of Michigan Health System, recently sent two communication specialists to the course. Tracey Lendzion and Kelly Keiser say they did not know what to expect when preparing to enter the CommLab, but that the experience was defi nitely worthwhile.





Marenco Swisshelicopter Chairman of the Board

Marenco Swisshelicopter recently appointed Mr. Philippe Harache as new chairman of the board. Philippe Harache is a French aerospace engineer and entrepreneur. He is also a graduate of the Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées, INSEAD, and Harvard Business School, as well as a graduate from the French National Defence College (IHEDN).

After starting his career at the Helicopter Division of Aerospatiale, he participated in the foundation of Eurocopter and was nominated in 1994 CEO of Eurocopter International. Harache later became senior executive vice president of the group, a position which he retained until 2010, when he left to pursue an active role in the start- up of dynamic and innovative companies. In selecting Harache as chairman of the board of directors, Martin Stucki, founder of the company, chose an expert he said has strategic vision and who can support the company with his know-how and network.

Stucki added, “With the ongoing

advancement and structuration of the company, the arrival of Philippe is a great opportunity that will ensure our success and bring assurance to our strategic and commercial expansion.” Harache added, “I am delighted to join the team that has one of the most innovative helicopter projects in its hands, which I could say is no longer at the project stage but well advanced in its development.”

Ludwig Boogen will retire as chairman of the board and remain active in his multiple professional activities as an interim manager and managing partner at Top Fifty AG, a company that supplies interim managers.

In praising Boogen’s contributions, Stucki commented, “Marenco Swisshelicopter has strongly benefi ted from the professionalism and unlimited motivation of Ludwig Boogen during his chairmanship.”

“This is the fi rst time anyone has done this. It seems strange to say it exceeded my expectations, because I didn’t know what to expect,” said Lendzion. “But I do feel like the experience was beyond any of my preconceived notions.”

The CommLab at the Helicopter Flight Training Center is a fi rst of its kind training experience for seasoned communication specialists. Attendees receive training on the same software they use in their respective communication centers, communicate with pilots

who are

simultaneously training in a simulator, and are taught by veteran communicators from top programs across the country.

Lendzion has six years of fl ight-following experience. Although she has experienced a multitude of scenarios during her time in a communication center, she says she still took a lot away from the course. “There are some things that you take at face value when communicating with pilots and fi rst responders, but I learned additional questions to ask to make sure I have the most accurate, detailed information possible. That says a lot.”

CommLab Delivers Exceptional Training

The CommLab at the Helicopter Flight Training Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, is drawing attendees

from across the country. Survival Flight, the critical care

For Keiser, a communication specialist with four years of experience, the course put everything in perspective. “We spend a lot of time in the comm center, so to come to a training course like this and really see the bigger picture of how we are all working toward the same goal is only going to make me better.”

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