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for the company: fi rst, creating near-term liquidity and fl exibility for AAR with sale and leaseback of two Sikorsky S-92As; second, providing an attractive long-term lease of two new AgustaWestland AW189 super-mediums for AAR’s 10-year SAR contract in the Falkland Islands for the UK Ministry of Defence starting in 2016. This transaction marks Lobo’s fi rst ownership of the AW189 and deepens their fl eet of the strong performing S-92 heavy helicopters. The agreement also expands Lobo’s diversifi cation into the search and rescue (SAR) and government services sectors.

Mecaer Aviation Group Achieves STC for the Bell 429 MAGnifi cent

Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) recently announced it has been awarded the highly anticipated EASA STC for the Bell 429 MAGnifi cent luxury interior.

MAG achieved the STC for the MAGnifi cent ahead of schedule and installation was completed on time in the very fi rst Bell 429 at the Bell Helicopter Prague facility. The Bell 429 Demonstrator will be unveiled this week at EBACE in Geneva, Switzerland, inside Bell Helicopter’s booth.

The STC marks a 100 percent in-house solution by MAG. The interior was designed by Mecaer’s own MAG Design Studio in Rome, Italy, engineered and certifi ed by MAG’s own EASA DOA, manufactured at MAG’s Cabin Comfort Systems headquarters in central Italy, and installed by MAG crews in Prague, Czech Republic.

The interior includes two of MAG’s proprietary technologies. The SILENS (noise canceling system) has successfully reduced the cabin noise to a level where

12 July 2015

normal conversation can be conducted between passengers without headsets and the IFEEL (In-Flight Entertainment) provides passengers with moving jet maps and audio and video entertainment along with internal Wi-Fi interface for smart devices.

“Achieving this goal within nine months of our application to EASA is no small accomplishment,” said Armando Sassoli, co-general manager of Mecaer Aviation Group. “It was only made possible by the competence, focus, and dedication of both Mecaer and Bell Helicopter teams who have been working on the program,” Sassoli said.

Lobo Leasing Enters Into Lease Deal with AAR Airlift Group

Lobo Leasing recently closed the fi rst of a two-part lease agreement with expeditionary airlift services provider, AAR Airlift Group, a division of global aerospace and defense company, AAR. Collaborating with its UK-based partner, H-LEASE, Lobo worked closely with AAR to develop a customized fl eet planning solution to serve two purposes

“We combined the economics and characteristics of these two diff erent aircraft and business opportunity profi les to provide a creative and customized fl eet- planning sol ution for AAR - a world-class provider of aviation services to commercial airlines, government agencies, and original equipment manufacturers,” said Lobo’s CEO William Wolf. “Additionally, it was great to work on the transaction with our partner, Tim Blockley of H-LEASE, who sourced the opportunity and contributed to the design and structuring of this complex transaction.”

AAR CFO John Forston said, “Lobo

provided a sale leaseback solution for AAR that was cost effi cient and swiftly executed.”

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