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• 429 Caliper/Overhaul Kit (B0238-K/ NDI: B0238-K)

As NDI’s exclusive distributor, Able stocks and distributes all of the company’s proprietary Bell 206 and 407 rotor brake parts. As such, all associated parts for the newly approved 407/429 PMAs are availa ble exclusively from Able Aerospace.

“Each of NDI’s FAA approvals means a new opportunity to expand our representation of this exceptional product line,” said Able Aerospace, Inc. president Anthony Saenz. “It opens yet another door to deliver these OEM-quality parts at a price point that improves our customers’ profi tability while still upholding the highest levels of safety and quality.”

Able and NDI announced their distribution partnership in 2014. Under the agreement, Able stocks and handles distribution for all of NDI’s proprietary Bell 206 and 407 rotor brake parts. Prior to this agreement, NDI had not off ered parts at the aftermarket level.

“Our training at the Helicopter Flight Training Center was a great experience,” said CEO of Beijing Capital Helicopter Jeff rey Xu. “Our instructor was able to use his own training program so he could clearly communicate the curriculum to our pilots. The ability to dry lease the simulator is a wonderful opportunity.”

in Shreveport, fi rst attending ground school and then logging fl ight hours in the EC135. “The simulator training was especially helpful in the area of emergency procedures, which we cannot practice in an actual aircraft.

Training for engine

failure, tail rotor failure, and FADEC failure improves our pilots’ abilities in the face of an emergency,” said Xu.

“The simulator’s ability to recreate realistic mission conditions in various levels of diffi culty allows our pilots to prepare for the unknown, and it gives us at Beijing Capital Helicopter great peace of mind knowing we are doing everything within our power to equip our pilots with the knowledge and experience needed to fl y safely.”

Beijing Capital Helicopter

The training center staff is made up of professional aviators with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of aircraft models and

training programs.

The Helicopter Flight Training Center Welcomes First International Customers

When it comes to training, a simulator is the most realistic environment for a pilot other than fl ying an actual aircraft. High- tech simulators can prepare pilots for a variety of situations they may encounter in real life. The demand for simulator training is increasing as the helicopter industry strives for a safer work environment.

The focus on safety and training is not limited to the United States. The Helicopter Flight Training Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, recently hosted Beijing Capital Helicopter Co., Ltd., a division of HNA Group.

Four pilots with an instructor,

translator, and liaison traveled from China to train in the FlightSafety Level D EC135 full-motion simulator.

Aviators from Beijing Capital Helicopter spent a week 19

dry lease program, operators can receive assistance in customizing a program to fi t their exact needs. “Many operators know the importance of training, but they are unsure of where to start,” said Training Center Director Terry Palmer.


we have a working knowledge of their mission, we can suggest training curriculum to ensure they make the most of their time at the Helicopter Flight Training Center.”

Through the and the

Helicopter Flight Training Center are currently working on future training plans. The Helicopter Flight Training Center will be welcoming new international clients in the next year from South America and Europe.

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