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by active Army, Reserve, and National Guard Units.

“As the rescue hoist market leader, we’re proud to support this enhancement of the BLACK HAWK fl eet’s capabilities and contribute to mission success,” Pedersen said.

the equipment also incorporates a digital audio system, digital standby instrument system, and both standard color weather radar and satellite radar options. The system also includes Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B), both in and out, which meets the FAA requirement for ADS-B equipment to be installed by 2020.

Metro Aviation Delivers H135 to Northwest MedStar

Northwest MedStar owns a mixed fl eet of four fi xed-wing and seven rotor-wing aircraft, and recently replaced one of its helicopters with a new Airbus H135 (EC135) completed by Metro Aviation in Shreveport, Louisiana. Metro also operates all 11 aircraft for Northwest MedStar, and has since August of 1994.

Metro Aviation became the fi rst to STC the equipment for Single Pilot IFR (SPIFR) in the fourth quarter of 2014. Northwest MedStar’s new aircraft is also fully compliant with the new FAA Part 135 Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) requirements.

Sean Russell, president of REACH Air Medical Services, says, “We are pleased to partner with IRIS on this important component for our safety system. Our newly developed operational control center will use this technology to track, monitor, and communicate in real time with our aircraft, which will further support the safety of our crews and our patients. Also, as part of our Flight Operational Quality Assurance program, the ability to trend mechanical and fl ight operation patterns will help us continually improve our performance.”

REACH Air Medical Services to Inaugurate IRIS Situational Awareness Technology in Fourth Quarter of 2015

REACH Air Medical Services, in partnership with Outerlink Global Solutions and Metro Aviation, will launch the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), exponentially expanding their tracking, communication, and overall safety practices. An all- encompassing new technology, IRIS provides global coverage and will allow REACH to record signifi cantly greater amounts of aircraft data.

“MedStar took delivery of its fourth replacement helicopter, and as usual Metro delivered this aircraft on time with the completion work done as expected,” said Northwest MedStar Director Eveline Bisson. “Metro always meets our expectations.”

The new aircraft includes the same advanced fl ight and medical features of others in the fl eet, but is the fi rst Northwest MedStar helicopter with the Garmin GTN 750 system. The most noticeable diff erence is the touch-screen display, but

14 May 2015

The data will be processed by onboard computers and fi ltered directly to the company’s communications center every 10 seconds. Outerlink adds customizable analytics software to the equipment, which will enable REACH to retain and evaluate their encrypted data.

A high-speed, uninterrupted connection and immediate air-to-ground, ground- to-air, and air-to air communications will further improve the highly respected safety standards REACH already employs with its fl eet.

Outerlink and Metro are both known as market-driven leaders in providing the helicopter industry with multiple tracking tools and fully integrated fl ight data recording. IRIS’ technology is similar to that used by the military and is the fi rst commercial helicopter solution to employ this type of situational awareness technology.

Fred Buttrell, president and CEO of Air Medical Group Holdings, REACH’s parent company,

stated, “We are excited to

take this next step in our safety evolution by providing real-time integration to our company’s communications center. The technology will let us know that our aircraft are healthy and that they are being fl own safely.”

Iris is designed to off er virtually limitless possibilities and will evolve as new industry needs arise, expanding and adapting to keep pace. Its ability to store multiple apps based on individual user requirements will further secure its position on the forefront.

The company looks forward to Q4, and to moving forward with the help of the most technologically advanced system of its kind.

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