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NightCon Night Vision Conference is FAA-Approved for FIRC & IA Renewals

• Renew Flight Instructor Certifi cate • Renew Inspection Authorization

AW169 Flight Training Device is Ready

AgustaWestland recently announced the availability of a new AW169 fl ight training device (FTD) at its A. Marchetti Training Academy in Sesto Calende, Italy. The device has been certifi ed by a joint European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) team to FTD Level 2 as per CS-FSTD(H), the certifi cation specifi cation for helicopter fl ight simulation training devices.

The AW169 FTD has been designed and built by AgustaWestland and is operated by Rotorsim, a joint venture between CAE and AgustaWestland. The FTD off ers the functionality of a full fl ight simulator without motion, and is being introduced by Rotorsim to support AgustaWestland in delivering fl ight training to AW169 customers. Currently orders for nearly 150 new generation AW169 intermediate twin-engine helicopters have been placed by customers around the world for a range of applications, including corporate transport, air ambulance, and law enforcement.

The AW169 FTD is the fi rst training device to be certifi ed following the EASA Operational Suitability Data (OSD) process. It represents a key milestone of the AW169 program in preparation for the entry into service of the new type in a few months’ time.

The AW169 FTD features an AgustaWestland-developed fl ight dynamic model, avionics and aircraft software modeling, and a high-performance visual system with a 150-degree by 60-degree fi eld-of-view 12-foot (3.66 m) dome display system. The FTD will provide eff ective training for pilots in the use of automated fl ight data systems and various fl ight procedures including situational awareness and decision making under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions. This device will allow credits for IFR training, and for the majority of malfunctions and emergency scenarios.

The AW169 FTD has been installed in the new simulation building, which will eventually house up to nine FFSs and fi ve FTDs, further expanding the training academy’s capabilities.

In an eff ort to rais e the bar on education in the industry, and to add value for attendees, the producers of the NightCon Night Vision Conference recently announced that two educational tracks have been approved by the FAA: Inspection Authorization (IA) renewal requirements for mechanics and Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) requirements can now be fulfi lled.

“How great is it that attendees can kill two birds with one stone? Not only can they attend an informative two-day night vision conference, but at the same time they can have the conference count towards meeting FAA requirements for certifi cate renewals,” said Adam Aldous, NightCon producer and president of Night Flight Concepts.

Lyn Burks, event producer and CEO of Rotorcraft Pro, added, “This is the fi rst time that any organization in the helicopter industry, outside of HAI, has off ered a live FIRC directly related to helicopters. Yes, we think it’s a big deal!”

The purpose is to present a venue in which industry professionals can obtain information, education, and guidance on night vision systems implementations, operations, and maintenance issues. The event will provide an open session, panel forums, vendor displays, and educational

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