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News A Voyage of Discovery for Claires Court Senior Boys

Budding student reporters from Claires Court Senior Boys, Maidenhead recently spent the day exploring television production and learning how to create attention-grabbing news stories at Discovery Communications headquarters in London. Student Oli, who hopes to be part of the

documentary film industry in the future, was particularly excited. “The best bit for me was hearing from the producer who told us the story of how he got where he is today. That was really inspiring!” The day was organised by Discovery Education

who are working closely with Claires Court, developing their student digital mentors who will support both their teachers and younger students as they start using Discovery Education Secondary. This is a brand new digital learning service that offers secondary teachers easy-to-use, engaging digital content across a wide range of subject areas. It is designed to empower teachers and inspire students to reach their full potential. As part of the 2015 launch we will be training students to be champions within their school. Christine Major, Director of Professional

Development at Discovery Education said “When we found out that the students wanted to share the story of being digital mentors for our new Secondary service through their entry to a national school news report campaign, we saw a chance for the students to come and have a

unique learning experience with us.” The ten students, along with three staff, were

thrilled to visit the media centre where they saw what goes into producing and broadcasting 120+ channels in a variety of languages across Europe. They heard from television producer Rob Holloway before learning more about how Discovery Education harnesses the power of documentary video content to inspire students’ learning across the secondary curriculum. After spending some time understanding how Discovery Education creates engaging and relevant news bulletins for secondary school students, the students began work creating their

own news reports. James Wilding, Academic Principal at Claires

Court summed up the day: "This real-world learning experience helped our students appreciate the need to take a clear, planned approach to their news report. They captured the essence of video story-telling so back at school they can fully develop their own engaging news bulletins." “We are so pleased to be able to support our

partner Claires Court, helping their students develop new skills” said Chris Davison, School Partnerships Manager at Discovery Education. “We can’t wait to see their final news report!”

Harlow College finds gateway to £1500 award for the benefit of unemployed people across the East of England

A proposal submitted by Harlow College Head of Employability, Innovation and Skills Julien Sample, has won a £1500 prize from Awarding Organisation and Access Validating Agency Gateway Qualifications. The award was launched at last year’s Association of Colleges (AoC)

conference in Birmingham’s ICC to help celebrate Gateway Qualifications’ launch of its new corporate identity and was the brainchild of Chief Executive Officer Carol Snape. “We wanted to offer something that would have lasting and positive

impact on the learner journey”, she says “and offering an award where Colleges could make their own case and decide their priority seemed by far the best option.” Colleges were invited to enter the award competition on the Gateway

Qualifications stand at the AoC event. Harlow’s follow-up submission specified the purchase of a handheld, wireless point-of-sale and digital recording system as a contribution to the Gateway L1 Certificate in Hospitality Skills being offered to unemployed people across the East of England. Harlow College’s entry states, “The POS system allows orders to be

taken and sent electronically, allowing employees more time to interact with customers. This technological advancement is widely used within the industry no matter what the size of the business, so confidence in using them is essential in securing employment.” In another extract from the submission the long-term benefits of

acquiring the unit are well supported. “Some learners have basic literacy skills, use of this equipment will ensure that they are not disadvantaged and at the same time their aspirations will be raised when they are able to overcome long-term literacy barriers which have held them back from entering the work force. We are confident that the inclusion of this equipment into the delivery


of the L1 Certificate in Hospitality Skills will significantly improve the learners’ chance of securing and sustaining employment in the hospitality industry.” Julien Sample, Head of Academy, wrote the award-winning submission. “We’ve come to know the quality of Gateway Qualifications’ work and

this award sums up their innovative approach and practical support. Here is an initiative which will make an impact on the course and in the classroom setting or in peripatetic teaching locations. We’ll be able to create a realistic working environment. and some valuable skills too.”

The unit will provide some fun April 2015

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